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Albums, Years & Catalog # In This Effusion:

Jane Siberry 1981 SRCD 002-2 *
No Borders Here 1984 (not my rip)
The Speckless Sky 1985 (DL) (not my rip)
The Walking 1987 DSBD 31040 *
Scheduled by The Belle 1989 DSBBD — 31058 *
When I Was A Boy 1993 CD 26824 *
Maria 1995 CD 45915 *
Juvenile 1996 96CD001 *
A Day In The 1997 (DL) (not my rip)
Lass: Music for Christmas 1997 (combustible) SHECD003 *
Lips: Music For Saying It 1999 (combustible) (DL) (not my rip)
Tree: Music for Fims & Forests 1999 (combustible) (DL) (not my rip)
Hush 2000 (DL) (not my rip)
Diocese 2001 (DL) (not my rip)
Shushan The Mansion: Hymns of Globe 2003 SHE011 *
Dragon Dreams 2008 (DL) (not my rip)
What Shall I Keep Amiable 2009 (DL) (not my rip)

* Denotes My Rip

I would like to thank Demonoid colleague Wrong for his agreeable rip of No Borders Here (he even ordered the CD online) to help fancy this studio discography. Thanks bro! Technically this effusion is sparse one album (the latest — Meshach Dreams Backwards 2011) to be a verified studio discog however since it«s precious to lay one»s hands on on CD and unattainable to lay one«s hands on in lossless I was feigned to turn one»s in back of surreptitiously on it out. If anyone has this album please do fancy available in flac! Also, the albums with (DL) in it mean they came from her website as Siberry has made most of her music available in mp3 & AIF lossless. Reasonably lukewarm I have to brook. I snagged 8 of these, converted them to flac, ran audiochecker and have included them to faultless the effusion. No log & Cue files breathe for these particular albums however Audiochecker reported nothing apprehensive. I«m a insulting fan of her 1980»s block up and I think the pursue «The Walking» is one of the best Canadian songs to come out in that decade. I even recently picked it up on vinyl and what a present it is. Anyhoo, take to Jane Siberry as she has her own very single, quirky survey. And thanks Jane for compelling the get the idea and making your music available, for above-board and/or pay, for the people. We can only yearning more artists do the same.


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From Wiki:

Jane Siberry (born Jane Stewart,[2] October 12, 1955 in Toronto, Ontario)[3] is a Canadian minstrel-songwriter, known for such hits as «Mimi on the Beach», «I Be Absorbed In Thought Aloud», «One More Colour» and «Calling All Angels». Siberry has also released resources under the name Issa ( /ˈiːsɑː/ EE-sah) — an singularity (as opposed to a undecorated stagename) which she used formally between 2006 and 2009.

Siberry's music is most commonly compared to artists such as Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell and Laurie Anderson. Her music has exhausted from a charitable collection of styles, ranging from new sea dumbfound on her earlier albums to a thoughtful pop genre influenced by jazz, general public, truth, established and liturgical music in her later m. She has cited Van Morrison and Miles Davis as being fervid originative influences.

Siberry has often criticized the competitive power of commercial and the recording bustle.[4] In 2005, Siberry pioneered a self-persevering pricing design through her website[5] on which the purchaser is given the choices of: touchstone appraisal (about $0.99 USD/track); pay now, self-priced; pay later, self-priced; or «a capability from Jane». In an with The Ball and Send, Siberry confirmed that since she had instituted the self-persevering pricing design, the common proceeds she receives per flap from Sheeba customers is in points reduce more than touchstone appraisal.

Jane Siberry 1981

Jane Siberry — Studio Discography 1981 — 2009 [FLAC] [h33t] — Kitlope

Jane Siberry is the self-titled 1981 launch album by Jane Siberry. The unprecedented vinyl album is out of wording and consequently has become something of a collector's filler. The album was re-released on CD by East Side Records in 1988.[citation needed]
Siberry did not yet exposition the new sea pop genre that would fancy her a household name in Canada with her next album, 1984«s No Borders Here. Instead, it»s a in great measure general public-pop album, which has been described by critics as «post-worthless Joni Mitchell».


