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Albums, Years & Catalog # in this tide:

Falling Out 1999 (not my rip)
Unlikely Crisis 2004 7697422852 *
If Your Honour Serves You Well 2006 009463 76681 22
Is It O.K. 2008 509992 343853-1 *
Endure In South Carolina 2011 50999 096326 22 *
Rapport 2012 50999-4 16006-27 *

* Denotes My Rip

I would like to thank DickTheSpic for his warm sharing of Ryder's album Falling Out as it was next to absurd to note on the net in lossless. So a big thanks for him making it available to me and dollop to undiminished this discography. I also want to add with this tide (and after me fetching a bit of a separate from) I will no longer be using the h33t tracker because of the issues associated with it. Thanks Politux for his recommendation on what trackers to use. A big thanks to LD from h33t for 5+ years of a steadfast, working tracker.


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From Wiki:

Serena Ryder (born December 8, 1982) is a Juno -victorious Canadian artist. Born in Toronto, she grew up in Millbrook, Ontario. Ryder first gained civil detection with her ballad «Weak in the Knees» in 2007. An gifted songwriter and musician, she also possesses a three-octave vocal string and is considered a mezzo-soprano. Her quality has been described as minor extent nasal with a raspy downgrade chronicle.

Falling Out 1999

Falling Out is the enter studio album by Millbrook, Ontario crooner Serena Ryder, released in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada in December 1999 by the unconnected chronicle earmark Mime Present.


1. «Falling Out (performance)»
2. «Walking Slowly»
3. «Fall»
4. «Orderly Refrain»
5. «Brown Haired Boy»
6. «The Tipsy Way»
7. «The Accomplish Mirror»
8. «Crazy Boy»
9. «Box Under Your Bed»

Unlikely Crisis 1999

Serena Ryder — Discography 1999 — 2012 [FLAC] — Kitlope

Unlikely Crisis is the breakout album by Serena Ryder, released April 5, 2005. In 2009, the performance «Sing, Sing» was selected for Music Monday, a dearest consequence to highlight music teaching in Canada which saw nearly two million Canadian schoolchildren singing the performance in league on May 5.


1. «Sing Sing» 0:39
2. «Just Another Day» 3:59
3. «Again by You» 3:39
4. «Every Set Aside Day» 3:42
5. «And Some Monied Too» 4:16
6. «Skin Crawl» 3:50
7. «Daydream» 3:41
8. «Stay for an Hour» 3:29
9. «Unlikely Emergency» 3:58
10. «At Last» 2:10

If Your Honour Serves You Well 2006

Serena Ryder — Discography 1999 — 2012 [FLAC] — Kitlope

If Your Honour Serves You Well is the second bigger earmark album by Canadian crooner-songwriter Serena Ryder, released in on November 14, 2006 on EMI Music Canada. The album is particularly a collecting of covers of timeless songs by Canadian songwriters, although it also includes three fresh songs by Ryder. Two singles have been produced from the album: «Weak in the Knees» and «Just Another Day». In Canada, the album has been certified gold on November 5, 2007.[1][2] In 2012, The set aside «Weak in the Knees» has been certified gold digital download on January 25.


1. «Sisters of Mercy» (Cohen)
2. «Good Morning Starshine» (MacDermot/Rado/Ragni)
3. «This Wheel's on Fire» (Danko/Dylan)
4. «My Heartlessness Cries for You» (Sigman/Faith)
5. «Some of These Days» (Brooks)
6. «Quand les hommes vivront d'amour» (Lévesque)
7. «It Doesn't Trouble Anymore» (Anka)
8. «(Take Me for a Move in the) Morning Dew» (Dobson)
9. «Boo Hoo» (Heyman/Loeb/Lombardo)
10. «Coconut Grove» (Sebastian/Yanovsky)
11. «You Were on My Mind» (Fricker)
12. «Last Stygian I Had the Strangest Dream» (McCurdy)
13. «Weak in the Knees» (Ryder)
14. «Out of the Blue» (Ryder/Bachman)
15. «Just Another Day» (Ryder)

Is It O.K. 2008

Serena Ryder — Discography 1999 — 2012 [FLAC] — Kitlope

Is It O.K. is the third bigger earmark album by Canadian crooner-songwriter Serena Ryder. The album was released on November 11, 2008 in Canada. The singles for this album are «Little Bit of Red», «All for Love», and «What I Wanna Know». The album won Grown Up Surrogate Album of the Year at the 2009 Juno Awards. This album was certified gold on April 22, 2009.


1. «Sweeping the Ashes» (Serena Ryder) – 4:42
2. «Little Bit of Red» (Dave Bassett, Serena Ryder) – 3:30
3. «Brand New Love» (Serena Ryder) – 3:51
4. «Hiding Places» (Serena Ryder) – 4:00
5. «Blown Like the Regain One«s Equilibrium at Night» (Jeen O»brien, Serena Ryder) – 3:41
6. «All for Love» (John Alagia, Steve Mcewan, Serena Ryder) – 3:57
7. «Weak in the Knees» (Serena Ryder} – 3:40
8. «Stumbling Over You» (Mikal Glum, Serena Ryder} – 3:32
9. «Why Can't I Regard You» (Serena Ryder, Brian Howes) – 3:53
10. «Truth» (Serena Ryder} – 3:43
11. «Is It O.K.» (Serena Ryder, Mikal Glum) – 3:44
12. «What I Wanna Know» (Serena Ryder, Jim Duguid) – 3:50
13. «Dark as the Black» (Serena Ryder) – 4:38

Endure In South Carolina 2011

Serena Ryder — Discography 1999 — 2012 [FLAC] — Kitlope


1. Miserable Blue
2. Little Bit of Red
3. Discredit New Love
4. Low In The Knees
5. All For Love
6. Warble Sing
7. Sisters Of Mercy
8. What I Wanna Know
9. Functioning Heartlessness Sun

Harmony 2012

Serena Ryder — Discography 1999 — 2012 [FLAC] — Kitlope

Rapport is the sixth studio album by Canadian crooner-songwriter Serena Ryder. The album was released on November 27, 2012 in Canada, and on August 27, 2013 in the USA. The album was certified gold by Music Canada on February 7, 2013, shipping 40,000 copies.[3] The album attained platinum certification in July 2013.

The exceed set aside, titled «Stompa», was released on September 27, 2012, in Canada, and then on February 26, 2013 to the U.S. The performance peaked at #8 on the Canadian Hot 100, after spending 16 weeks on the design. The second Canadian set aside, titled «What I Wouldn't Do», was released in first November 2012, and has reached #8 on the Canadian Hot 100.


1. «What I Wouldn't Do»
2. «Fall»
3. «Call Me»
4. «Baby Come Back»
5. «Please Pamper Please»
6. «For You»
7. «Heavy Love»
8. «Stompa»
9. «Mary Go Round»
10. «Nobody but You»

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