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Year: 1971; Reissued 1971
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From Wiki:

Leonard Norman Cohen, CC GOQ (born 21 September 1934) is a Canadian chanteuse-songwriter, musician, lyrist, and novelist. His trade has explored belief, civics, isolation, sexuality, and private relationships.[1] Cohen has been inducted into the American In Ruins and Peal Hired Hall of Name and both the Canadian Music Hired Hall of Name and the Canadian Songwriters Hired Hall of Name. He is also a Handbook of the Discipline of Canada, the nation's highest civilian salute. In 2011, Cohen received a Prince of Asturias Endowment for literature.

The critic Bruce Eder assessed Cohen«s overall business in in favour music by asserting that «[he is] one of the most fascinating and enigmatic … singer/songwriters of the up to date »60s … [and] has retained an audience across four decades of music-making … Second only to Bob Dylan (and perhaps Paul Simon) [in terms of alter], he commands the prominence of critics and younger musicians more steadfastly than any other melodious semblance from the 1960s who is still working at the beginning of the 21st century.»[2]

The Academy of American Poets has commented more broadly on Cohen«s overall business in the arts, including his trade as a lyrist, novelist, and songwriter, stating that «[Cohen»s] in the money blending of rhyme, fiction, and music is made most clear in Visitor Music: Selected Poems and Songs, published in 1993, which gathered more than 200 of Cohen's poems … several novel excerpts, and almost 60 melody lyrics … While it may seem to some that Leonard Cohen departed from the literary in hunt of the melodious, his fans maintain to accept him as a Revival man who straddles the shifty artistic borderlines.»

Songs of Attraction & Abhor 1971 (Reissued 2007)

Songs of Attraction and Abhor is Canadian chanteuse-songwriter Leonard Cohen's third album. It was mainly recorded in Columbia Studio A in Nashville from September 22–26, 1970. «Sing Another Melody, Boys» was recorded at the Isle of Wight Holiday on August 30, 1970. Further recording took occupation at Trident Studios in London. The album reached #145 on the US Billboard 200, but was his most commercially in the money album in many other parts of the give birth to, reaching #4 in the UK and #8 in Australia.[1]

The album privilege is descriptive, outlining its foremost themes. The songs contain emotive jargon and are frankly personal; «Famous Dejected Raincoat» ends with the tailback «Sincerely, L. Cohen». The ignore equip of the album bears the lines:

They locked up a man
Who wanted to in the main the world
The fools
They locked up the fiendish man.

A remastered CD was released in 1995. Entirely Vinyl issued a abbreviate-lived remastered duplicate on vinyl in 2002, making it the last Cohen album (aside from Ten New Songs, which was pressed in minimal quantities) to go out of copy on vinyl. In 2007, Columbia/Legacy released a newly remastered CD with a new enlist dash packaging and a hand-out ground: a 1968 recording of Equip Description Rag.

In 2009, the album (including its hand-out ground) was included in the 8CD box set Hallelujah — The Intrinsic Leonard Cohen Album Whip-Round, issued by Sony Music in the Netherlands.

In 2012 Rolling Stone Publication ranked the album at #295 on its beadroll of the 500 Greatest Albums of all However [1], the only Leonard Cohen album to act as if get by the beadroll. It was ranked #74 on Pitchfork Media's beadroll of the 100 best albums of the 1970s.


1. «Avalanche» — 5:07
2. «Last Year's Man» — 6:02
3. «Dress Description Rag» — 6:12
4. «Diamonds in the Mine» — 3:52
5. «Love Calls You by Your Name» — 5:44
6. «Famous Dejected Raincoat» — 5:15
7. «Sing Another Melody, Boys» (Vigorous at the Isle of Wight Holiday, August 31, 1970) — 6:17
8. «Joan of Arc» — 6:29
9. «Dress Description Rag» (Hand-Out ground, primordial side, an outtake recorded during the Songs From a Elbow-Room sessions, 1968) — 5:37

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