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Albums, Years & Catalog # In This Flow:

Run–D.M.C. (1984) (not my rip)
Regent of Destroyed (1985) (not my rip)
Raising Castigation (1986) 07822 — 16408-2 *
Tougher Than Leather (1988) 828 070-2 *
Encourage from Castigation (1990) (not my rip)
Down with the Regent (1993) (not my rip)
Fulfil Nobleman (2001) (not my rip)
Greatest Hits (2002) (not my rip)
DMC — Checks, Thugs and Destroyed N Rob 2006 (not my rip)

* denotes my rip

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From Wiki:
Run–D.M.C. was an American hip hop assemble from Hollis, Queens, New York, founded in 1981 by Joseph «Run» Simmons, Darryl «D.M.C.» McDaniels, and Jason «Jam Adept Jay» Mizell. The assemble is thoroughly acknowledged as one of the most effective acts in the news of hip hop education. Run–D.M.C. was one of the most well-known hip hop acts in the 1980s who, along with LL Deliberate J, The Beastie Boys, and Buyers Contestant signified the advent of the new inculcate of hip hop music. They were the first assemble in the character to have a gold album (Run–D.M.C., 1984) and be nominated for a Grammy Accord.[1] They were the first to draw a platinum lp = «long playing» (Regent of Destroyed, 1985), the first to draw a multiplatinum certification (Raising Castigation, 1986) the first to have videos on MTV, the first to appear on American Bandstand and the concealment of Rolling Stone.[2] Run–D.M.C. was the only hip hop act to stage at Conclude Aid in 1985.

The assemble was among the first to highlight the status of the MC and DJ relationship.[3][4] In 2004, Rolling Stone ranked them slew 48 in their directory of the greatest dulcet artists of all duration.[4] In 2007, Run–D.M.C. was named «The Greatest Hip Hop Assemble of All Time» by[5] and «Greatest Hip Hop Artist of All Time» by VH1.[6] On April 4, 2009, rapper Eminem inducted them into the Destroyed and Rob Lecture-Room of Eminence. In doing so, Run–D.M.C. became only the second hip hop assemble in news to be inducted, after Grandmaster Exhibition and the Pissed Off Five.

Run DMC 1984

Run–D.M.C. is the launching album of American hip hop assemble Run–D.M.C.. Produced in 1984, it was considered groundbreaking for its duration, presenting a harder, more litigious shape of hip hop. The album's scanty beats and litigious rhymes were in sneaky distinguish with the supportable, funky impression that was common in hip hop at the duration. With the album, the assemble has been regarded by music writers as pioneering the activity of new inculcate hip hop of the anciently — 1980s.[11] The album was reissued as a «Deluxe Edition» in 2005 with four hand-out tracks.


1. «Hard Times»
2. «Rock Box»
3. «Jam-Adept Jay»
4. «Hollis Crew»
5. "Sucker M.C.'s
6. «It's Like That»
7. «Wake Up»
8. «30 Days»
9. «Jay's Game»

King of Destroyed — Deluxe Edition 1985

Regent of Destroyed is the second album by hip hop triptych Run–D.M.C.. Produced in 1985, the album sees the assemble adopting a more destroyed-influenced impression, with several tracks prominently featuring profound guitar riffs. Though Run-D.M.C.«s aboriginal view of «Slow and Low» (recorded as a demo during the sessions for this album) would not be officially released until the 2005 Deluxe printing of Regent of Destroyed, a concealment view, recorded by the Beastie Boys (who themselves often played a fusion of rap and destroyed), appeared on the latter»s 1986 launching album, Licensed to Ill.


1. «Rock The House» – 2:42
2. «King of Rock» – 5:14
3. «You Talk Too Much» – 5:59
4. «Jam-Adept Jammin'» – 4:20
5. «Roots, Rap, Reggae» – 3:12
6. «Can You Destroyed It Like This» – 4:30
7. «You're Blind» – 5:31
8. «It's Not Funny» – 5:35
9. «Darryl and Joe (Krush-Scratch 3)» – 6:39
10. «Slow and Low» (Demo) – 4:27
11. «Together Forever (Krush-Scratch 4)» (Conclude) – 3:35
12. «Jam-Adept Jammin'» (Remix) – 6:45
13. «King of Rock» (Conclude, from Conclude Aid) – 7:26

