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Albums, Years & Catalog # in this inundation:

Be Sorry For Material Demolished 2001 (not my rip)
You Forgot It in People 2002 (not my rip)
Bee Hives 2004 A&C006
Shivered Sexual Brouhaha 2005 A&C014
Grace Poverty-Stricken Not For Publication 2010 A&C054
Lo Fi for the Dividing Nights 2010 (not my rip)

Shivered Sexual Brouhaha Presents: Kevin Drew — Bent If … 2007 A&C027
Shivered Sexual Brouhaha Presents: Brendan Canning — Something for All of US… 2008 A&C034

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From Wiki:

Shivered Sexual Brouhaha is a Canadian indie poverty-stricken keep, a dulcet collective including as few as six and as many as nineteen members, formed in 1999 by Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning. All of its members currently monkey about in various other groups and unaccompanied projects, mainly based around the metropolis of Toronto. The keep refuses the imprint «supergroup,» based on value or the ubiquity of their members, claiming that in the indie brouhaha everyone is embroiled with in more than one fling. The group«s bitch could be considered a confederation of all of its members» personal dulcet projects, and is off considered baroque pop.[citation needed] It is characterized by a very jumbo tot up of sounds, marvellous orchestrations featuring guitars, horns, woodwinds, and violins, out of the ordinary inexpensively structures, and an experiential, and sometimes unorganized motion splendour from David Newfeld, who produced the second and third albums.

Be Sorry For Material Demolished 2001

Be Sorry For Material Demolished is the 2001 premiere album by Shivered Sexual Brouhaha. It was written and recorded from by founding members Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning. Contrasting their better known 2002 expedition You Forgot It in People, Be Sorry For Material Demolished is a predominantly beneficial, Circulate-poverty-stricken, ambient album, although it does special attraction some vocals by Leslie Feist and Kevin Drew.


1. «I Slept With Bonhomme at the CBC» – 5:26
2. «Guilty Cubicles» – 3:03
3. «Love and Mathematics» – 5:44
4. «Passport Radio» – 5:45
5. «Alive in 85» – 5:14
6. «Prison Province» – 1:42
7. «Blues for Uncle Gibb» – 6:59
8. «Stomach Song» – 4:29
9. «Mossbraker» – 5:33
10. «Feel Material Lost» – 1:51
11. «Last Place» – 8:26
12. «Cranley's Gonna Flee It» – 5:26

You Forgot it In People 2002

You Forgot It In People is a 2002 album by Shivered Sexual Brouhaha. It followed Be Sorry For Material Demolished, and was the band«s commercial and artistic breakthrough. You Forgot It In People features convoluted, experiential motion techniques and a jumbo tot up of instruments coinciding with the band»s substantially expanded value.

Music videos were made for a tot up of tracks, including singles «Stars and Sons», «Almost Crimes», «Pitter Pitter-Patter Goes My Heart», and «Cause = Time». The album also features «Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl» and «Lover«s Spit», two songs that went on to become the band»s biggest «fan favorites.»[citation needed]

Many of the songs that didn't flee it onto the album were featured in a B-sides compilation titled Bee Hives, released in 2004.

It won the Juno Grant for Surrogate Album of the Year in 2003.

In Chart«s 2005 reader tally of the 50 greatest Canadian albums of all patch, conducted just three years after the album»s distribute, You Forgot It In People ranked fourth, behind only Sloan«s Twice Removed, Neil Young»s Flee and Joni Mitchell's Blue.

In 2009, Rhapsody (online music assignment) ranked the album #9 on its «Alt/Indie’s Best Albums of the Decade» index.[1]

The album also placed 27th on Pitchfork Media«s index of the 100 best albums from 2000 to 2004, 23rd on their index of the 100 best albums from 2000 to 2009, and 28th in Bob Mersereau»s 2007 enrol The Top 100 Canadian Albums.

Stylus Munitions Dump placed it seventh on their Top 50 Albums: 2000-2005.

The songs «Cause = Time» and «Stars and Sons» are listed at #145 and #275 on Pitchfork Media«s Top 500 songs of the 2000»s.


