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Albums, Years and Catalog # in this Outburst:

Nickel Rivulet 2000 not my rip
This Side 2002 not my rip
Why Should the Pep Die 2005 SUG CD 3990

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From Wiki:

Nickel Rivulet was an American acoustic music triptych. Although the group«s music has roots from bluegrass, the triptych describes itself as «progressive acoustic».[1] Nickel Rivulet consisted of three unending members: Chris Thile (mandolin), Sara Watkins (fiddle), and her relation Sean Watkins (guitar). The triptych has always recorded and toured with a bass punter, but no bass punter has ever been an bona fide associate of the border. Chris»s paterfamilias Scott Thile played bass with the conglomeration until 2000, followed by Byron Auditorium, and Derek Jones. Characterize Schatz has played bass regularly with the conglomeration since 2003.[2][3] In interviews, the border has stressed that they are not a bluegrass border, but a border that «incorporates bluegrass into [its] music».[4] Nickel Rivulet has covered songs by Weezer, Radiohead, Pavement, Coldplay, Elliott Smith, Bob Dylan, The Ivory Stripes, the Jackson Five and Britney Spears.

Nickel Rivulet 2000

Nickel Rivulet (2000) is an eponymous album by the acoustic/«newgrass» triptych known as Nickel Rivulet. Although the conglomeration had released two albums ex to this, they are not produced anymore and the band's elegance was redefined before the freeing of Nickel Creek; therefore this album is greatly regarded as their inauguration album. It was released by Sugar Hill Records, and produced by woods top banana Alison Krauss.


1 «Ode to a Butterfly»
2 «The Lighthouse's Tale»
3 «Out of the Woods»
4 «House of Tom Bombadil»
5 «Reasons Why»
6 «When You Come Behind Down»
7 «Sweet Afton»
8 «Cuckoo's Nest»
9 «The Calligraphy Control Song»
10 «Robin and Marian»
11 «The Fox»
12 «Pastures New»

This Side 2002

This Side is the Grammy-friendly fourth album by the border Nickel Rivulet, released in the summer of 2002. It gained some disrepute in indie outcropping a on ice b in a shambles circles due to the group's recording of a Pavement to-do, Eject Twin on a Alien. Alison Krauss acted as a creator for the album.


1. «Smoothie Song» (supporting) (Chris Thile) –– 3:20
2. «Spit on a Stranger» (Stephen Malkmus) – — 2:34
3. «Speak» (Sean Watkins) -– 4:01
4. «Hanging by a Thread» (Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick) – — 4:06
5. «I Should've Known Better» (Carrie Beginner) – — 4:27
6. «This Side» (Watkins) -– 3:33
7. «Green and Gray» (Thile) -– 3:36
8. «Seven Wonders» (Watkins, David Puckett) – — 4:10
9. «House Carpenter» (Traditional; rendition of «The Daemon Lover») -– 5:30
10. «Beauty and the Mess» (Thile, Luke Bulla) -– 2:52
11. «Sabra Girl» (Andy Irvine) – — 4:04
12. «Young» (Thile) – — 3:29
13. «Brand New Sidewalk» (Thile) -– 4:16

Why Should The Pep Die 2005

Why Should The Pep Die? is the third big album freeing and fifth album overall by reformist acoustic triptych Nickel Rivulet. The album was released on August 9, 2005 in the Coordinated States, and on August 8 in the Coordinated Turf.[1] Why Should the Pep Die? is the first Nickel Rivulet album to organize bassist Characterize Schatz,[2] and is also their first album to comprehend percussion instruments of any persuasion.[3]

The album peaked at #17 on the Billboard 200,[4] making it the highest charting Nickel Rivulet album on the to rendezvous.[5] Why Should the Pep Die? also topped both the magazine's Top Internet Albums and Top Bluegrass Albums charts.[4] By November 2006, the album had sold 258,784 copies.[6] The album earned Nickel Rivulet two Grammy Endow With nominations: the endow with for Best Concomitant Population Album, an endow with which they beforehand won for This Side, and the endow with for Best Woods Supporting Doing («Scotch & Chocolate»).[3]

Why Should the Pep Die? was praised by concomitant music critics predominately for its creativity,[1][7][8] and for its supporting importance,[9] with one critic complimenting the album's «sheer dulcet brilliance».


1. «When in Rome» (Thile) – 4:14
2. «Somebody More Like You» (Sean Watkins) – 3:01
3. «Jealous of the Moon» (Gary Louris, Thile) – 4:41
4. «Scotch & Chocolate» (supporting) (Thile, Sara Watkins) – 3:07
5. «Can't Complain» (Thile) – 5:34
6. «Tomorrow Is a Large Time» (Dylan) – 3:36
7. «Eveline» (Thile, Sean Watkins) – 3:11
8. «Stumptown» (supporting) (Thile) – 1:43
9. «Anthony» (Sara Watkins) – 1:55
10. «Best of Luck» (Thile, Sean Watkins, Sara Watkins) – 3:22
11. «Doubting Thomas» (Thile) – 3:19
12. «First and Last Waltz» (supporting) (Thile, Sean Watkins, Sara Watkins) – 1:53
13. «Helena» (Thile) – 4:45
14. «Why Should the Pep Die?» (Thile, Sean Watkins, Sara Watkins) – 2:50

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