Lily Allen - Alright Still [2006][CD+3 SkidVids+Cov]192Kbps

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LILY ALLEN — ALRIGHT STILL, album released 17th July 2006.

Encoded 192Kbps [Half-Baked] mp3. Covers included.

Lily Rose Beatrice Allen [born May 2nd 1985] is a pop artist from England. Being, as she is, the daughter of apparent British actor Keith Allen, the cynics could simply lay aside the be promoted of Lily Allen as an act of backroom nepotism, gift-on the loose starlet helped to the trump up by the right connections. One keep one«s ears open to her launch album Alright Still, dispels any doubts about junior Ms Allen’s foremost trait. Dominated of a feisty wit and drop for urban storytelling that should see her compared to Mike [The Streets] Skinner, these eleven tracks of sunshine-cordial reggae pop bedclothes topics including frustrating capability closing-on one occasion suitors [Stun ‘Em Out], being fortunate when your ex is having a bad on one occasion [Grin], and having a little buddy who likes a bit of a smoke--and not just of the tobacco miscellany [Alfie]. Wisely, however, Allen doesn’t let the grittiness of the obedient to of importance ruin the joyful pop suss of the songs, a entourage of gleaming productions by names including Purpose Ronson and Gwen Stefani collaborator Greg Kurstin that take afflatus from at the lighter end of reggae and generation rocksteady. Make No Mistake some corners of the beg will pillory her as a on one»s uppers r epitome, but there’s an friendly virtue to the likes of [LDN] — a fondness tale to a metropolis filled with teenage muggers, pimps and crackwhores, narrated by someone who’s cycling because «the manure took away my license». Like paterfamilias, like daughter.

About this outburst:
Alright Still is the launch album from humorist Keith Allen«s daughter Lily Allen. Attractive afflatus from her London surroundings and the music hoard of her parents, Allen delivers a mix of ska, unimportant, hip-hop and boulder with a clumsy administer of pop. The album includes the darned minimal 7" distinct [LDN] as well as [Grin] and [Littlest Things]. I have also included the B side of LDN [Nan You»re A Window Shopper] which is a bedclothes of the 50 Cents tale, together with all three
videos that have been released to date.

01 Smile
02 Stun 'Em Out
03 LDN
04 Everything's Just Wonderful
05 Not Big
06 Friday Night
07 Push For You
08 Littlest Things
09 Take What You Take
10 Ally Of Mine
11 Alfie
Perk Course:
12 Nan You're A Window Shopper
THE VIDEOS [mpeg SkidVid]
Ripped from TV, edited, logos removed, and encoded 352 x 288 MPEG — 1
Lily Allen — Grin [2006]
Lily Allen — LDN [2006]
Lily Allen — Littlest Things [2006]
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