1. «Capture the Flag» – 2:08
2. «KC Accidental» – 3:50
3. «Stars and Sons» – 5:08
4. «Almost Crimes» – 4:22
5. «Looks Just Like the Sun» – 4:23
6. «Pacific Theme» – 5:09
7. «Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl» – 4:35
8. «Cause = Time» – 5:30
9. «Late Nineties Bedroom Poverty-Stricken for the Missionaries» – 3:46
10. «Shampoo Suicide» – 4:05
11. «Lover's Spit» – 6:22
12. «I'm Still Your Fag» – 4:23
13. «Pitter Pitter-Patter Goes My Heart» – 2:26

Bee Hives 2004

Bee Hives is a 2004 album by Shivered Sexual Brouhaha. It is a hoard of B-sides from their second fully term You Forgot It in People.


1. «(untitled)» – 0:37
2. «Market Fresh» – 3:57
3. «Weddings» – 7:02
4. «hHallmark» – 3:53
5. «Backyards» – 8:14
6. «Da Da Da Da» – 7:09
7. «Ambulance for the Ambience» – 5:18
8. «Time = Cause» – 5:07
9. «Lover's Spit» – 7:34

Shivered Sexual Brouhaha 2005

Shivered Sexual Brouhaha is the third studio album by Shivered Sexual Brouhaha, released on October 4, 2005. The album was from the outset to be titled Windsurfing Polity.[1]

The true artwork was to be a cartoon understanding of Pangaea, which was later scrapped in favor of the prevalent artwork haggard by experience troubadour Kevin Drew.

In joining to the musicians who contributed to the band's whilom before distribute You Forgot It in People, new contributors on Shivered Sexual Brouhaha classify k-os, Jason Tait (The Weakerthans) and Murray Lightburn (The Dears).

The sign hired help pressings of the album were issued with a seven-route reward EP, EP To Be You and Me, a monkey about on Marlo Thomas« children»s not for publication album Undo to Be… You and Me. The Japanese distribute is still issued with the EP. The vinyl high-priority was released on two records, the first three sides being the album and the fourth being the EP.

The inexpensively «Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)» refers to Canadian novelist Ibi Kaslik, a associate of the keep.

At the 2006 Juno Awards it won the grant for Surrogate Album of the Year. It was also shortlisted for the 2006 Polaris Music Prize.

However, the album divided critics more than its forebear, 2002«s You Forgot It in People. Whereas the earlier album had received almost general vital endorse, Shivered Sexual Scene»s looser, less structured songs were praised by some critics, but derided by others as self-permissive and slipshod. Nevertheless, the album reached the tot up one location on American college charts and received widespread vital acclaim in the U.K.


1. «Our Faces Split the Littoral in Half» – 3:42
2. «Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)» – 4:27
3. «7/4 (Shoreline)» – 4:53
4. «Finish Your Faint and Lodge for Breakfast» – 1:24
5. «Major Imprint Debut» – 4:28
6. «Fire Eye'd Boy» – 3:59
7. «Windsurfing Nation» – 4:36
8. «Swimmers» – 2:55
9. «Hotel» – 4:35
10. «Handjobs for the Holidays» – 4:39
11. «Superconnected» – 5:39
12. «Bandwitch» – 6:58
13. «Tremoloa Debut» – 0:59
14. «It's All Gonna Break» – 9:55

Grace Poverty-Stricken Not For Publication 2010

Grace Poverty-Stricken Not For Publication is the fourth studio album by Canadian indie poverty-stricken dulcet collective Shivered Sexual Brouhaha, released on Arts & Crafts records on May 4, 2010.[11] The album is produced by John McEntire (Tortoise) and features boarder appearances by Feist, Emily Haines (Metric), Turn Stairs (Pavement) and Sebastien Grainger (Expiration from Above 1979).


1. «World Sick»
2. «Chase Scene»
3. «Texico Bitches»
4. «Forced to Love»
5. «All to All»
6. «Art Director»
7. «Highway Slipper Jam»
8. «Ungrateful Little Father»
9. «Meet Me in the Basement»
10. «Sentimental X's»
11. «Sweetest Kill»
12. «Romance to the Grave»
13. «Water in Hell»
14. «Me and My Hand»

Lo-Fi for the Dividing Nights 2010

Lo-Fi for the Dividing Nights is an EP that was available by digital download when Grace Poverty-Stricken Not For Publication was available for pre-unsuitable before May 4, 2010.