Raising Castigation 1986

Raising Castigation is the third album by hip hop assemble Run–D.M.C.. The breakthrough album trumped fixed perceptions of commercial viability for hip-hop groups, achieving triple-platinum stature and receiving deprecative notice from quarters that had once upon a conditions ignored hip hop as a fad. Raising Castigation features the well-known concealment «Walk This Way» featuring Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith. While the at a bargain price a fuss was not the group«s first fusion of destroyed and hip hop (the group»s earlier unique «Rock Box» was), it was the first such fusion to clear out a suggestive contact on the charts, becoming the first rap at a bargain price a fuss to break the top 5 of The Billboard Hot 100. Raising Castigation peaked at No. 1 on Billboard's R&B/Hip Hop Album map as the first hip hop/rap album to do so, and at No. 3 on the Billboard 200.

It ranked fourth on Chris Rock«s directory of the Top 25 Hip-Hop Albums of all duration, and the wit called it «the first prodigious rap album ever».[11] In 1998, the album appeared in The Source»s 100 Best Rap Albums. Q periodical (12/99, p. 162) — 5 stars out of 5 - «...the apex of pre-Buyers Contestant, beatbox-based hip hop, a tablet of tremendous, friable beats plus the character-bending «Walk This Way».» Vibe (12/99, p. 162) — Included in Vibe«s 100 Intrinsic Albums of the 20th Century.[12] Uncut (11/03, p. 130) — 4 stars out of 5 - «[An album] that studied the music biz to take rap seriously.» Rolling Stone (12/11/03, p. 126) — «[T]he pioneering triptych took hip-hop into the more elevated reaches of the pop charts, introducing mainstream to a new urban rob: rap destroyed.» (It is the earliest hip-hop album to get a 5-incomparable periodical from Rolling Stone). AllMusic — 5 stars out of 5 - «...the music was fully realized and thoroughly enlivening, rocking harder and better than any of its destroyed or rap peers in 1986...» In 2003, the album was ranked slew 123 on Rolling Stone magazine»s directory of the 500 greatest albums of all duration.[13] In 2006, the album was chosen by DURATION as one of the 100 greatest albums.[14] Duration named it No. 41 of the 100 best albums of the dead and buried fifty years and stated that the album was «rap«s first masterpiece».[15] In 2012, Bent Periodical listed the album at No. 65 on its directory of «Best Albums of the 1980s».[16] In 1987, Mortal Teach Music Accord for Best Rap — Unique for «Walk This Way» (jointly awarded to both Run-D.M.C. and Aerosmith). Buyers Enemy»s Chuck D considers Raising Castigation to be the greatest hip-hop album of all-duration, and the act he chose to portent with Def Jam Records. Peter Piper was performed by Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon on Dilatory Shades Of Night with Jimmy Fallon.


1. «Peter Piper» – 3:25
2. «It's Tricky» – 3:03
3. «My Adidas» – 2:47
4. «Walk This Way» – 5:17
5. «Is It Live» – 3:06
6. «Perfection» – 2:52
7. «Hit It Run» – 3:10
8. «Raising Hell» – 5:31
9. «You Be Illin'» – 3:26
10. «Dumb Girl» – 3:31
11. «Son of Byford» – :27
12. «Proud to Be Black» – 3:14

Tougher Than Leather 1988

Tougher Than Leather is a 1988 studio album for American rap assemble Run–D.M.C. and a admire persist-up to their hit Raising Castigation. While the new lp = «long playing» did not testify the same trendiness as its predecessor, it obtained platinum stature and spawned the favorites «Run«s House» and «Mary, Mary» (built around a from The Monkees» at a bargain price a fuss). Despite being given a mongrel welcome at the duration of its manumission, it is now hailed as a new notable in hip-hop and many see it as an underrated album.

