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All are comprehensive. Most are impute to by Peter Wickham.

* Kate Ellis is one of my favorite authors. She writes the best new-fashioned day British The Fuzz procedural mysteries with a finger on of experience and a bit of archaeology!

#1. *The Merchants House* [9 hours 15 mins] Cassettes (1998) Impute To by Grahame Roberts, 32kbps/22kHz Mono CBR Fhg
A boycott policeman from the Met might keep in view to have some opposition, when he«s transferred to a West Mountains seaside township. But, for Detective Sergeant Wesley Peterson, it»s like coming welcoming comfortable with. Not only was he at university in the block, one of the first people he bumps into is an old cobber. Neil is now heading an archaeological dig at a Tudor merchant«s theatre, and Wes has to dash himself away to have the snooze of his new body. Wes is intimately twisted in a principal search for a missing teenager. The force is mounting when a masses is build — but to Wes»s help it«s turned up at the dig, and is over four hundred years old. It seems to be a distressing decimation nonetheless, for the bones face out to be of a strangled childlike maiden and a newborn indulge. But as another, more latest masses is build, and the circumstances neighbouring the Berrisford child»s disappearance become more complex, Wes is more and more convinced that the age-old motives of jealousy, bodily id and serious disparage for a teenager are behind the crimes, venerable and new-fashioned, that he must decipher soon if further misfortune is to be averted.

#9. *A Cursed Inheritance* [12 hours 30 mins] Cassettes (2005) Impute To by Peter Wickham, 32kbps/22kHz Mono CBR Fhg
The savage of the Harford next of kin at Potwoolstan Classroom in Devon in 1985 shocked the mountains and passed into district folklore. And when a hack researching the suitcase is murdered twenty years later, the fear is reawakened. Sixteenth century Potwoolstan Classroom, now a New Age healing pivot, is viewed to be cursed because of the crimes of its builder, and it seems that bequest of unfortunate lives on as DI Wesley Peterson is faced with his most off-putting suitcase yet. As more people die violently, Wesley needs to perceive why a childlike maiden has transformed a dolls theatre into a tiny reconstruction of the position. And could the explanation to his suitcase lie across the Atlantic The Briny, in the ruined remains of an untimely English stabilization in Virginia USA? When the truly is for all time revealed, it turns out to be as horrifying as it is unsafe.

#10. *The Affiliation Hearse* [10 hours 26 mins] Cassetes (2006) Impute To by Peter Wickham, 32kbps/22kHz Mono CBR Fhg
When Kirsten Harbourn is build strangled and uncovered on her mingling day, DI Wesley Peterson makes some alarming discoveries. Kirsten was being pursued by an obsessed stalker and she had murky secrets her doting fiance, Peter, knew nothing about. But Kirsten«s wasn»t the only mingling planned to take put out that July day in South Devon. At Morbay occur to area a terrified childlike irish colleen makes her mingling vows. And a few days later her bridegroom is build lukewarm in a poorly seaside bed. As Wesley investigates he suspects that his ruin and his bride«s resultant disappearance might be linked to Kirsten»s decimation. Meanwhile the skeleton of a childlike female is build buried in a farmer's football — a football that once belonged to the next of kin of Ralph Stinking, an Elizabethan scriptwriter whose impose on behave, «The Pretty Good Spouse of Padua» is to be performed for the first duration in four hundred years. Is this sanguinary impose on behave a confession to a decimation committed in the domination of Diva Elizabeth 1? Or does it tell another tall tale, one that might warp counterglow on latest mysteries?

#11. *The Shining Skull* [11 hours] CD (2007) Impute To by Peter Wickham, 48kbps/44kHz Mono CBR Fhg
Little Marcus Fallbrook was kidnapped in 1976 and when he never returned welcoming comfortable with, his grieving next of kin taken the worst. Then, thirty years later, teenage singing the leading part Leah Wakefield disappears and Dl Wesley Peterson has purpose to doubt that the same kidnapper is to blame. And another abductor is at toil in the block — a man who tricks blonde women into a counterfeit hackney and cuts off their locks. Has Leah fallen use to the man the newspapers dub «The Barber» or has she suffered a more furtive fate? But then Marcus Fallbrook returns from the lukewarm. And when DNA hint confirms his accord, the interrogation takes a new misquote. Meanwhile, archaeologist, Neil Watson's horrendous censure of exhuming the lukewarm from a district churchyard yields a puzzle of its own when a sarcophagus is build to contain one masses too many — a masses that may be linked to a eccentric churchgoing subdivision dating isolated to Regency times. Wesley has his hands fullest extent elsewhere — slowly, Marcus Fallbrook begins to better memories that Wesley hopes will vanguard him to cunning and unsafe slayer. But he is about to perceive that the good old days can be a very unsafe put out indeed.

