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Albums, Years & Catalog # In This Flood:

As Jeff Healey Band

See The Inconsequential 1988 ARCD — 8553 *
Means Put Up Soundtrack 1989 259 948 *
Prefer This 1992 (not my rip)
Certify Up For To Certify Up For 1995 (not my rip)
Get Me Some 2000 ER202042 *
Material At Montreux 1999 ER 20070-2 *
The Very Best Of Jeff Healey 1998 (not my rip)

As Jeff Healey

Among Friends 2002 SPCD 1312 *
Adventures In Jazzland 2004 HOP 38000 *
It's Drunk Like That 2006 SPCD 1314 * (ripped using Shatter Standard Operating Procedure)
Into Of Blues 2008 SPCD 1333 *
Songs from The Means 2009 SPCD 1343 *
Last Rebuke A Demand 2010 SPCD 1335 *

* Denotes My Rip

Three of these rips are not depositary so I would like to thank Demonoid members Ridixulous for the albums Prefer This & Certify Up For To Certify Up For. Also to Shitthebed for the album The Very Best Of. If anybody has anymore Jeff Healey please do certify available in flac!
Trace 7 of It's Drunk Like That has some audible clangour at 4:58 — 5:27 due to scuffed disc. My apologies but I liberal it in this flood since Jeff Healey in FLAC is a bit rare. If somebody has this album and wants to upload a better rip please do so.

Also, Jeff was taken from us Slog 2 2008 at 41 years of age due to cancer and was obviously much too youthful. The music midwife precisely just won't be the same without him. RIP.


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From Wiki:

Norman Jeffrey «Jeff» Healey (Slog 25, 1966 ΓΓé¼ΓÇ£ Slog 2, 2008) was a blinker Canadian jazz and blues-stupefy singer and guitarist who attained harmonious and actual stylishness, particularly in the 1980s and 1990s.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Healey was raised in the city's west end. He was adopted as an infant;[1] his adoptive founder was a firefighter. When he was eight months old, Healey past his cool to retinoblastoma, a rare cancer of the eyes. His eyes had to be surgically removed, and he was given counterfeit replacements.

Healey began playing guitar when he was three, developing his unrivalled look of playing the pact lifeless on his lap. When he was 17, he formed the line Titillating Road, a four-holding line which generally played bar-line certify up for tunes. Among the other musicians were bassist Jeremy Littler, drummer Graydon Chapman, and a schoolmate, Rob Quail on second guitar. This line played various specific clubs in Toronto, including the Colonial Tavern.

Healey began hosting a jazz and blues inform on ghetto-blaster status CIUT-FM where he became known for playing from his gargantuan anthology of mellowed 78 rpm gramophone records.[2]

Presently thereafter he was introduced to two musicians, bassist Joe Rockman and drummer Tom Stephen, with whom he formed a triple, «The Jeff Healey Band». This line made their first eminent illusion at the Birds Roost, located upstairs at Chicago«s Diner on Leader Concourse West in Toronto. They received a send a letter-up in Toronto»s NOW munitions dump, and soon were playing almost blackness-on one occasion in specific clubs, such as Grossman«s Tavern and the famed blues federation Albert»s Foyer (where Jeff Healey was discovered by guitarists Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert Collins).

After being signed to Arista Records in 1988, the line released the album See the Inconsequential, featuring the hit unattached «Angel Eyes» and the ditty «Hideaway», which was nominated for a Grammy Furnish for Best Stupefy Utilitarian Portrayal. While the line was recording See the Inconsequential, they were also filming (and recording for the soundtrack of) the Patrick Swayze coat Means Put Up.[3] Healey had numerous acting scenes in the cinema with Swayze, as his line was the put up certify up for line for the bar featured in the cinema. In 1990, the line won the Juno Furnish for Canadian Entertainer of the Year. The albums Avernus to Pay and Prefer This gave Healey 10 charting singles in Canada between 1990 and 1994, including a certify up for of The Beatles' While My Guitar Gently Weeps which featured George Harrison and Jeff Lynne on assistance vocals and acoustic guitar

By the come out with of the 2000 album Get Me Some, Healey began to draw his faculty in another road closer to his sentiment, which was the gratitude for another primeval American music build, jazz.

He went on to come out with three CDs of music of standard American jazz from the 1920s and 1930s. He had been sitting in with these types of bands around Toronto since the inception of his music profession. Though known generally as a guitarist, Healey also played trumpet during material performances.

Healey was an avid put gatherer and amassed a anthology of well over 30,000 78 rpm records. He had, from on one occasion to on one occasion, hosted a CBC Ghetto-Blaster program entitled My Sort of Jazz, in which he played records from his measureless mellowed jazz anthology. He hosted a program with a compare favourably with name on Toronto jazz status CJRT-FM; as of 2010, the latter program continues to air in repeats.

He had also been touring with his other assort, The Jazz Wizards, playing American hot jazz. (At the on one occasion of his end, they had been planning to do a series of shows in the Partnership Bailiwick, Germany, and the Netherlands in April 2008.)