1. «Marco Polo» – 3:04
2. «This Crumpet I Know» – 2:17
3. «The Sky is So Blue» – 4:10
4. «The Riddle at Ogwen's Farm» – 2:57
5. «The Sorcery Beads» – 6:42
6. «Writers Are a Eccentric Breed» – 5:30
7. «The Unknown Well» – 4:53
8. «Above the Treeline» – 4:26
9. «In the Vulgar Light» – 4:19

No Borders Here 1984

Jane Siberry — Studio Discography 1981 — 2009 [FLAC] [h33t] — Kitlope

No Borders Here is the second album (and first to be available outside Canada) by Jane Siberry. The album«s distinguish «Mimi on the Beach» was Siberry»s breakthrough hit in her tribal Canada, and remains one of her most prominent songs. Toronto«s CFNY was the first in Canada to know again the song»s hit future.[citation needed] The song's video was also one of the first instrumental clips on MuchMusic.


1. «The Waitress» – 2:25
2. «I Be Absorbed In Thought Aloud» – 4:11
3. «Dancing Class» – 6:41
4. «Extra Executives» (Siberry, John Switzer) – 4:26
5. «You Don't Need» – 4:25
6. «Symmetry (The Way Things Have to Be)» – 4:57
7. «Follow Me» – 4:19
8. «Mimi on the Beach» – 7:35
9. «Map of the Period, Pt. 1» – 3:33

The Speckless Sky 1985

Jane Siberry — Studio Discography 1981 — 2009 [FLAC] [h33t] — Kitlope

The Speckless Sky is an album by Jane Siberry. It was Siberry«s highest-charting album on the Canadian charts and contains her biggest Top 40 hit, «One More Colour». The album»s second distinguish, «Map of the Period (Limited Share In II)», was also a hit on Canada«s matured coincidental charts. Rheostatics recorded a compensate for of «One More Colour», with additional lyrics by Martin Tielli, on their 1995 album Introducing Happiness; Siberry and Tielli recorded a duet, «A Extended Nonetheless Ardour Song», on the 1991 Bruce Cockburn levy album Backlash at the Darkness. Sarah Polley also performed a compensate for of «One More Colour» in the mist The Nice Hereafter. After this album, Siberry»s m was distributed outside of Canada by Reprise Records. The Speckless Sky is no longer available on CD, but can be obtained via the SHEEBA Log Chalet store


1. «One More Colour» – 4:38
2. «Seven Steps to the Wall» – 5:11
3. «The Very Charitable Hat» – 5:35
4. «Vladimir • Vladimir» – 7:08
5. «Mein Bitte» – 4:20
6. «The Evacuate City» – 6:40
7. «Map of the Period (Limited Share In II)» – 5:07
8. «The Hackney Ride» – 5:39

The Walking 1987

Jane Siberry — Studio Discography 1981 — 2009 [FLAC] [h33t] — Kitlope

The Walking is an album by Jane Siberry. The album was released on Reprise Records internationally, but remained on the non-affiliated trade name Duke Whirl Records in Canada. The album was rotten received by critics.[citation needed] It in great measure turned its backwards on the quirky new sea pop that Siberry had been known for; in its digs was a surreal composite of dumbfound and Laurie Anderson-genre accomplishment art narratives, only one of which was shorter than six minutes. Toronto CFNY, an original hero of Siberry's music, announced that it did not prospect any pursue on The Walking as practical for airplay on their .[citation needed] Sales of the album were dull at first, although they improved when Siberry provided stations with a shorter cut out of «Ingrid and the Footman».[


1. «The Virginal Tent the Raft» – 9:12
2. «Red Excited Heels» – 7:19
3. «Goodbye» – 4:17
4. «Ingrid and the Footman» – 7:06
5. «Lena is a Virginal Table» – 6:41
6. «The Walking (and Constantly)» – 6:16
7. «The Lobby» – 6:19
8. «The Bird in the Gravel» – 10:34

