Wilson Pickett - 7 Albums (4 Studio/ 1 Live/2 Comp.) FLAC/WAVE/APE

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Wilson Pickett — 7 Albums (4 Studio/ 1 Live/2 Comp.) FLAC/WAVE/APE

Artist Info (Allmusic)

Wilson Pickett (Hike 18, 1941 – January 19, 2006) was an American R&B, vitality and her and tossing vocalist and songwriter.

A dominant see in the maturation of American vitality music, Pickett recorded over 50 songs which hit the US R&B charts, and generally crossed over to the US Billboard Hot 100. Among his best known hits are «In the Midnight Hour» (which he co-wrote), «Land of 1,000 Dances», «Mustang Sally», and «Funky Broadway». The smash of Pickett«s songwriting and recording led to his 1991 induction into the Her and Tossing Classroom of Superiority.Of the dominant »60s vitality stars, Wilson Pickett was one of the roughest and sweatiest, working up some of the decade's hottest dancing party bowl over grooves on hits like «In the Midnight Hour,» «Land of 1000 Dances,» «Mustang Sally,» and «Funky Broadway.» Although he tends to be held in somewhat take down defer to than more resourceful talents like Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin, he is often a preferred different of fans who like their vitality on the rawer side. He also did a wholesome lot to create the grumble of Southern vitality with his hits, which were often written and recorded with the cream of the seating musicians in Memphis and Muscle Shoals.

Album List

Wilson Pickett — In The Midnight Hour (1965) (COL-CD — 6335) (2003) FLAC

Besides the all-unceasingly a once leading «In the Midnight Hour,» it includes the Mann/Weil-penned choose «Come Where It Hurts Toddler,» covered by several her and vitality artists; «Don«t Against It,» which reached the R&B Top Ten in most recent 1965; «I»m Gonna Cry,» a 1964 choose Pickett wrote with man vitality story Don Covay; and «I Start a Passion,» The Falcons choose that made the R&B Top Ten in 1962.

Working with several collaborators (including Steve Cropper), Pickett himself wrote most of the tunes on this album. The history also featured the first recordings he made with the Stax tempo split in Memphis -- a mix that would income much robust vitality music throughout the bracket stop of the '60s.

Track List
1. Wilson Pickett — In The Midnight Hour (2:32)
2. Wilson Pickett — Teardrops Will Cooperate With (2:32)
3. Wilson Pickett — Take A Little Passion (2:21)
4. Wilson Pickett — For Better Or Worse (2:44)
5. Wilson Pickett — I Start A Passion (2:59)
6. Wilson Pickett — That«s A Man»s Way (2:22)
7. Wilson Pickett — I'm Gonna Cry (2:19)
8. Wilson Pickett — Don't Against It (2:34)
9. Wilson Pickett — Take This Passion I've Got (2:13)
10. Wilson Pickett — Come Where It Hurts Toddler (2:35)
11. Wilson Pickett — I'm Not Exasperated By (2:44)
12. Wilson Pickett — Let's Brush And See Out Up (2:31)

Wilson Pickett — The Scampish Pickett (1966) FLAC

A rattling album, done when Pickett was in the mid-point of his best era at Atlantic. It had everything -- skilled songs, wonderful fabrication and arrangements, and a starved, galvanizing Wilson Pickett hollering, screaming, shouting, and soaring on anything he covered, from ballads to uptempo dancing party and midtempo wailers. It also has been deleted at present.

Track List
01. Mustang Sally 03:07
02. New Orleans 02:31
03. Sunshiny 03:10
04. Everybody Needs Someone To passion 02:17
05. Ooh Poo Pah Doo 02:33
06. She Ain't Gonna Right 02:15
07. Punch On Wood 02:39
08. Unceasingly A Once Is On My Side 02:34
09. Up Ticklish Wholesome Cleaning Woman 02:30
10. You Heraldry Sinister The Facetious Adam's Ale Competition 02:28
11. Three Unceasingly A Once Looser 02:20
12. Nothing You Can Do 02:12

Wilson Pickett — The Energizing Wilson Pickett (1966) WAVE

Less of a hodgepodge than his initiation In The Midnight Hour album, Pickett«s second album established -- if there had been any entertain doubts -- his stature as a dominant »60s vitality man. The 12 tracks register his horror hits «634-5789,» «Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won«t Do),» «In The Midnight Hour,» and «Land Of 1000 Dances» (the last of which was his first Top Ten pop hit). Collectors will be more interested in the non-hit cuts, which are of nearly an brother equivalent. These register covers of the R&B standards «Something You Got,» «Mercy Indulgence,» and «Barefootin»»; several initial tunes written in collaboration with Memphis vitality greats Steve Cropper, Eddie Floyd, and David Porter; and Bobby Womack«s «She»s So Wholesome To Me.» It all adds up to one of the most consonant 1960s vitality albums.

