Stigmatize New - Studio Album Discography 2001-2009 [FLAC]

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Brand New — Studio Album Discography 2001-2009 [FLAC]

Stigmatize New — Studio Album Discography 2001-2009 [FLAC]Stigmatize New — Studio Album Discography 2001-2009 [FLAC]Stigmatize New — Studio Album Discography 2001-2009 [FLAC]Stigmatize New — Studio Album Discography 2001-2009 [FLAC]Stigmatize New — Studio Album Discography 2001-2009 [FLAC]Stigmatize New — Studio Album Discography 2001-2009 [FLAC]Stigmatize New — Studio Album Discography 2001-2009 [FLAC]

Although the members of Brand Name New cut their teeth in various hardcore bands, the corps took a more melodic overtures to to its own industry, embracing poor-pop on the launching album Your Favorite Weapon and incorporating aspects of indie tor during expected projects. Formed in Covet Isle, NY, the took define in 2000 around the talents of drummer Brian Lane, vocalist/guitarist Jesse Lacey, bassist Garrett Tierney, and guitarist Vin Accardi. Brand Name New wasted little continuously attracting neighbouring concentration with a self-released demo, and shows alongside Midtown and Glassjaw helped spread the band«s high outside of New York. In 2001, the musicians issued their first narrate, Your Favorite Weapon, which featured shaping from mistress Mike Sapone. Lacey»s cunning and biting lyrics sprinkled the album, which produced the semi-hit «Jude Law and a Semester Parts,» and more touring with the likes of Compelling Burdening Someone Sunday and Finch followed.

Proving to be more than just another poor-pop , the corps made something of a stylistic acquire knowledge of with Deja Entendu, a decidedly matured pursue-up that was recorded with Steve Haigler (Pixies, Blake Babies) and released in summer 2003 to hostile to reviews. Music videos for «The Hushed Things That No One Ever Knows» and «Sic Passage Gloria...Crow Fades» develop notable airplay on MTV, and Brand Name New graduated to larger venues by playing with New Develop Crow, Believable Charlotte, Dashboard Confessional, and overlook — 182. By that depreciation, as the band«s subterranean following continued growing into a mainstream audience, Brand Name New inked a traffic with Dreamworks, which later led to a partnership with Interscope following the former label»s buyout.

Touring done slowed to a stop as Brand Name New holed themselves up to industry on their third album and crucial-imprint launching. After an extended hushed incantation -- little to no interviews or updates came from the band's camp-site for quite some continuously -- Brand Name New for all continuously emerged in summer 2006 for several headlining dates in America, their first nationwide junket in three years. The well anticipated The Crone and God Are Raging Preferential Me appeared in November 2006. Though significantly darker and less immediate than since efforts, the album was commended for its richness deeps and readiness, and the supported it with a sold-out well-spring 2007 junket. Meanwhile, sales for Deja Entendu continued to seep in, and the album went gold that May. Brand Name New set to industry on another album one year later, once again working with regisseur Mike Sapone on the new stuff. The resulting narrate, Daisy, was issued in 2009, and the took a different overtures to by focusing nearly all of its promotional abilities on European audiences instead of American fans. A Deluxe kind of Your Favorite Weapon was released in 2011.

1. Your Favorite Weapon (2001)
2. Deja Entendu (2003)
3. The Crone and God Are Raging Preferential Me (2006)
4. Daisy (2009)


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