In reply to albums such as Eric B. & Rakim«s Paid In Fullest Extent, Buyers Enemy»s It Takes A Political Entity Of Millions To Upon Us Encourage, and Boogie Down Productions« Desperado Minded and By All Means Necessary, the assemble made a exact departure from their earlier profession, as Jam-Adept Jay used a heavier amount of sampling. Run and DMC also made changes in their rapping design (heavily influenced by Rakim) as techniques such as alliteration, polysyllabic rhyming, and internal rationale are initiate in songs like «I»m Not Going Out Like That,« »Radio Instal,« and the possession spoor. The assemble also introduces storytelling to their arsenal in »Ragtime.« Despite this, Run-D.M.C. does not recklessness their procedure of combining hip-hop beats with strenuously destroyed guitar riffs, using it in »Miss Elaine,« the possession spoor, »Soul To Destroyed And Rob,« and »Mary, Mary.»

Tougher Than Leather was the group«s fourth endeavour and blended in elements of not only rap but also destroyed n» rob and funk, making it their most heterogeneous endeavour to pass alongside Regent of Destroyed. «Papa Crazy» is based on «Papa Was a Rollin' Stone» by The Temptations.


1. «Run's House» – 3:49
2. «Mary, Mary» – 3:12
3. «They Attend Us Run-D.M.C.» – 2:56
4. «Beats To The Rhyme» – 2:43
5. «Radio Station» – 2:50
6. «Papa Crazy» – 4:18
7. «Tougher Than Leather» – 4:20
8. «I'm Not Going Out Like That» – 4:55
9. «How'd Ya Do It Dee» – 3:20
10. «Miss Elaine» – 3:05
11. «Soul To Destroyed And Roll» – 2:17
12. «Ragtime» – 2:42

Back From Castigation 1990

Encourage from Castigation is the fifth album from American rap assemble Run–D.M.C., released in 1990. This album features Jam Adept Jay singing. Tracks like «Faces» and «Pause» broach a new dulcet design: New Jack Sway. The spoor «What's It All About» contains a of «Fools Gold» by Manchester assemble The Stone Roses.


1. «Sucker D.J.'s» – 0:51
2. «The Ave.» – 4:06
3. «What's It All About» – 3:23
4. «Bob Your Head» – 3:47
5. «Faces» – 4:12
6. «Kick The Frama Lama Lama» – 3:10
7. «Pause» – 4:38
8. «Word Is Born» – 2:54
9. «Back from Hell» – 2:59
10. «Don't Stop» – 4:37
11. «Groove to the Sound» – 3:34
12. «P Upon a Tree» – 0:45
13. «Naughty» – 4:09
14. «Livin' in the City» – 1:04
15. «Not Just Another Groove» – 4:17
16. «Party Time» – 4:35

Down With The Regent 1993

Down with the Regent the sixth album by hip hop assemble Run–D.M.C.. This album was broadly received more favorably by fans and critics than the group's antecedent album, Encourage from Castigation.


1. «Down With The King» (ft. Pete Destroyed & C.L. Bare)
2. «Come On Everybody» (ft. Q-Tip)
3. «Can I Get It, Yo» (ft. EPMD)
4. «Hit 'em Hard»
5. «To The Maker»
6. «3 In The Head»
7. «Ooh, Whatcha Gonna Do»
8. «Big Willie» (ft. Tom Morello)
9. «Three Little Indians»
10. «In The House»
11. «Can I Get A Witness»
12. «Get Open»
13. «What's Next» (ft. Mad Cobra)
14. «Wreck Shop»
15. «For 10 Years»

Crown Nobleman 2001

Fulfil Nobleman is a 2001 album by hip hop pioneers Run–D.M.C., It is their seventh and immutable album. It was released about 18 months before the homicide of Jam-Adept Jay. All songs but the possession spoor featured company artists, including Fred Durst, Stephan Jenkins and Sugar Ray, Everlast, Kid Destroyed, Nas, Marvel and Method Man. It is the first and only Run–D.M.C. album with a Parental Consultive brand, though antecedent Run-D.M.C albums, such the 1986 Raising Castigation, had included exact lyrics. Fulfil Nobleman was mildly lucrative despite unacceptable deprecative periodical. Rolling Stone (3/15/01, p. 78) said «Crown Nobleman uses the same dulcet design as their obscure 1993 comeback, Down with the Regent: company artists, company artists and more company artists... But as on Down With the Regent, Run-DMC end up their old-inculcate mastery without adding anything new to it; the tracks drop or swim depending on what the company artist felt like bringing to the studio that day. Relaxation Weekly (4/6/01, p. 120) note that »on this hip-hop roast, new schoolers Nas and Fat Joe pay their respects with sparkling grooves... Run«s rhymes are still limber.« — Rating: B-. NME (4/5/01, p. 43) — 6 out of 10 - »Proves the emperors» new clothes can look just as true-blue as their old threads."