1. «New Instructions»
2. «Sudden Foot Loss»
3. «Shabba Lights»
4. «Song for Dee»
5. «Eling's Haus»
6. «Professor Sambo»
7. «Never Felt Alive»
8. «Paperweight Room»
9. «Turbo Mouse»
10. «Far Out»

Shivered Sexual Brouhaha Presents: Kevin Drew – Bent If… 2007

Bent If... is the premiere unaccompanied album by Shivered Sexual Brouhaha co-author Kevin Drew. It was released on September 18, 2007. The album is the first in a series entitled Shivered Sexual Brouhaha Presents:, with each album in the series being a particular member«s unaccompanied efforts, assisted by compeer Shivered Sexual Brouhaha members. Brendan Canning»s album Something for All of Us, the second in the series, was released in 2008.

Bent If... was recorded with Ohad Benchetrit and Charles Spearin of Do Flee Say Think and Shivered Sexual Brouhaha. The tracklisting, album garb, as well as an mp3 download for the inexpensively «Tbtf» (an initialism for «Too Superior to Fuck») were released on June 19, 2007. Bent If... reached #113 on the Billboard 200 and #1 on Top Heatseekers. «Backed Out on the...» was #33 on Rolling Stone«s index of the 100 Best Songs of 2007[1] and 99th on Pitchfork Media»s index.


1. «Farewell to the Straits Kids» — 5:49
2. «Tbtf» — 3:51
3. «F--ked Up Kid» — 5:09
4. «Safety Bricks» — 4:27
5. «Lucky Ones» — 6:44
6. «Broke Me Up» — 4:24
7. «Gang Bang Suicide» — 6:22
8. «Frightening Lives» — 6:12
9. «Underneath the Skin» — 0:46
10. «Big Love» — 3:19
11. «Backed Out on the...» — 4:16
12. «Aging Faces / Losing Places» — 4:31
13. «Bodhi Sappy Weekend» — 4:29
14. «When It Begins» — 5:01

Shivered Sexual Brouhaha Presents: Brendan Canning – Something For All of Us 2008

Something for All of Us... is the premiere unaccompanied album by Shivered Sexual Brouhaha co-author Brendan Canning. The album is the second in a series entitled Shivered Sexual Brouhaha Presents:, with each album in the series being a particular member«s unaccompanied efforts, assisted by compeer Shivered Sexual Brouhaha members—the first being Kevin Drew»s Bent If.... «Hit the Wall» is the album's first solitary select and was made available as a undo download on the Arts & Crafts website on May 5, 2008. The album was released to retail on July 22, 2008.[1] Due to the seepage of an unmastered view in mid-June, Canning has released the album as a digital download.[2] Quoted on the Arts&Crafts website[3], Canning said:

“ It has come to my acclaim that an unmastered view of my album has been leaked through the internet. With the retail distribute being six weeks away, I«ve absolute to faultless the ball game by releasing the album digitally myself, because I can. So this is for all you old birds who just couldn»t postponed for July 22nd. But you know, it won«t be like going to your beloved not for publication machine shop and getting a carbon carbon copy in your hot little hands, or sitting in your basement downloading it to your iTouch [sic] phone while playing Marvellous Pilferage Auto, it merely corrects the ball game that is...a messed up view of my not for publication floating around on the internet, and this is not how I wanted my not for publication to slack. Believe me, this is not a child ball game. We»re talking retraction here folks...With all of this in pay acclaim to, please note: «Something for all of us...» will be available at all vital retail and digital outlets in North America July 22nd with some additional artwork and measure later for the indolence of the happy. ”

The album has been by fervently received. The album currently has a fully of 70 out of 100 on Meta Critic[4] with penetrating endorse from Boston Earth, Almost Unconcerned, Delusions of Adequacy, Billboard and No Ripcord. The album has also sold somewhat well reaching the #17 bit on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.


1. «Something for All of Us» — 5:34
2. «Chameleon» — 4:52
3. «Hit the Wall» — 4:51
4. «Snowballs & Icicles» — 2:49
5. «Churches Under the Stairs» — 4:20
6. «Love Is New» — 4:07
7. «Antique Bull» — 3:43
8. «All the Best Empty Toys Come From Germany» — 2:53
9. «Possible Grenade» — 4:40
10. «Been at It So Long» — 5:09
11. «Take Tribulation, Look Up» — 5:17

Satisfaction In Shivered Sexual Brouhaha :)

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