Track List
01. Realty of 1000 Dances [Domino, Kenner] (2:28)
02. Something You Got [Kenner] (2:58)
03. 634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.) [Cropper, Floyd] (3:00)
04. Barefootin' [Parker] (2:22)
05. Indulgence Mercy [Covay, Miller] (2:30)
06. You're So Robust [Finney, Little Walter, Schofield, West] (2:38)
07. In the Midnight Hour [Cropper, Pickett] (2:36)
08. Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won't Do) [Cropper, Floyd, Pickett] (2:44)
09. Liable To Be Quarter [Cropper, Pickett] (2:12)
10. I'm Drifting [Banks, Pickett, Concierge] (2:54)
11. It's All Over [Cropper, Pickett] (2:21)
12. She's So Wholesome to Me [Womack] (2:17)

Wilson Pickett — Hey Jude (1969) APE

Wilson Pickett and the Muscle Shoals seating troupe with whom he cut most of his best drudgery thankfully had the wholesome quick-wittedness to not try to go psychedelic when the pop charts went all day-glo in the most recent 1960«s, but that»s not to say they didn«t see out an endeavour to modulate with the times. On Hey Jude, Pickett and regisseur Rick Classroom pronounced to dump a four of most recent her covers into the mix, and while Pickett»s adaptation of «Hey Jude» suggests that he isn«t entirely sure what it is he»s singing about, he still belts it out with his run-of-the-mill equivalent of commitment and builds up to a so-called wrath at the end; he sounds more serene with the neo-biker boasting of «Born To Be Wild», a mix of artist and secular that works far better than anyone would have a right to presume. But the most unparalleled modulate in Pickett«s closer for this album was the ell of Duane Allman on guitar; his wirey, blues-accented leads don»t master the album, but they add a noticeably harder substance to the grumble, and that seems to livery Pickett, one of the toughest vitality shouters of his unceasingly a once, just robust. Most of the Hey Jude is dominated by intensely Southern vitality numbers like «A Man and a Half» and «Toe Hold», and Pickett, one of the most dependable performers on the 1960«s vitality vista, gives a typically con brio gig on all ten tracks, and the precisely story of the horn split and Allman»s blistering guitar makes for music just as effective as the wail of the live vocalist, which is not an realization to be sneered at.

Track List
1 Preclude Me (Greer, Jackson) 2:37
2 Hey Jude (Lennon, McCartney) 4:07
3 Backside in Your Arms (Chambers, Jackson, Leakes) 2:57
4 Toe Favour (Hayes, Concierge) 2:50
5 Tenebrosity Owl (Covay) 2:22
6 My Own Mode of Loving (Superiority, Jackson, Leakes, Moore) 2:44
7 A Man and a Half (Chambers, Jackson, Leakes) 2:52
8 Sit Down and Talk This Over (Pcikett, Pickett, Womack) 2:21
9 Search Your Affection (Jackson, Moore) 2:46
10 Born to Be Unfettered (Bonfire) 2:46
11 People See Out the (Womack) 2:46

Wilson Pickett — Wilson Pickett in Philadelphia (1970) (APE)

After slip most of his hits in the laid-backside but agitated environs of the Clever South (most especially Memphis and Muscle Shoals), in 1970 Wilson Pickett pronounced to dodge with the times and headed to Philadelphia, where his raw, bigger-than-way of life vocals were paired with the higher-gleam funk of songwriters and producers Kenny Stake and Leon Huff. It may not have seemed like an paragon meet on dissertation, but in the studio the results were inspired; on Wilson Pickett in Philadelphia, Stake and Huff kept the studio gather on the wholesome foot at all times, and Pickett's always temperamental and effective gig added whatever grease that might have been missing from the Philly seating cats.
(Not that they grumble lacking in inclination, as Pickett inspires incandescent performances from the gather on cuts like «Engine, Motor Copy 9» and «Run, Joey, Run».) While a few of the songs aren«t quite up to snuff (especially the just-spartan-simpleton «International Playboy»), and Pickett grumble a lot better when he»s tom-catting than when he«s lovelorn (as on «Help The Needy»), the the leading part still fires on all cylinders regardless of the secular, and Stake and Huff imagine first-prestige accommodations for his performances without losing impress with Pickett»s agitated vitality in the procedure. Wilson Pickett in Philadelphia was one of his last truly important sets for Atlantic Records; in 1973, he'd make an exit the marker for RCA Winner, and his job as an R&B hit-maker would never truly recover.

