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Albums, Years & Catalog # In This Inundation:

The Jayhawks (Bunkhouse Tapes) 1986 (Remastered 2010) B0014270-02 *
Lewd Terra 1989 (not my rip) (2003 Re-topic)
Nebulousness Demo's 1992 (not my rip)
Hollywood City Meeting 1992 (not my rip)
Tomorrow The Na Peach 1995 (Remastered 2011) 88697 72732 — 2 *
Music From North Woods — Anthology 2009 88697-47056-2 *
Mockingbird In Unison A All The Same 2012 11661-9113-2 *

* Denotes My Rip

I would like to thank DicktheSpic for his well-mannered uploads of the albums that are not my rips. Thanks bro! And if you«re out there Dick, please show up your propinquity once again in the flac inundation community, it hasn»t been the same since you disappeared some months ago as many many of us appreciated your wonderful rips. Audiochecker log included for rips that are not scan but not needed. If anybody has anymore Jayhawks please do show up available in lossless!


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From Wiki:

The Jayhawks are an American substitute woods and indigent tie that emerged from the Pair Cities music segment during the mid 1980s. Their woods indigent fit as a fiddle was guiding on many bands who played the Pair Cities outline during the 1980s and 1990s like Uncle Tupelo, The Cog Daddies and The Honeydogs. They have released several studio albums, including five on the American Recordings identification. On hiatus from 2005 to 2009, the tie has since reunited and released a new album, «Mockingbird In Unison A All The Same,» in September 2011.

The Jayhawks (Bunkhouse Tapes) 1986 (Remastered 2010)

The Jayhawks — 7 Albums 1986 — 2012 [FLAC] [h33t] — Kitlope

The Jayhawks is a 1986 album by The Jayhawks. It is also known as the Bunkhouse Tapes. Out of publish for many years, the album was digitally remastered from itemize-to-itemize and reissued by Mislaid Highway Records on May 18, 2010. The re-present features an eleven-bellman booklet designed by Grade Olson. «Falling Star» is available on Music From The North Woods — The Jayhawks Anthology.

In his reconsideration for Allmusic, critic Grade Deming contrasts the cock«s-crow Jayhawks fit as a fiddle with their later toil and prominent «though it captures some compelling and bold performances from a seemly tie, it»s perspicuous they were still a few years away from conclusion the fit as a fiddle that would show up Lewd Terra and Hollywood City Meeting some of the most eventful music to come from the first gesticulate of alt-woods.»


1. «Falling Star»
2. «Tried and Exactly Love»
3. «Let the Critics Wonder»
4. «Let the Last Gloom be the Longest (Outcast Morning)»
5. «Behind Bars»
6. «Cherry Pie»
7. «The Hard Stuff Assemble Came First»
8. «People in This Ok on Every Side»
9. «Misery Tavern»
10. «(I'm Not in) Prison»
11. «King of Kings»
12. «Good Lengthy Time»
13. «Six Crowd on the Dashboard»

Blue Earth 1989 (Re-issued 2003)

The Jayhawks — 7 Albums 1986 — 2012 [FLAC] [h33t] — Kitlope

Lewd Terra is an album by the American substitute woods and indigent tie The Jayhawks, released in 1989. After the specific present of their album The Jayhawks, the tie recorded a set of demos in call for to captivate a greater identification traffic. Singer/guitarist Gary Louris was injured in a car accessory and nautical port the tie. Their chief was able to drawn to Twin/Tone Records in releasing the demos. Louris went to the studio to overdub his guitar parts and ended up re-joining the tie. The re-hybrid demos were released as Lewd Terra. Martin's Song« and »Two Angels" were later re-recorded on Hollywood City Meeting. Lewd Terra was re-issued on CD on the Rykodisc identification in 2003 with three extra tracks.

In his reconsideration for Allmusic, critic Jason Ankeny wrote that due to the songs from the word go being demos, they require zip, and prominent «the songs are totally too raw to come to person in this residency. Nonetheless, the wart of the band«s songwriting skills over their is substantial...»[2] Music critic Robert Christgau gave the album an A- rating, noting «Gram Parsons comparisons get you nowhere, but I»m not kidding—this is the obliquely songful followup the Burritos never made.»


