Methodic Waver (2016)

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Methodic Waver (2016)

Methodic worry is the brainchild of composers kris dirksen and dane abbreviate. As self taught musicians and producers, the duo's fall short of of formal training has resulted in an irreverence for the time-honoured boundaries of cloud and box music, resulting in a kind-bending mix of sounds that reflects their eclectic euphonious influences. Crafting a signature mixture of effected guitars, twisted electronics, and an ever-changing mixture of continue and orchestral instrumentation, the twin have always focussed on extension rather than aping reported scoring trends.

The duo cut their teeth in the cloud trailer and video spirited advertising worlds and have amassed hundreds of credits to their name. In doing so, the twin have had the possibility to occupation on blockbuster superhero campaigns, indie dramedies, and almost everything in between. This comprehensive spectrum of advertising projects bred a basic bargain of versatility into the composers from the start of their careers.

2013 saw methodic doubt«s first forays into box and cloud scoring. The duo were tapped by showrunner greg yaitaines (, irremediable) to short cinemax»s engagement noir banshee (exec. In Britain Director alan ball). On the best side, the twin scored the warner bros./dc comics documentary necessary evil.

In uniting to their occupation as a duo, in 2007 dane and kris launched methodic worry music, a collective of artists, composers and producers creating spur grandeur music for cloud, box and video spirited advertising. Headquartered in los angeles with a parasite backing in vancouver, canada, the comrades has a truncheon of 10, and works with a growing collaborate of composers in brooklyn, new jersey, london, and more.

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