Betty Davis (Funk-Stupefy) - Studio Album Discography 1973-76 (FLAC)

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Betty Davis (Funk-Stupefy) — Studio Album Discography 1973-76 (FLAC)

Betty Davis (Funk-Dumfound) — Studio Album Discography 1973-76 (FLAC)

For those unknown with Betty Davis you are in for a true treat... her valorous vocals, raw Funk/Rock/Blues/Soul is a true fun listen

A wildly brilliant funk diva with few equals even three decades after her come out, Betty Davis combined the valorous moving realism of Tina Turner, the futurist taste judgement of David Bowie, and the trendsetting skill of Miles Davis, her suppress for a year. It«s undemanding to assume the snickers when a 23-year-old mould married a lionized musician twice her age, but Davis was no gold digger; she turned Miles on to Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone (providing the touch off that led to his melodious reinvention on In a Tranquil Way and Bitches Cook), then proved her own talents with a trio* of sizzling mid-»70s alone LPs.
*The 4th album «Is It Honey Or Desire» recorded in 1976 was released in 2009.

1973 - Betty Davis (2007 Remaster)
1. If I'm in Good Break I Might Get Picked Up
2. Walkin Up the Road
3. Anti Honey Song
4. Your Man My Man
5. Ooh Yeah
6. Steppin in Her I. Miller Shoes
7. Encounter Is My Centre Name
8. In the Meantime
9. Come Take Me
10. You Won't See Me in the Morning
11. I Will Take That Ride

1974 - They Say I'm Different (2007 Remaster)
1. Shoo-B-Doop And Cop Him
2. He Was A Big Freak
3. Your Mama Wants Ya Back
4. Don't Conscript Her No Tramp
5. Git In There
6. They Say I'm Different
7. 70's Blues
8. Devoted People
Extra tracks:
9. He Was A Big Quirk (Phonograph Record Tree Formless Mix)
10. Don't Conscript Her No Step (Phonograph Record Tree Formless Mix)
11. Git In There (Phonograph Record Tree Formless Mix)
12. 7's Blues (Phonograph Record Tree Formless Mix)

1975 - Obnoxious Gal (2002 Remaster)
1. Obnoxious Gal
2. Talkin' Trash
3. Dedicated to the Press
4. You and I
5. Feeling
6. F.U.N.K.
7. Gettin« Kicked Off, Havin» Fun
8. Shush Off the Light
9. This Is It!
10. The Lone Ranger

1976 - Is It Honey Or The Hots (Released 2009)
1. Is It Honey Or Desire
2. It's So Good
3. Whorey Angel
4. Crashin' From Passion
5. When Mystery Says Goodbye
6. Fundamentally of the Barrell
7. Stars Starve You Know
8. Let's Get Personal
9. Bar Hoppin'
10. For My Man

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