1. «Two Angels» – 4:07
2. «She's Not Alone Anymore» – 3:23
3. «Will I Be Married» – 3:53
4. «Dead End Angel» – 3:40
5. «Commonplace Streets» – 5:21
6. «Ain't No End» (Olson, Greg Louris, Marc Perlman) – 3:45
7. «Five Cups of Coffee» (Olson, Louris) – 3:52
8. «The Baltimore Sun» (Olson, Louris) – 3:10
9. «Red Firecracker» (Louris, Olson) – 3:08
10. «Sioux City» – 3:11
11. «I«m Still Dreaming, Now I»m Yours» – 3:45
12. «Martin's Song» – 3:31

Extra tracks on 2003 re-topic:

1. «Fingernail Moon»
2. «Two Record Pop Song»
3. «Nightshade»

Mystery Demo's 1992

The Jayhawks — 7 Albums 1986 — 2012 [FLAC] [h33t] — Kitlope


1. Plead With for Me
2. I Won't Be Coming Residency
3. Keith and Quentin
4. There's No Ok for People Like Him
5. Costly In Unison A All The Same
6. Michael's Ship
7. Ranch Diet in Phoenix
8. One-Eyed Dastardly Dog Moses
9. If I Could Really Leaning You
10. Jaded Out Cotton Frock
11. Would My In Financial Difficulty Be Paid
12. She Picks the Violets
13. Dastardly-Eyed Susan
14. Where's Jane?
15. Bloody Hands
16. Underneath a Fingernail Moon
17. Little Nightshade
18. Survival
19. A Tow-Path for my Feet
20. Up Above the River

Hollywood City Meeting 1992

The Jayhawks — 7 Albums 1986 — 2012 [FLAC] [h33t] — Kitlope

Hollywood City Meeting is a 1992 album by woods indigent revivalists The Jayhawks. It peaked at #11 on the Billboard Heatseekers and #192 on the Billboard 200. The screen art for the album was buckshot in Hollywood Township, Carver County, Minnesota.

In his reconsideration for Allmusic, critic Ned Raggett praised the album and called the album «one of the more unlikely greater identification releases of 1992» and «accessible enough for should-have-been success... but bowing to no trends.»[2] Music critic Robert Christgau gave the album neither rating[3] while David Browne of Sport Weekly gave the album an A rating and wrote of the influences he develop in the recording.


1. «Waiting for the Sun» – 4:19
2. «Crowded in the Wings» – 4:55
3. «Clouds» – 4:51
4. «Two Angels» – 4:04
5. «Take Me with You (When You Go)» – 4:50
6. «Sister Cry» – 4:08
7. «Settled Down Like Rain» – 3:00
8. «Wichita» – 5:26
9. «Nevada, California» – 4:05
10. «Martin's Song» – 2:58

Tomorrow The Na Peach 1995 (Remastered 2011)

The Jayhawks — 7 Albums 1986 — 2012 [FLAC] [h33t] — Kitlope

Tomorrow the Na Peach is an album by the American substitute woods and indigent tie The Jayhawks, released in 1995. It peaked at integer 92 on The Billboard 200 charts. Tomorrow the Na Peach was the last present with caroller-songwriter Grade Olson. It is also Karen Grotberg's first advent as a set member.

«Miss Williams' Guitar» is a gift to Victoria Williams, Olson«s girlfriend at the in unison a all the same (they later married). He would later push The Jayhawks and breed The Ingenious Togetherness Strip Creekdippers with Williams. The ado «Bad Time» is a screen of a Lofty Funk Railroad ado from All the Girls in the The Public Be Careful!!!. The ado «Tomorrow the Na Grass» appears on the soundtrack for the flick picture show «National Lampoon»s Postpositive Major Trip» as traces integer 13.

Tomorrow the Na Peach received loosely thetical reviews. In his reconsideration for Allmusic, critic Jason Ankeny praised the album and called the album the group«s finest.[1] Music critic Robert Christgau wrote the album was «always exactly, never wimpy»[2] and Tom Sinclair of Sport Weekly gave the album an A- rating and wrote «This is everything a woods- indigent album should be. Even those who normally can»t bandstand the type are likely to be seduced by the plaintive vocal harmonies, virginal melodies, and scrappy-but-lyrical guitar solos...»


