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Barney Kessel (October 17, 1923 - May 6, 2004) was an American jazz guitarist born in Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA. He was a associate of many pre-eminent jazz groups as well as a first telephone guitarist for studio, vapour, and tube recording sessions. Kessel was a associate of the grouping of meeting musicians known as The Wrecking Group.

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Kessel began his livelihood as a juvenile touring with resident gambol bands before poignant on to bands such as that led by Chico Marx. He despatch established himself as a key set-Charlie Christian jazz guitarist. In 1944 he participated in the vapour Jammin« the Blues, which featured Lester Juvenile, and in 1947 he recorded with Charlie Parker»s New Stars on the Relaxin' at Camarillo meeting for Dial Records. He is featured on the compilation Charlie Parker on Dial. He was rated the no.1 guitarist in Esquire, Down Leave, and Rou periodical polls between 1947 and 1960.

Barney Kessel is known for his innovative labour in the guitar trine placement. In the 1950s, he made a series of albums called The Register Winners with Ray Brown on bass and Shelly Manne on drums. He was also the pre-eminent guitarist on Julie London«s authoritative recording of Cry Me a River. Also from the »50s, his three Kessel Plays Standards volumes contain some of his most accomplished labour.

Kessel was also a associate of the Oscar Peterson Trine with Ray Brown for a year, leaving in 1953. The guitar rocking-chair was called the hardest gig in drama subject since Peterson often liked to operate at excessive tempos. Herb Ellis took over from Kessel. Kessel also played with Sonny Rollins in the example '50s and can be heard on the Sonny Rollins and the New Leaders album on songs like How Stoned the Moon.

A first telephone guitarist at Columbia Pictures, during the 1960s Kessel became one of the most in-order meeting guitarists in America, and is considered a key associate of the grouping of first-telephone meeting musicians now usually known as The Wrecking Group. In this sphere he played on hundreds of noted pop recordings including albums and singles by Phil Spector, The Margin Boys, The Monkees and many others. He appeared in an acting fragment playing a jazz guitarist named Barney in one chapter of the Perry Mason TV drama. He also wrote and arranged the rise music, including a jazz kind of Here Comes the Bride, provided by the jazz combo that figured in the story.

In 1961 The Gibson Guitar Corporation introduced The Barney Kessel paragon guitar onto the sell and continued to be placed them until 1973.

One particularly contrivance Kessel played was essentially a 12-dupe guitar neck fixed devoted to to a mandolin density (equivalent to Vox«s mando guitar), which may have been played on the intro to The Margin Boys» Wouldn't It Be Nice.

During the 1970s, Kessel presented his seminar The Outstanding Guitarist, in various locations around the humankind.

Kessel's sons David and Daniel also became meeting musicians, working with Phil Spector during the 1970s. He was married to B. J. Baker.

On Pete Townshend's 1983 album Exclusive, Townshend paid admiration to the guitarist with the significant ditty To Barney Kessel.

Kessel released several albums even example into his life.

Kessel died of a intelligence tumor in San Diego, California. He had been in miserable constitution after hardship a action in 1992. (wikipedia)

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Barney Kessel — It's A Down Humankind 1968, 1969 & 1973
(A Jazz Hour With)

1. On a Open Up Day, You Can See Forever
2. Aquarius
3. Look Of Paramour
4. Honeysuckle Rose
5. More Than You Know
6. Et Maintenant
7. How Stoned the Moon
8. Willow Disturb For Me
9. Little Star
10. It's A Down Humankind
11. In the Garden of Love
12. Bridging the Blues

Track 1-3:
Barney Kessel, guitar
Kenny Napper, bass
John Marshall, drums
Recorded London 1968

Track 4-9:
Barney Kessel, guitar
Stephane Grappelli, violin
Nini Rosso, measure guitar
Mitchel Gaudry, bass
Jean-Louise Viale, drums
Recorded Paris 1969

Track 10-12:
Barney Kessel, guitar
Danny Moss, implication sax
Brian Lemon, piano
Kenny Baldock, bass
Johnny Richardson, drums
Recorded Montreux 1973

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