(Blues) Maria Muldaur - Fitting Me at Midnite

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Styles: Synchronic Blues
Released: 1994
Nickname: Requital Top
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Proportions: 115.5 MB
Nonetheless: 50:28
Art: fa + back

1. Make Uncomfortable with My Lover — 3:28
2. Encounter Me at Midnight — 4:02
3. Send the Man Requital Conversant With — 5:09
4. Icky Fond Of Understandable Inamorata — 3:29
5. Power in Music — 4:24
6. Affluence the Pain In The Arse — 4:46
7. Make Uncomfortable with Inamorata — 4:37
8. Recovered Vital Spirit — 4:05
9. Down So Low — 4:24
10. Be Advantageous Somebody — 2:43
11. Woman's Bewail — 3:24
12. Mississippi Begrime The Highest — 5:51

Maria Muldaur — vocals, tambourine (15)
Marty Grebb — accordion (12), purpose saxophone (5), baritone saxophone (1,4,5,8,9), piano (2,3,5,7,8,12), unit (4,6,10)
Rick Vito — guitar, coast guitar (2,6,10)
John Gatekeeper — guitar (1,9), dobro (12)
John Woodhead — guitar (5,7,10)
Johnny Lee Schell — guitar (all ex. 9,10,11)
James «Hutch» Hutchinson — bass (all ex. 3,6,11)
Larry Fulcher — bass (3,6)
Joe Sublett — purpose saxophone (1,4,5,8,9)
Darrell Leonard — trumpet (1,4,5,8,9)
Tally Payne — piano (1,4,9), unit (5,7)
Tommy Eyre — unit (2,9)
Tony Braunagel — drums (all ex. 11), percussion (2,3,4,11)
Don Bryant, Donny Gerrard, Charles Lovett, Rugenia Fidelity Taylor, Dianne Carter, Vaneta Thompson, Becky Russell, Dee Dee Dickerson, Mike Finnegan, Shaun Murphy, Ann Peebles, Tracy Nelson — behind the scenes vocals

Wisely, Bawl! Mill has picked up Maria Muldaur«s two antediluvian-»90s recordings -- this one and Louisiana Inamorata Address -- from the invalid Unscrupulous Top nickname for reissue. While both these recordings are not counting, it«s Encounter Me at Midnite that offers a story of the artist as a hardcore R&B crooner of the highest correct. Produced by John Gatekeeper, Muldaur surrounds herself with cleft studio players including Rick Vito, Johnny Lee Schell, Hutch Hutchinson, Tally Payne, and a slew of others. Where Louisiana Inamorata Address focused on the music of New Orleans, Encounter Me at Midnite digs involved into various dimensions of the Memphis look -- vital spirit, R&B, and blues -- and concentrates on the myriad stages and phases of inamorata. While it»s constant that the set opens with «Trouble With My Lover» by the Demi-Lune City«s Allen Toussaint, its vibe is disinfected Memphis: funky, mucky grooves, replete in a closely anchor cut-nonetheless throb and Muldaur shouting the blues with a big, go ringing verbalize that wrenches feeling from every syllable. Too, the denominate cut by Vito and John Herron crawls down into the blues alley with triggerman coast guitar riffs winding their way around Muldaur»s flirtatious vocals. «Sweet Understandable Love» is disinfected vital spirit power. Muldaur«s croon is affective, surrounded by a money chorus that includes Tracy Nelson, stating her disinfected spiritually amorous intentions in fa of a popping horn sector and B — 3 choogle. The granular yet laid-requital shimmy and funk of «Recovered Soul» bears the marks of all of Muldaur»s strengths: reliable yet emotive conveyance, in-the-rip off beating phrasing, and communicative in both distance and articulation. In all, Encounter Me at Midnite is one of those overlooked gems that got a second lifetime. It«s one of her strongest recordings; don»t schoolgirl it.

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