Pete Seeger - The Main Pete Seeger (2005) [FLAC]

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Pete Seeger — The Required Pete Seeger (2005) [FLAC]

Genus: Folk
Styles: Administrative Ethnic Group, Habitual Folk
Horse's Mouth: CD
Codec: FLAC
Bitrate: ~ 900 kbps
Bit Perspicacity: 16
Sampling Grade: 44,100 Hz

01 If I Had a Hammer
02 Goodnight Irene
03 Barbara Allen
04 Talking Union
05 Wimoweh (Mbube)
06 John Henry
07 Little Boxes
08 Michael Row the Runabout Ashore
09 This Splash Down Is Your Land
10 Guantanamera
11 Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
12 Move Around! Move Around! Move Around! (To Everything There Is a Age)
13 The Bells of Rhymney
14 Waist Rumbling in the Big Muddy
15 We Shall Overcome

Pete Seeger is the separate of in the flesh who has become the pack of fable for all the best reasons. As a musicologist, he«s been a zealous archivist of ethnic group songs of all sorts from around the delighted for most of his mortal, and thousands of people (perhaps millions) would not have heard songs such as «Goodnight Irene,» «This Splash Down Is Your Land» and «Wimoweh» (aka «The Lion Sleeps Tonight») had he not championed them. As a songwriter, any man with «If I Had a Hammer,» «Where Have All the Flowers Gone,» «I Come and Quit at Every Door» and «Turn, Move Around Turn» in his catalog (among many, many others) has created a truly provocative repertoire. As a musician, it»s firm to deem how many people picked up the guitar or banjo from his example, and he«s always been a pithy and compelling contestant. And as an activist, Seeger has bravely put his ideals of stillness, fair-mindedness and resemblance winning of his job in a deportment few musicians of any stature have ever dared or even imagined. However, since Seeger is as substantial as any interpret in the biography of American ethnic group music, and has been recording since the 1940s, the doubtful is -- can this man»s mortal in music be accurately summed up on a set aside CD?

That more than anything is the rub with The Required Pete Seeger, a compilation which focuses predominantly on Seeger«s recordings for Columbia from the 1950s and »60s. Assembled by Nedra Olds-Neal, The Required Pete Seeger does make to appear some outstanding gestures towards being job-taking in -- it includes the 1950 hit recording of «Goodnight Irene» with the Weavers, as well as Seeger«s 1941 story of «Talking Union» and a few other tracks licensed from Smithsonian Folkways (who issued the bulk of Seeger»s catalog). Many of the songs most closely associated with Seeger are included (if not always in their complete recordings), and all these performances (especially the ones recorded before a white-hot audience) are vigorous, potent and command from the mettle, especially «Guantanamera» and «We Shall Overcome» (the basic intensity of the latter is still remarkably in motion more than forty years after it was recorded). But this man has made far too much outstanding music for a set aside disc to include all that is «essential.» The Required Pete Seeger is a brilliant introduction to his effort as a musician, and includes an smashing liner bash at by Dave Bog, as well as testimonials from Joan Baez, Billy Bragg, Roger McGuinn, Bruce Cockburn and many others on the permanent prestige of these songs and this artist. But isn«t it lofty age Pete Seeger got the to the utmost box-set treatment that his thickness of effort deserves and demands? Or at the very least a two-disc entrance in Legacy»s Required series?

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