For many years, Healey performed at his federation, «Healey«s» on Bathurst Concourse in Toronto, where he played with «The Healey»s Put Up Band» on Thursday nights and with his jazz assort on Saturday afternoons. The federation moved to a bigger putting at 56 Titillating Jays Way and was rechristened «Jeff Healey's Roadhouse.» Though he had lent his name to the federation and often played there, Jeff Healey did not own or survive the bar. (The name came from the 1989 coat, Means Put Up, in which Healey appeared.)

Over the years, Healey toured and sat-in with many imaginary performers, including Dire Straits, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy, BB Crowned Head, ZZ Top, Steve Lukather, Eric Clapton and many more. In 2006, Healey appeared on Sage Purple singer Ian Gillan«s CD/DVD Gillan»s Inn.

Healey discovered and helped ripen the careers of other harmonious artists, including Terra Hazelton and Amanda Marshall.[5]

In break of dawn 2009, Healey's album Into of Blues won in The 8th Annual Sovereign Music Awards for Best Blues Album.

On January 11, 2007, Healey underwent surgery to undo metastatic series from both lungs. In the before eighteen months, he had two sarcomas removed from his legs.[7]

On Slog 2, 2008, Healey died of cancer[8] at St. Joseph's Salubriousness Pivot in his dwelling-place community of Toronto.[9] He was 41 years old. His end came a month before the come out with of Into of Blues, which was his first rock/blues album in eight years.[10]

Healey is survived by his the missis, Cristie, and two children.[11] A encomium concert was held on May 3, 2008, to better Daisy«s Eye Cancer Green, which, according to Cristie Healey, had helped certify significant strides in probe and advances for people born with the same genetically inherited retinoblastoma[12] which had plagued her quiet since he was one year of age. Cristie and Jeff Healey»s son was also born with the same impairment.[13]

In 2009, he was inducted into the Terry Fox Foyer of Fame.

See The Inconsequential 1988

See the Inconsequential is the enter album by The Jeff Healey Line. It was released on September 13, 1988. It was #50 of the top 100 albums in Canada in 1989.[2] In 1990 it was nominated for an «Album of the Year» Juno Furnish.


1. «Confidence Man»
2. «My Little Girl»
3. «River of No Return»
4. «Don't Let Your Turn Go By»
5. «Angel Eyes»
6. «Nice Refractory to Have»
7. «Someday, Someway»
8. «I Need to Be Loved»
9. «Blue Jean Blues»
10. «That's What They Say»
11. «Hide Away»
12. «See the Light»

Means Put Up 1989

Means Put Up is a 1989 American vitality coat in part based on the moving spirit of Norman «Storm» Cantwell, directed by Loud Herrington and starring Patrick Swayze as a bouncer at a newly-refurbished roadside bar who protects a immature community in Missouri from a poison businessman.[2] Sam Elliot also plays a bouncer, the of and clip someone«s wings to Swayze»s type. The throw away also includes Kelly Lynch as Swayze's sweet fascinated by, and Ben Gazzara as the critical antagonist.


1. «Roadhouse Blues» — The Jeff Healey Band
2. «Blue Monday» — Bob Seger
3. «I'm Tore Down» — The Jeff Healey Band
4. «These Arms of Mine» — Otis Redding
5. «When the Blackness Comes Falling from the Sky» — The Jeff Healey Band
6. «Rad Gumbo» — Little Feat
7. «Raising Skies (In Avernus Tonight)» — Patrick Swayze
8. «A Effects Heart» — Kris McKay
9. «(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man» — The Jeff Healey Band
10. «Cliff's Edge» — Patrick Swayze

Prefer This 1992

Prefer This is the third album by The Jeff Healey Line. It was released in 1992.


1. «Cruel Little Number»
2. «Leave the Inconsequential On»
3. «Baby«s Lookin» Hot»
4. «Lost In Your Eyes»
5. «House That Sweet Built»
6. «Evil and Here to Stay»
7. «My Kinda Lover»
8. «It Could All Get Blown Away»
9. «You're Coming Home»
10. «If You Can't Prefer Anything Else»
11. «Heart of an Angel»
12. «Dreams of Love»

Certify Up For To Certify Up For 1995

Certify Up For to Certify Up For is the fourth album by The Jeff Healey Line. It is an album of certify up for songs, released in 1995


1. «Shapes of Things»
2. «Freedom»
3. «Yer Blues»
4. «Stop Breakin' Down»
5. «Angel»
6. «Evil»
7. «Stuck in the Midst with You»
8. «I Got a Con A Aligned On You»
9. «Run Through the Jungle»
10. «As the Years Go Spirit By»
11. «I'm Ready»
12. «Badge»
13. «Communication Breakdown»
14. «Me and My Crackpot Self»

Get Me Some 2000

Get Me Some is an album by The Jeff Healey Line. It was released in 2000.


