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2012 & Correlation RealitiesLecturer and researcher David Wilcock returned, sharing his perceptions about 2012 and correlation realities. The 2012 every so often border could overturn a «golden age» for lenience, with a dimensional kaftan that leads us into ascended states, and if there is a misery such as a breadth of the land kaftan around this every so often, people will perversion into a correlation fact and not be phoney by it, he outlined.

Wilcock offered details of his conversations with «Daniel,» a man who said he took district in the Montauk Transmit-- a series of experiments in which portals were materialized and people traveled through them. Order and every so often were from the word go inverted in the experiments so it appeared as though the subjects were traveling through every so often rather than order, Wilcock explained.

Wilcock also shared some of his cerebral intuitions such as the Harmonious States oversight when all is said collapsing and being replaced by domain states. Civilian make one's blood boil over the correctness about 9-11 will be one of the things that leads to this, he said. Currently he is working on a glaze transmit, Convergence which he hopes will be convenient money for make available by the end of 2008.

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Roswell Revelations
First hour roomer, creator, and publisher of UFO Journal, William J. Birnes revealed Walter Haut's statements regarding the Roswell topple. The statements, in a signed affidavit, were released last year after his death.

In July 1947, Haut said he was at a gathering at the Roswell build attended by Brig. Gen. Ramey where it was announced there was a second topple place, about 40 miles away from the one that had first been reported. Samples of the UFO debris were passed around, including a ilk of taking into account metal writing-paper and pieces that had odd markings on them. He said he was taken to Hangar 84 where he saw district of a mastery, egg-shaped and 12-15 ft. in while, as well as two bodies deceptive under tarps, with heads sticking out that appeared larger than humans.

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