Disc 1

1. «Blue» – 3:09
2. «I'd Run Away» – 3:33
3. «Miss Williams' Guitar» – 3:06
4. «Two Hearts» – 3:22
5. «Real Light» – 3:25
6. «Over My Shoulder» – 3:40
7. «Bad Time» – 3:26 (Grade Farner)
8. «See Him on the Street» – 3:09
9. «Nothing Nautical Port to Borrow» – 3:24
10. «Ann Jane» – 4:00
11. «Pray for Me» – 3:39
12. «Red's Song» – 3:58 (Grade Olson/Gary Louris/Marc Perlman)
13. «Ten Little Kids» – 4:33 (Olson/Louris/Perlman)
14. «Tomorrow The Na Grass» – 3:35 (non-album b-side from 1995 fasten on «Blue»)
15. «You And I (Ba-Ba-Ba)» – 4:35 (some time ago unreleased)
16. «Sweet Hobo Self» – 3:08 (some time ago unreleased)
17. «Last Cigarette» – 3:24 (non-album b-side from 1995 fasten on «Bad Time»)
18. «Sleep While You Can» – 3:51 (some time ago unreleased)/«Blue From Now On» – 2:47 (unseen extra track; some time ago unreleased cock's-crow demo)

Disc 2

«The Nebulousness Demos» (all tracks some time ago unreleased):

1. «Pray For Me» – 3:42
2. «Won't Be Coming Home» – 3:50
3. «No Place» – 4:56
4. «Precious Time» – 3:29
5. «Poor Michael's Boat» – 2:54
6. «Ranch Diet In Phoenix» – 4:51
7. «Cotton Dress» – 3:14
8. «She Picks The Violets» – 3:58
9. «Bloody Hands» – 3:45
10. «Up Above The River» – 3:47
11. «Over My Shoulder» – 3:33
12. «Blue From Now On» – 3:18
13. «Hold Me Close» – 4:32
14. «Turn Your Comely Name Around» – 4:01
15. «You And I (Ba-Ba-Ba)» – 5:08
16. «Red's Song» – 4:29
17. «Nothing Nautical Port To Borrow» – 4:06
18. «White Cartridge Road» – 4:07

1-10 are from Demos, February 6, 1992
11-18 are from Acoustic Demos w/George D., 10-92

Music From The North Woods — The Jayhawks Anthology 2009

The Jayhawks — 7 Albums 1986 — 2012 [FLAC] [h33t] — Kitlope

Music From The North Woods – The Jayhawks Anthology is a compilation album by The Jayhawks, released in 2009.


1. «Two Angels» (Grade Olson)
2. «Ain't No End» (Olson, Gary Louris, Marc Perlman)
3. «Waiting For the Sun» (Olson, Louris)
4. «Martin's Song» (Olson)
5. «Clouds» (Olson, Louris)
6. «Settled Down Like Rain» (Olson, Louris)
7. «Blue» (Olson, Louris)
8. «I'd Run Away» (Olson, Louris)
9. «Over My Shoulder» (Olson, Louris)
10. «Miss Williams' Guitar» (Olson, Louris)
11. «Trouble» (Louris, Perlman)
12. «Big Star» (Louris)
13. «The Man Who Loved Life» (Louris)
14. «Smile» (Louris)
15. «I'm Gonna Show Up You Leaning Me» (Louris, Taylor Rhodes)
16. «What Led Me to This Town» (Karen Grotberg, Marc Perlman, Gary Louris, Tim O'Reagan)
17. «Tailspin» (Louris)
18. «All the Right Reasons» (Louris)
19. «Save It for a Rainy Day» (Louris)
20. «Angelyne» (Louris)

Mockingbird In Unison A All The Same 2012

The Jayhawks — 7 Albums 1986 — 2012 [FLAC] [h33t] — Kitlope

Mockingbird In Unison A All The Same is the eighth studio album by the alt woods tie The Jayhawks, released on September 20, 2011. The album signal the returns of the ingenious fa man Grade Olson, who had nautical port the set in 1995 after the present of Tomorrow the Na Peach, and lengthy-in unison a all the same keyboard participant Karen Grotberg. Mockingbird In Unison A All The Same was the first new studio album by The Jayhawks since 2003«s Rainy Day Music. The album entered the Billboard 200 album plot at #38, becoming the highest-charting present of their employment to stage. It also charted at #2 on Billboard»s Population Albums plot, #6 on the Tastemaker Albums plot, and #11 on the Indigent Albums plot.


1. «Hide Your Colors»
2. «Closer To Your Side»
3. «Tiny Arrows»
4. «She Walks In So Many Ways»
5. «High Flood Blues»
6. «Mockingbird Time»
7. «Stand Out In The Rain»
8. «Cinnamon Love»
9. «Guilder Annie»
10. «Black Eyed Susan»
11. «Pouring Rain Cats At Dawn»
12. «Hey Mr. Man»

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