1. «Which One»
2. «Hey Hey»
3. «My Moving Spirit Story»
4. «I Tried»
5. «I Should Have Told You»
6. «Love Is the Answer»
7. «The Hurt Is Done»
8. «Feel Better»
9. «Holding On»
10. «Macon Georgia Blue»
11. «House Is Violent Down»
12. «Runaway Heart»
13. «Rachel's Song»

Material At Montreux 1999


01. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
02. My Little Girl
03. Arrest Breakin' Down
04. Third Degree
05. I Think I Sweet You Too Much
06. That's What They Say (Montreux 1997)
07. I Can't Get My Hands On You
08. Yer Blues
09. Angel Eyes
10. Roadhouse Blues
11. See The Light
12. Hoochie Coochie Man

Among Friends 2002

01. I Would Do Anything For You
02. Hopeful Eyes
03. Exculpation My Southern Accent
04. Out Of Nowhere
05. Lost
06. Incomparable Dust
07. Where Are You
08. A Cup Of Coffee, A Sandwich, And You
09. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
10. I Wish I Were Twins
11. My Buddy
12. Safeguard Your Lament For Tomorrow
13. Midnight Blue
14. Limehouse Blues
15. I'll See You In My Dreams
16. Blues In Thirds

Adventures in Jazzland 2004


01. Bugle Rebuke A Demand Rag
02. My Honey«s Lovin» Arms
03. Emaline
04. I Never Knew What A Gal Could Do
05. If I Had You
06. Three Little Words
07. My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now
08. Someday Sweetheart
09. Keep Smiling At Trouble
10. Depositary All Mine
11. You're Driving Me Crazy
12. Sorry Butterfly
13. You Brought A New Sort Of Sweet To Me
14. Indiana
15. Little Buttercup

It's Drunk Like That 2006

Jeff Healey Team Up — 13 Albums 1988 — 2010 [FLAC] — Kitlope


01. Bugle Rebuke A Demand Rag
02. Chant You Sinners
03. Basin Concourse Blues
04. Little Girl
05. Someday Sweetheart
06. Darktown Strutters Ball
07. Confessin'
08. Keep It To Yourself
09. Sheik of Araby
10. Goin' Up The River
11. It«s Drunk Like That / Wipe »Em Off

Into Of Blues 2008

Into of Blues is an album by Jeff Healey. It was released in 2008 less than two months after his end and just three weeks shy of his 42nd birthday. Four of the albums tracks were recorded material in fa of audiences, two of the material tracks at the Islington Academy in London, and the other two material tracks at Jeff Healey«s Roadhouse in Toronto. The other six tracks were recored at Studio 92 in Canada by Gauge Barker and Richard Uglow. The whole album features the line which normally accompanied Jeff at his federation, Jeff Healey»s Roadhouse.


1. «I'm Torn Down» — 5:23
2. «How Titillating Can You Get» — 8:54
3. «Sugar Sweet» — 3:46
4. «Jambalaya» — 4:00
5. «The Weight» — 4:26
6. «Mess O' Blues» — 3:24
7. «It's Only Money» — 3:10
8. «Like A Hurricane» — 6:39
9. «Sittin' On Top Of The World» — 7:07
10. «Shake, Ratte And Roll» — 4:29

Songs From The Means 2009

Songs from the Means is a posthumous released material blues album by Jeff Healey. It was released in July, 2009. This album was released over a year after his end, and contains hits and covers. As esteemed by one reviewer, «...the blinker musician will be remembered best for playing searing guitar on his lap, looking like a pedal inure guitar man gone mad. Songs from the Means...captures Healey«s baksheesh for energizing stupefy and blues tunes with mighty, sometimes blistering guitar industry. It»s a faculty that off sneaks up on the listener.»


1. «I Think I Sweet You Too Much» — 5:40
2. «I'm Ready» — 5:22
3. «Stop Breaking Down» — 5:58
4. «Angel Eyes» — 5:55
5. «Come Together» — 5:23
6. «Hoochie Coochie Man» — 7:10
7. «White Room» — 5:36
8. «While My Guitar Gently Weeps» — 5:14
9. «Whipping Post» — 5:59
10. «Teach Your Children Well» — 2:49
11. «Santa Create My Pet Abet To Me» — 2:10

Last Rebuke A Demand 2010


01. Holding My Honey's Hand
02. On One Occasion On My Hands
03. The Wildcat
04. You Can't Away B Accomplish The Wool Over My Eyes
05. Sage Purple
06. Hong Kong Blues
07. Pennies From Heaven
08. Autumn In New York
09. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Send A Letter Myself A Letter
10. Deadly And Titillating Bottom
11. Guitar Duet Stomp
12. Laura
13. Keeping Myself For You
14. Some Of These Days

The Very Best Of Jeff Healey 1998


1 It Could All Get Blown Away
2 Communication Breakdown
3 Yer Blues
4 Arrest Breakin' Down
5 Run Through The Jungle
6 Callous Little Number
7 Shapes Of Things
8 Badge
9 Poise Man
10 Angel
11 Put Up That Sweet Built
12 River Of No Return
13 See The Light
14 Don't Let Your Turn Go By
15 Subtle Refractory To Have
16 While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Satisfaction In Jeff Healey :)

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