#12. *The Blood Pit* [11 hours 41 mins] CD (2008) Impute To by Peter Wickham, 32kbps/22kHz Mono CBR Fhg
Never has DI Wesley Peterson witnessed such a nonconformist wrong position. The fool, Charles Marrick, has been murdered, his masses drained of blood. Described by those who knew him as «evil», it seems that Wesley isn«t going to have any scarcity of suspects, until a average district vet is murdered in an similar fashion...and a third masses is discovered many miles away. And when Wesley»s archaeologist cobber, Neil Watson, starts getting off-putting anonymous letters written in bloodstained fatigue about dreadful events at a medieval abbey, which Neil fears are being sent by the gunsel Wesley is looking for, Wesley wonders whether there could be a tie between all these deaths and Neil's letters. And could Neil himself be in danger? As the furtive truly unfolds, both Wesley and Neil are strained to lineaments misfortune and outrageous revelations...and a gunsel who bears the scars of good old days sins.

#13. *A Improve Death* [ 11 hours 7 mins ] CD (2009) Impute To by Peter Wickham, 48kbps/44kHz Mono CBR Fhg
When a maiden is burned to ruin in Grandal Football in Devon, it seems like a suitcase of fallacious accord. Until DI Wesley Peterson learns of a tradition involving a French maiden who burned to ruin there in the thirteenth century. And when he discovers that records of a whilom mine on the position have vanished, and that two archaeologists twisted in that dig died in distressing circumstances, Wesley starts to study the plausibility of a interdependence couple between the tradition and latest events. But edging closer to the truly brings unexpected peril to Wesley. For the truly echoes a tall tale of twisted amity and id from many centuries ago — a truly that someone wants to keep recondite, whatever the cost...

#14. *The Tissue Tailor* [ 10 hours 44 mins ] CD (2010) Impute To by Peter Wickham, 32kbps/22kHz Mono CBR Fhg (Thanks to Icemaiden)
When Dr James Dalcott is instantly lukewarm it looks very much like an implementation. And as Inspector Wesley Peterson of the Devon CID begins piecing together his soul, he finds that the well-liked doctor has been harbouring theatrical next of kin secrets. Meanwhile, archaeologist Neil Watson has discovered a party of skeletons in not far-off Tailors Court that sustain marks of dissection and might be linked to tales of masses snatching. But when Neil finds the bones of a teenager buried with a 1930s make up, the interrogation takes a furtive face. Who were the children evacuated to Tailors Court during Exultant War II? And where are they now? When a interdependence couple is established between the evacuees and Dr Dalcott's ruin, Wesley is faced with his most challenging suitcase yet.

#15. *The Jackel Man* [ 11 hours 19 mins ] CD (2011) Impute To by Andrew Wincott, 48kbps/22kHz JS CBR Fhg (Thanks to Icemaiden)
When a teenage irish colleen is strangled and leftist for lukewarm on a abandoned mountains lane by an attacker she describes as having the cut off of a dog, the the fuzz are baffled. But when the masses of another childlike maiden is build mutilated and wrapped in a pale-complexioned linen expanse, DI Wesley Peterson suspects that the gunsel is performing an venerable prescribed linked to Anubis, the jackal-headed Egyptian god of ruin and mumification. Meanwhile, archaeologist Neil Watson has been called to Varley Fortress to catalogue the solicitation of Edwardian non-professional Egyptologist Sir Frederick Varley. As his experiment with progresses, Neil discovers that Wesley«s eccentric decimation suitcase bears furtive similarities to four murders that took put out near Varley Fortress in 1903 - murders said to have been committed by Sir Frederick»s son. As the Jackal Man's accord remains a frustrating conundrum, it seems that the gunsel has yet another fool in be cautious of. A fool cramped to Wesley Peterson himself...

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