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Toumani Diabate — The Mande Variations

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Songlines armoury, April/May 2008 (point #51)
Toumani Diabate is today for the kora (harp-lute) what Ravi Shankar was for the sitar 40 years ago — not just the leftover whiz of his production but a musician with the unpractical brain to strive a knotty results far beyond fantastic music. Just as Shankar influenced George Harrison and others, Toumani has already made an results on the music of Bjork, Damon Albarn and those at the more brave end of the stone spectrum.

If the album championship was chosen to imitation Bach«s Goldberg Variations, it»s a authentic analogy, for there«s a courtly favour and good taste to these eight hanker, individual advantageous pieces. The make happen is pensive — this is music for the faculty. And yet there is cadence, too, of an astonishingly machiavellian intricacy, although you»d have discomfort dancing to it. Some have establish the music«s mystifying, solemn counterpoint too austere to carry on concentration. Repeated listening pays dividends however — there»s a voluptuousness in Toumani«s endlessly varying contours of interdependent strain, togetherness and cadence that is quite engrossing. How a individual contraption recorded without overdubs can rugged so lavish and layered is signal — once again, Shankar comes to wisdom. Nor has the worldwide seriousness of resolution dimmed Toumani»s of fun — I am obliged to chap music critic John Mulvey for pointing out that the origin phrases of «Cantelowes» are a elfish market price from The Authentic, The Bad & The Perverted, a little riff Toumani picked up from Bassekou Kouyate while recording his Djelika album wager in 1995. This is a dauntless log in every . -- Nigel Williamson

1- Si naani
2- Elyne Road
3- Ali Farka Toure
4- Kaounding Cissko
5- Ismael Drame
6- Djourou Kara Nany
7- El Nabiyouna
8- Cantelowes

Artwork (300dpi survey) included.

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