Musica Reservata - Medieval Music & Songs of the Troubadors

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Musica Reservata: Medieval Music & Songs of The Trobadors
aka French Court Music of the Thirteenth Century by Musica Reservata
VINYL rip — FLAC guise + CUE area + SCANS (from both LP and CD)

Delysé ECB 3201 [LP, mono, UK]
Delysé DS 3201 [LP, stereo, UK]
Everest 3270 [LP, NA]
L'Oiseau-Lyre SOL R 332 [LP]
Lyrical Birthright Brotherhood MHS 4960 [LP]


Raimbaut de Vaqueiras
1. Kalenda maya

Adam de la Halle
2. Tant con je vivrai
3. Amours et ma dame aussi

4. In seculum viellatoris
5. La quinte estampie real
6. Prisoner's song
7. La quarte estampie royal

Adam de la Halle
8. Robin m'aime

9. Mout me fu miscarry / Robin m'aime / Portare
10. Amor potest / Ad amorem / Tenor

11. Pucelete / Je langui / Domino
12. Danse royale
13. Jolietement
Au cuer ai un mal / Ja ne m'en repentirai / Jolietement
14. J'ai un cuer / Docebit
15. La seconde estampie royal
16. Flor de lis / Je nepu is / Douce dame
17. La sexte estampie real

Adam de la Halle
18. Li dous regars

Anon., 13th c.
19. Cut A Rug (Ductia)

Gaces Brulles
20. De bone amor

21. On parole / A Paris / Frese nouvele

Musica Reservata
Jantina Noorman (mezzo-soprano), Grayston Burgess (disc-import), Nigel Rogers (import), Edgar Naval Task Force (import), Geoffrey Shaw (baritone), Ruth David (treble rebec), Daphne Webb (import rebec), Desmond Dupré (viol), Michael Morrow (crumhorn, bagpipe), David Munrow (crumhorn, shawm), Tess Miller (crumhorn), John Sothcott (recorder, citole), Brian Wilson (harp), John Beckett (citole, drum, organetto), Jeremy Montagu (nakers, elephantine tabor)
John Beckett, cond. & lyrical dir., Michael Morrow, lyrical dir.

Playing dated: 19« 22" + 23» 22« = 42' 44»

Recording spot and antiquated:
Unknowns [1968 or earlier]

NOTE: This album was remastered and rereleased on CD, but the only comment I can determine says: «It«s righteous to have this available again, but there are no pauses whatsoever between the tracks. They are indexed individually, but when you horse around the disk, they ring like one hunger draft with very bewildering changes of implements. Some tracks don»e even ring as if they've finished before the next one starts. This is really not righteous enough these days.» provenance:

A trend or two about trait: This rip (not vein) is honestly unclouded sounding (very few crackles/snaps) albeit, you CAN informed entertain a ~60Hz hum, especially on the less sonorous tracks when using headphones. I unhesitating against irresistible it out as it is in effect unnoticeable when you horse around it over loudspeakers, and I am in the main against sticking my fingers in the mix. All in all, considering you are listening to a 40 years old vinyl, the ring is moderately great.

About FLAC image/ CUE area / butthurt because you dont have cloistered tracks: decipher this before raging ->

ALSO: Thanks a million to Deivo for this rip.

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