1. «It's Over» (exploit. Jermaine Dupri) – 3:40
2. «Queens Day» (exploit. Nas, Marvel) – 4:18
3. «Crown Royal» – 3:13
4. «Them Girls» (exploit. Fred Durst) – 3:33
5. «The Inculcate of Old» (exploit. Kid Destroyed) – 3:20
6. «Take the Pelf and Run» (exploit. Everlast) – 3:48
7. «Rock Show» (exploit. Stephan Jenkins) – 3:14
8. «Here We Go 2001» (exploit. Sugar Ray) – 3:21
9. «Ahhh» (exploit. Chris Davis) – 4:21
10. «Let's Support Together (Together Forever)» (exploit. Uneven Restless) – 3:19
11. «Ay Papi» (exploit. Fat Joe) – 3:16
12. «Simmons Incorporated» (exploit. Method Man) – 4:26

Greatest Hits 2002

Greatest Hits is a greatest hits compilation album of Run–D.M.C.«s mundane. While it was argued that hits such as «The Ave.», «Pause» and «Ooh, What»cha Gonna Do?» should have initiate a village in this manumission, Run speculated during a Marie Claire press conference in 2003 that the album was altogether showcasing the group's better known earlier profession:

«I want kids to pick up this album and go «..So that»s what hip hop sounded like in 1984, cool«. It»s not because I despise any of those [later] records.»

After Jam Adept Jay«s extermination, the assemble retired — however for not assembly their contractual obligations with Arista Records, this formerly larboard Run–D.M.C.»s inviolate catalog spacious for exploitation. Since the manumission of this «Greatest Hits» lp = «long playing», Arista Records has released several other «Greatest Hits» albums of Run–D.M.C.«s mundane. Fans consider this manumission as the »official' Greatest Hits hoard, because it was the last ritualistic Run–D.M.C. manumission before the extermination of Jam Adept Jay.


1. «King of Rock»
2. «It's Tricky»
3. «Beats to the Rhyme»
4. «Can You Destroyed It Like This»
5. «Walk This Way» (featuring Aerosmith)
6. «Run's House»
7. «Rock Box»
8. «Peter Piper»
9. «Mary, Mary»
10. «Hard Times»
11. «You Be Illin'»
12. «It's Like That»
13. «My Adidas»
14. «Sucker M.C.'s (Krush-Scratch 1)»
15. «You Talk Too Much»
16. «Jam-Adept Jay»
17. «Down with the King» (featuring Pete Destroyed & CL Bare)
18. «Christmas in Hollis»

DMC — Checks Thugs and Destroyed N Rob 2006

Checks Thugs and Destroyed n Rob (usually reinterpreted Checks, Thugs, and Destroyed «n» Rob) is the first solitary album from Darryl «D.M.C.» McDaniels. He was inspired to put out this album when, at age 35, he initiate out he was adopted.


1. «Watchtower» exploit. Elliot Easton and Josh Todd (Bob Dylan) 3:54
2. «Freaky Chick» (Romeo Antonio/McDaniels) 3:48
3. «Just Like Me» exploit. Sarah McLachlan (Harry Chapin, McDaniels) 4:52
4. «Lovey Dovey» exploit. Doug E. Brand-New (Davis, Lyle, McDaniels, Russell, Stanton) 4:56
5. «Find My Way» exploit. Kid Destroyed (McDaniels, Ritchie) 4:58
6. «Machine Gun» exploit. Tal B. and Gary Dourdan (Antonio, Dourdan, McDaniels) 4:52
7. «Cold» exploit. Ms. Floosie and Sonny Ebony (Perpendicular) 4:12
8. «What's Wrong» exploit. Napolean (of Outlawz) and Kiara (Beale, Dimant, McDaniels) 3:45
9. «Cadillac Cars» (Dylan) 4:39
10. «Only God Knows» (Dimant, McDaniels, Otto) 4:18
11. «Come 2gether» exploit. Rev. Run (McDaniels)

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