Bound By The Belle 1989

Jane Siberry — Studio Discography 1981 — 2009 [FLAC] [h33t] — Kitlope

Scheduled By the Belle is a 1989 album by Jane Siberry. It received better reviews than her antecedent to album, The Walking,[citation needed] and the christen pursue received more massive airplay than Siberry had seen since «One More Colour» in 1985.[citation needed] The pursue «Half Angel Half Eagle» was disputatious.[citation needed] Siberry used the images of an angel and an eagle soaring over a diocese to depict a prospect of both the belle and the ugliness of diocese life; the ugliness was marked in the sentimental «fucking honky nigger Jew/WASP Jap dago fag/fucking vagabonds minister dyke/cabbie fucking ring scab». Siberry was commenting on the acceptance of this strain of fetid lingua franca on the streets of a big diocese. «Something About Trains» also appeared (as «This Old Earth») on The Top of His Deeply, the soundtrack to Peter Mettler's mist The Top of His Deeply. He was also administrative for the compensate for photograph.


1. «Bound by the Beauty» – 4:41
2. «Something About Trains» – 3:44
3. «Hockey» – 3:58
4. «Everything Reminds Me of My Dog» – 4:17
5. «The Valley» – 6:04)
6. «The Is the Red Wagon» – 4:12
7. «Half Angel Half Eagle» – 3:55
8. «La Jalouse» – 3:59
9. «Miss Punta Blanca» – 1:38
10. «Are We Dancing Now? (Map III)» – 6:1

When I Was A Boy 1993

Jane Siberry — Studio Discography 1981 — 2009 [FLAC] [h33t] — Kitlope

When I Was a Boy is a 1993 album by Jane Siberry. Internationally, it is her most prominent album. In Siberry«s tribal Canada, however, the album was commercially fruitful but not as big a hit as her 1985 album The Speckless Sky. The album includes Siberry»s most prominent flap, «Calling All Angels», a duet with k.d. lang which appeared on two big soundtracks, Until the End of the Period in 1991 and Pay It Into View in 1998. The flap was also sung by out members of Six Feet Under in a exhibition from the affair «The Rainbow of Her Reasons.» «Sail Across the Water» and «Temple» were the other singles from the album. Several songs included electronic textures; «Temple» was Siberry«s first flap which was general in th clubs. The compensate for of the album features Siberry and visually conveys the position felt in the music. The album was also Siberry»s first to probe more inner themes, which would become a authentication of her later music.[5] On The Tragically Hip«s 1997 combustible album Combustible Between Us, Gordon Downie sings the chorus from «Temple» in that album»s pursue «Nautical Disaster». The flap «All the Candles in the World», is featured in the big Ending Destination.


1. «Temple» – 4:45
2. «Calling All Angels» – 5:17
3. «Love Is Everything» – 5:50
4. «Sail Across the Water» – 5:22
5. «All the Candles in the World» – 3:49
6. «Sweet Incarnadine» (Siberry, Erdal Kizilcay, Ken Myhr) – 6:46
7. «The Truth According to Darkness» – 4:51
8. «An Angel Stepped Down (And Slowly Looked Around)» – 5:50
9. «The Vigil (The Sea)» – 9:23
10. «Bells» – 1:19
11. «At the Commencement of Time» – 7:20
12. «Love Is Everything (Congruity Translation)» – 5:51

Maria 1995

Jane Siberry — Studio Discography 1981 — 2009 [FLAC] [h33t] — Kitlope

Maria is a 1995 critically acclaimed album by Canadian minstrel and songwriter Jane Siberry. It was her first album not to categorize any melodic contributions from longtime collaborators such as Ken Myhr, John Switzer and Rebecca Jenkins. Rolling Stone wrote about Maria: «[H]ot sentence, the girl«s backwards in the driver»s fanny with Maria...This is superior Siberry: scissor-kicking around the soul«s messiest spots in search of anything hinting toward redemption... That»s exactly what this album«s about: the nab of . Not specifically the well-thought-of or the bad or the hideous but just the nab and the in the wake release» [4] The album ends with «Oh My My,» a 20 two secs-plus ode that gathers the themes from the complete album. «n this hoard of Siberjazz you bring that everything that has arisen on Maria has indeed converged and that you»ve actually been led on an unforgettable step in a garden fa assail with a jaunt shepherd who's sure-footed in her wobbly compute. Awesome» [5]

Maria was her last serious trade name album. In 1996, Siberry started her own non-affiliated dossier trade name, Sheeba Records, and has released all of her in the wake recordings on that imprint.


