Audiophile vinyl rips, LP and EPs, superior stone and jazz, FLAC metadata

  • 14.06.2016, 18:20,
  • Music
Here is a series of one tracks and 12-inch 45 rpm EPs that I transferred from my chrestomathy. These were made using a $2500 Lyra Helikon SL cartridge into a $15,000 built tube phono originate all powered with balanced AC power. Kit was sited on Sonority isolation platforms. The signal from the phono originate was taken shortly into a Yamaha CD recorder linked to it via some Kimber 1030 First-Position interconnects.

You can click on the one folders to see the songs and artists within. I have included album covers with the metadata.

This was at two different torrents that were beforehand uploaded, but I am now consolidating them into one upload, albeit in one folders for the LP rips and the EP rips.

There are some rarities here, including unrefracted to disk tracks (Harry James and Dave Brubeck for exemplification). All music will not beseech to everybody, but most will.

I am certain that in the get ready of weeding through what you may not like you will think a few nuggets.

Although these were ripped at 16/44, when I compared the CD-R with the unambiguously vinyl through a Naim CDS3 CD virtuoso, the results were so very attached that I unambiguous a higher bit position was supererogatory, and would only have come at the fetch of much larger portfolio sizes. The Yamaha CD recorder used has an bar A/D convertor (and a crappy D/A one, which does not lay hold of recordings), and was also fed speculative balanced AC power and treated to interconnects 3x the fetch of the genuine cabal. So I belive the fixed results are virtuous enough to canvass celebrated on any audio set-up-and indeed I have taken them all the way up to some Wilson Maxx2 speakers with tremendous results.

If you are interested comparing the sounds of two different vinyl rigs (but both using the selfsame Lyra Helikon SL cartridge, then download the following made using a fully Naim equipped Linn Sondek LP12.

The motive of this upload is really more about showing what vinyl can canvass like, even when deconstructed into digital. If you were to pick just one path to as a vinyl showcase from this chrestomathy-try David Crosby's Traction in the Rain, and see if your jaw does not slacken! Note, built in speakers on laptops will say nothing about the merits or demerits of these rips, so if you have a he-man rig, do try them out there.

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