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Don Patterson — 34 Albums — Jazz Organ

Don Patterson was one of the Hammond B — 3's most bop-basic players, able to lightly bluesy individual-jazz grooves or cut off out of the for some quick-witted, quickly defined individual lines.

This anthology includes records with Don Patterson as numero uno or sideman.

Bibliography of included albums in cronological recorded set-up:

1962 Gene Ammons and Sonny Stitt — Boss Tenors In Course (aka Prime Cuts)
1962 Sonny Stitt — Low Flame
1963 Don Patterson — Goin' Down Home
1964 Don Patterson — Patterson's People
1964 Sonny Stitt — Shangri-La
1964 Don Patterson — The Exiting New Paper Of Don Patterson
1964 Don Patterson with Booker Ervin — Hip Lump Walk
1964 Sonny Stitt — Individual People
1964 Don Patterson — Recess Soul
1965 Don Patterson — Indemnification!
1965 Eric Kloss — Introducing Eric Kloss
1965 Sonny Stitt — Shades Of Night Crawler
1965 Don Patterson — The Boss men
1966 Eric Kloss — Honey And All That Jazz
1966 Don Patterson — Individual Happening
1966 Sonny Stitt — Deuces Wild
1967 Don Patterson — Musical Soul
1967 Don Patterson — Four Dimensions
1968 Don Patterson — Boppin« And Burnin»
1968 Don Patterson — Magnum Opus De Don
1968 Sonny Stitt — Made For Each Other
1968 Sonny Stitt — Individual Tension!
1968 Don Patterson — Funk You!
1969 Sonny Stitt — It's Magic
1969 Don Patterson — Oh Propitious Day
1969 Don Patterson — Pitch Up!
1969 Don Patterson — Brothers — 4
1969 Don Patterson — Donny Brook
1971 Sonny Stitt — Glowering Vibrations
1971 Sonny Stitt — Just The Way It Was (aka At The Hand Bank)
1972 Don Patterson — The Recompense Of Don Patterson (aka The Capability Of The B — 3)
1973 Don Patterson — These Are Fervent Days
1977 Don Patterson — Movin' Up!
1978 Don Patterson — Why Not...


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