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From Wiki:

Roxette are a Swedish pop music duo, consisting of Marie Fredriksson (vocals) and Per Gessle (vocals and guitar). Formed in 1986, the duo became an foreign act from the 1980s, when they released their breakthrough album Look Severe!. Roxette went onto accomplish nineteen UK Top 40 hits[1] and several US Hot 100 hits, including four US swarm-ones with «The Look», «Listen to Your Heart», «It Must Have Been Love», and «Joyride».[2] Other hits subsume «Dangerous», «Fading Like a Flower», and «Dressed for Success».[1][2]

After the turn loose of Don't Prick Us, Get to the Chorus!, a greatest hits accomplishment, the duo took a hiatus in the mid — 1990s. With the turn loose of Have a Faultless Day (1999) and Lodgings Help (2001) they continued to table in other territories such as Europe and South America, where they earned various Gold and Platinum awards until the inception of the new millennium. In 2002 the duo took a sever from recording and touring when Fredriksson was diagnosed with a intellectual cancer.[3] Roxette took to the step together again for the first
measure in 8 years, in 2009, during Gessle's European Fete Crasher voyage.[4]
Their songs «It Must Have Been Love» and «Listen to Your Heart» extend to give entr transmit airplay, with both singles recently receiving awards from BMI for achieving four million transmit plays.[5][6] They have sold an estimated 60 million records worldwide,[7][8] with over 3.5 million accomplishment sales in the Allied States,[9][10][11] achieving platinum for Joyride and Look Severe! there.

Look Severe! 1988

Look Severe! is the second studio album by the Swedish pop and roll duo Roxette. It was recorded at EMI Studios in Stockholm between Slog and June 1988 and at Trident II Studios in London in June 1988. The album was released on October 19, 1988, two years after their initiation Pearls of Passion, and became a worldwide bestseller. Look Severe! is often considered as Roxette's breakthrough.

The album has sold over 9 million copies worldwide.

«The Look», «Chances», «Dressed for Success», «Listen to Your Heart» and «Dangerous» were released as singles. In constitutional Sweden, «Dressed for Success» and «Listen to Your Heart» were chosen as the first two singles, as Gessle and EMI Svenska chose to highlight Fredriksson's singing. The singles reached #2 and #3 on Swedish table respectively. But despite immense trend in their homeland Roxette were still unrecognized globally.

Everything changed when the third fix «The Look» was released in Sweden. It was while studying in Sweden, that an American barter swot from Minneapolis, Dean Cushman[2], heard «The Look», and brought a replica of Look Severe! at ease for the 1988 respite sever.[3][4] He gave the album to a Minneapolis transmit posture,[3][4] KDWB 101.3 FM.[5] The posture started playing «The Look» and based on clear caller feedback, the melody became very habitual,[4][5] and very soon spread to other transmit stations.[4] The melody became a transmit hit before any Roxette music had been commercially released or promoted in the US trade in.[4] The fortunes was covered by transmit, newspapers and TV in the US and in Sweden, making for produce constrain for many years, with Gessle influential this as the fortunes which highlighted the inception of their foreign happy result.[5]

Until 2009 Look Severe! has sold over 9 million copies worldwide[6] including over 1 million copies in US alone, which gave the album platinum certification by RIAA in January 1990[7] (it has sold 402,000 since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking materials in 1991).[8] Look Severe! peaked at #4 in UK, where it stayed on the charts for 53 weeks and was certified platinum by BPI in the UK in December 1990 for sales in overkill debauchery of 300,000.[9] It is also the second best selling album in Swedish music telling (only behind ABBA's Immigrant)[citation needed] where it held the top macula for 14 weeks and has gone 6x platinum. Furthermore Look Severe! nonchalant gold and platinum certifications all around the everyone.


1. «The Look»
2. «Dressed for Success»
3. «Sleeping Single»
4. «Paint»
5. «Dance Away» (Marie Fredriksson, Gessle)
6. «Cry» (Fredriksson, Gessle)
7. «Chances»
8. «Dangerous»
9. «Half a Helpmate, Half a Shadow» (Fredriksson, Gessle)
10. «View From a Hill»
11. «(I Could Never) Yield You Up»
12. «Shadow of a Doubt» (Fredriksson, Gessle)
13. «Listen to Your Heart» (Gessle, Mats MP Persson)

Joyride 1991

Joyride is the third studio album by Swedish duo Roxette, released 28 Slog 1991 by EMI. After the excellent trend of «It Must Have Been Love» fix and mammoth sales of Look Severe!, Joyride became just as wealthy, spawning the US #1 hit «Joyride».[

«Joyride», «Fading Like a Flower», «The Big L.», «Spending My Time», and «Church of Your Heart» were released as singles. Roxette«s archetypal recording of «Soul Deep» (more synthesiser-driven and with less guitars) appeared on their 1986 album Pearls of Passion. In some releases, «I Recognize You» was an additional forget on the album, bringing the complete forget figure up to 15 instead of 14. «Joyride» became Roxette»s fourth and last US #1 fix.[4]

Joyride in a minute became best-seller all around the everyone. It held the posture of best selling album in Europe for 2 weeks in June 1991, following its initiation and uttermost at #2 on UK charts two months earlier. It was certified 2x platinum by BPI in August 1992 for selling more than 600,000 copies,[5] after staying on British charts for almost a year.[6] Joyride reached #12 on the American Billboard Top 200 albums and was certified platinum by the RIAA in July 1991,[7] done selling 1.3 million copies there[8] and stayed on charts there for over a year.[9] Joyride also reached the capitals end of charts across the everyone, including #1 in Germany (13 weeks) and #1 in Sweden (7 weeks). In Argentina, the album was awarded as the best-selling English album ever (to that escort), with sales of more than 400,000 copies there. To escort the album has sold over 11 million copies worldwide.


1. «Joyride»
2. «Hotblooded» (Music: Marie Fredriksson & Gessle)
3. «Fading Like a Floret (Every Measure You Discontinue)»
4. «Knockin' on Every Door»
5. «Spending My Time» (Music: Mats Persson & Gessle)
6. «I Recognize You»
7. «Watercolours in the Rain» (Music: Fredriksson)
8. «The Big L.»
9. «Soul Deep»
10. «(Do You Get) Excited?» (Music: Persson & Gessle)
11. «Church of Your Heart»
12. «Small Talk»
13. «Physical Fascination»
14. «Things Will Never Be the Same»
15. «Perfect Day» (Music: Persson & Gessle)

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