1. «Maria» (4:25)
2. «See the Child» (6:24)
3. «Honey Bee» (4:17)
4. «Caravan» (7:30)
5. «Lovin' Cup» (3:39)
6. «Begat Begat» (6:33)
7. «Goodbye Nice Pumpkinhead» (4:35)
8. «Would You Go?» (7:20)
9. «Mary Had a Little Lamb» (1:58)
10. «Oh My My» (20:15)

Teenager 1996

Jane Siberry — Studio Discography 1981 — 2009 [FLAC] [h33t] — Kitlope

Juvenile is a 1996 album by Jane Siberry. It was her first rescuing for Sheeba Records, the non-affiliated trade name she established for herself after the end of her promise with Reprise Records. The album is composed of songs that Siberry had written as a juvenile, but had never afterwards released on dossier.


1. «Introduction» – 0:27
2. «The Squirrel Crossed the Road» – 5:13
3. «Let's Not Talk Now» – 4:05
4. «Song to My Father» – 4:54
5. «Broken Birds» – 5:09
6. «Puppet City» – 4:28
7. «Oh My Sister» – 3:56
8. «The Extended Pirouette» – 4:33
9. «Bessie» – 3:37
10. «We Should Be There by Morning» – 4:17
11. «Viking Heart» – 6:24
12. «When Vault Comes» – 3:25
13. «Angel Voyeur» – 5:50
14. «Trumpeter Swan» – 5:56

A Day In The 1997

Jane Siberry — Studio Discography 1981 — 2009 [FLAC] [h33t] — Kitlope

A Day in the is an album by Jane Siberry, released in 1997. It was the second rescuing on her own Sheeba Records trade name after leaving Reprise. It is not a established album of songs, but a survey collage of yoga classes, phone messages, conversations, whirl sounds, and includes a charitable out of characters including cab drivers, and artists like Patty Larkin, Joe Jackson, k. d. lang, and Darol Irritation, as well as excerpts from several songs.


1. «Yoga Class»
2. «Jane's Message»
4. «Coming Up for Air» (Patty Larkin, Jane Siberry)
6. «When I Think of Laura Nyro» (Jane Siberry, Laura Nyro)

7. «Microsoft/Rifff «Peony»»
9. «The Bridge» (Joe Jackson, Jane Siberry)
10. «Bottom Line»
12. «Oh Shenandoah» (Jane Siberry, Darol Irritation)
13. «Solar Blast»
14. «k.d. lang»

15. «Haint it Funny» (Jane Siberry)
16. «The End of the Day»
17. «In My Dream» (Jane Siberry)
18. «Moon»

Hush 2000

Jane Siberry — Studio Discography 1981 — 2009 [FLAC] [h33t] — Kitlope

Hush is a 2000 album by Jane Siberry. The album is a gathering of routine general public and truth songs. The album was a candidate for Roots & Routine Album of the Year – Individual at the 2001 Juno Awards.[1]


1. «Jacob's Ladder» (4:08)
2. «All Through the Night» (4:33)
3. «Pontchartrain» (6:47)
4. «Streets of Laredo» (3:01)
5. «As I Roved Out» (4:38)
6. «False Phoney Fly» (3:11)
7. «The Dishwater is Wide» (6:28)
8. «Swing Low, Nice Chariot» (4:46)
9. «Ol' Man River» (4:49) — Oscar Hammerstein/Jerome Kern
10. "O Shenando

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