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Coke Thrill 2001 7697422112 *
Encounter of the Nudes 2003 MRCD 6411 *
The Superb Boundary-Line 2010 0252734824 *

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From Wiki:

Gordon Downie (born February 6, 1964) is a Canadian overwhelm musician, novelist and ceremonial actor. He is the potential thrush and lyricist for the Canadian overwhelm bandeau The Tragically Hip. He has released three alone albums, Coke Thrill in 2001, Encounter of the Nudes in 2003; and The Superb Boundary-Line in 2010. Coke Thrill was sold along with a paperback of metrics of the same name, included with the CD. Canadian indie bandeau The Dinner Is Ruined plus Julie Doiron and Josh Finlayson, called The Woods of Miracles, served as his help bandeau for all three alone albums.

Downie was born in Amherstview, Ontario.[1] He is the godson of former Boston Bruins non-exclusive straw boss and teacher Harry Sinden.[2] He attended Ernestown Inferior Way Of Life (Odessa, Ontario) in situation nine and duty of situation ten. He graduated from Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Begin in 1982, a way of life also attended by his bandeau-mates. Downie then feigned video at Queen's University in Kingston.[3] Downie was a boy confederacy hockey goalie and played for an Ontario championship friendly Bantam train group in 1979.

Comparisons have been tired between Gordon Downie and Michael Stipe of R.E.M. because both are known for criticism savvy intellectuals, eclectic, and introspective lyrics, the interpretation of which are often arduous to interpret, and also because they cut be like performing styles.[4][5][6][7]

Downie has cameo appearances in Men with Brooms, in which The Tragically Hip toy with a curling group. Downie also made a cameo bearing in the 2008 indie photoplay Nothing Really Matters, directed by Jean-Marc Piché. Downie also appears in the Trailer Put Boys silent picture The Big Slatternly, in which he and Alex Lifeson toy with a of control officers. More recently, he and other members of the bandeau can be seen in the sure instalment of Trailer Put Boys, entitled «Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys», in which he is harassed while eating a bologna sandwich at a singles romp. Downie is also featured in the sitcom Corner Gas in the instalment «Rock On!» in which The Tragically Hip are shown as a neighbouring bandeau practising in the mere character«s garage. Colin James is also featured in the same instalment. Most recently, Downie appeared in Michael McGowan»s video, One Week as a pot smoking philosopher alongside ally Canadian Joshua Jackson.

Downie is mentioned in the second capacity of the Scott Hajji series of well-defined novels, Scott Hajji Vs. the Crowd. In it, the denominate card and his adherent prick up one«s ears to one of Downie»s alone albums, and over narrate him as «a genius».

Downie worked with ally Canadian bandeau Big Apple and Loyalties to advance vocals on the footpath «Sleeping Sickness» for the album, Emphasize Me Your Love.

Downie is a trustee of Lake Ontario through his bear of the Waterkeeper Alliance.

Coke Thrill 2001

Coke Thrill was the first alone album released by Gordon Downie, the thrush for The Tragically Hip. It was released in 2001.

Premature copies of the album were released as a common box with a paperback by Downie, also titled Coke Thrill. The paperback included the long story lyrics from the album and other metrics. As a effect of the album's sales, the paperback is one of the best-selling volumes of metrics ever published by a Canadian novelist.[citation needed]

Downie's help bandeau on Coke Thrill was credited as «the Goddamned Band». Participating musicians included Julie Doiron, Josh Finlayson, Atom Egoyan and members of The Dinner Is Ruined.


1. «Starpainters»
2. «Vancouver Divorce»
3. «SF Song»
4. «Trick Rider»
5. «Canada Geese»
6. «Chancellor»
7. «The Never-Ending Present»
8. «Nothing but Heartache in Your Venereal Life»
9. «Blackflies»
10. «Lofty Pines»
11. «Boy Bruised by Butterfly Chase»
12. «Mystery»
13. «Elaborate»
14. «Yer Possessed»
15. «Every Irrelevance»
16. «Insomniacs of the Crowd, Goodnight»

Encounter Of The Nudes 2003

Encounter of the Nudes is the second alone album by Gordon Downie, potential thrush of The Tragically Hip. It was released in 2003.

Downie's help bandeau on Coke Thrill was credited as «Country of Miracles». Participating musicians included Julie Doiron, Josh Finlayson and members of The Dinner Is Ruined.


1. «Into The Night»
2. «Figment»
3. «Christmastime In Toronto»
4. «Willow Logic»
5. «Pascal's Submarine» (Gordon Downie on harmonica and drums) (with the insolence split and trumpet alone by Chris Botti)
6. «11th Fret»
7. «Who By Rote»
8. «Steeplechase»
9. «More Me Less You»
10. «We're Hardcore»
11. «Pillform No. 2»
12. «Pillform No. 1»

The Superb Boundary-Line 2010

The Superb Boundary-Line is the third alone album by Gordon Downie, the potential thrush of The Tragically Hip. It was released on June 8, 2010.[2]

Downie's help bandeau, «The Woods of Miracles», is composed of established Canadian musicians Julie Doiron (vocals, guitar, bass), Josh Finlayson (bass, guitar), Dale Morningstar (potential guitar), Dave Clark (drums), and Dr. Pee (keyboards).


1. «The East Wind»
2. «Moon Over Glenora»
3. «As a Mover»
4. «The Romp and Its Disappearance»
5. «The Austere Canadian»
6. «Gone»
7. «The Drowning Machine»
8. «Yellow Days»
9. «Night Is for Getting»
10. «Moonslow Yer Lashes»
11. «Retrace»
12. «Broadcast»
13. «Pinned»

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