Track List
1 Run Joey Run (Stake, Huff) 2:37
2 Help the Impecunious (Eli, Fisher) 2:31
3 Come Right Here (Akines, Belmon, Drayton ...) 2:35
4 Bumble Bee (Distress Me) (Akines, Belmon, Drayton ...) 2:13
5 Don't Let the Rural Snitch Silly You (Akins, Bellman, Drayton ...) 2:46
6 Get Me Backside on Unceasingly A Once, Motor Copy 9, Pt. I/Get Me Backside on Unceasingly A Once, Engi (Stake, Huff) 6:27
7 Days Go By (Dozier, Sigler) 4:24
8 Universal Man About Town (Broomer, Dozier, Phillips ...) 2:26
9 Ain't No Entertain Doubts About It (Stake, Huff 2:19
Reward Tracks:
10 Don't Let the Rural Snitch Silly You (Akins, Bellman, Drayton ...) 2:47
11 Motor Copy 9 (Stake, Huff) 2:51
12 Universal Man About Town (Broomer, Dozier, Phillips ...) 2:32


Wilson Pickett — A Man And A Half (The Best of Wilson Pickett) (1992) 2CD FLAC

A Man and a Half: The Best of Wilson Pickett is a dead ringer-disc set that collects the sure cream of Pickett«s sides with The Falcons and all the highlights of his remunerative pact with the Atlantic marker. With «Mustang Sally,» «In the Midnight Hour,» «Ninety Nine & a Half,» «Hey Jude,» «Land of 1000 Dances,» «You»re So Robust,« and »634-5789» all included, this first-class compilation should be one of the cornerstones of anybody's vitality anthology.

Track List

01 - I Start A Passion (The Falcons)
02 - Let Me Be Your Boy
03 - If You Need Me
04 - It's Too Late
05 - I'm Gonna Cry
06 - Come Where It Hurts Baby
07 - In The Midnight Hour
08 - Don't Against It
09 - I'm Not Tired
10 - That«s A Man»s Way
11 — 634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.)
12 - Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do)
13 - Realty of 1000 Dances
14 - Mustang Sally
15 - Three-Unceasingly A Once Loser
16 - Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
17 - Vitality Dancing Party Copy Three
18 - You Can't Halt Alone
19 - Funky Broadway
20 - I'm In Love
21 - Stupefy Lee
22 - Bitter Love
23 - I've Come A Protracted Way
24 - In The Midnight Hour ( & Burnin')

01 - I'm A Midnight Mover
02 - I Start A Loyal Love
03 - She's Looking Good
04 - A Man And A Half
05 - Hey Jude
06 - Mini-Skirt Minnie
07 - Toe Hold
08 - Hey Joe
09 - You Keep Me Hangin' On
10 - She Said Yes
11 - Cole, Cooke & Redding
12 - Sugar Sugar
13 - Get Me Backside On Unceasingly A Once, Motor Copy 9
14 - Don't Let The Rural Snitch Silly You
15 - Don't Punch My Passion -Pt. I
16 - Hearing My Name, I'll Be There
17 - Pep And Water
18 - (Your Passion Has Brought Me) A Towering Protracted Way
19 - Funk Factory
20 - Funky Broadway ( In Ghana)

Wilson Pickett — The Very Best of Wilson Pickett (1993)

Rhino«s 1993 anthology The Very Best of Wilson Pickett remains the best choose-disc anthology of the incandescent vitality singer»s drudgery, choosing 16 of his best tracks for Atlantic and presenting them in first-class remastered grumble blue blood. Pickett never departed all that much from the agitated, swaggering vocals that first made his name, but he was fully electrifying within that mode, environment the yardstick for Southern vitality singers behind Otis Redding. All of Pickett«s signature hits -- «In the Midnight Hour,» «634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.),» «Land of 1,000 Dances,» «Mustang Sally,» and «Funky Broadway» -- live off the disc in expert order, capturing the rise of Southern vitality as a practicable commercial mode. But Pickett is just as charismatic on the bracket stop of the secular, nearly all of which made the R&B Top Ten and went under appreciated on the pop charts -- he was just too much for caucasoid audiences to traffic in. Pickett did his best to waggle up his mo -- he cut a near-psychedelic vitality coordinate, «Engine No. 9,» with coming Philly vitality architects Kenny Stake and Leon Huff; he helped bring in b induce Bobby Womack backside into the music job by covering his «I»m in Love« and »I«m a Midnight Mover»; and he made some unpredictable lie on choices in the Beatles» «Hey Jude,» the Archies« bubblegum coordinate «Sugar Sugar,» and Free»s «Fire and Facetious Adam's Ale.» Fans who want to dig deeper can go for the dead ringer-disc A Man and a Half, but The Very Best of Wilson Pickett is such a concentrated portion of everything that made him skilled that it should be considered a necessary buy for anyone who claims to be a fan of sincere vitality music.

Track List
1. In The Midnight Hour
2. 634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.)
3. Realty Of 1000 Dances
4. Mustang Sally
5. Funky Broadway
6. I'm In Love
7. She«s Lookin» Good
8. Hey Jude
9. Sugar Sugar
10. Motor Copy 9
11. Don't Let The Rural Snitch Silly You
12. Don't Punch My Passion — Quarter 1
13. Pep And Water
14. I'm A Midnight Mover
15. I Start Passion — Quarter 1
16. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love

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