John Pizzarelli - 2003 - Room at Birdland (SACD 24 88.2) FLAC

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John Pizzarelli — 2003 - Continue at Birdland
SACD rip and 24 bits, 88.2 KHz

This is a wonderful, stir-hearted, and effortlessly virtuosic continue recording by one of the finest living exponents of pre-bop inconsequential-orchestra jazz. With pianist Ray Kennedy and bassist Martin Pizzarelli (and on two songs joined by chorus-member Grover Kemble), crooner and guitarist John Pizzarelli runs through a for the most part lightweight but thoroughly charming set of standards, homages, unconventional stories, and the incidental pattern tune; the quick like a bunny tunes are simple-minded and frothy, the ballads soothing and moderate, and even the moments that are less than definitely inspired travail together with the album«s highlights to imagine a very pleasurable whole. John Pizzarelli has a case radio, which tells you something about what to presume of him as a crooner: his declare is soothing and stir, sacrifice a likeable trust of Chet Baker»s quality and Dean Martin«s fullness; as a guitarist you need to know that he favors seven-be in command guitars and savannah-grieve strings, best him really to a modern Django Reinhardt-meets-Freddie Leafy tender-hearted of rational. As for the trio»s instrumentation, it«s precise that when you can comp with this tender-hearted of word you don»t technically need a drummer. But on a few tracks a drummer would have filled out the band«s rational nicely. Highlights file the group»s fun, reduce glib take on «Frim Fram Sauce» and a remarkable ode to Art Tatum called «Tea for Tatum,» as well as a dainty pattern blues theme titled «Headed Out to Vera«s.» Pizzarelli«s own «Oh, How My Sensibility Beats for You» and «Day I Establish You» are also wonderful. But the album»s standout trace is a limpidly glorious reading of another pattern, «Better Run Before It»s Spring.» Pizzarelli is obviously having a lay waste in the penetrating placement of the storied Birdland league together, and so will any jazz lover who takes the once upon a time to pay attention to. Very favourably recommended. (AllMusic)

Trace index:
Disc 1
01 - Introduction
02 - Just You, Just Me
03 - The Frim Fram Sauce
04 - This Prevarication Is You
05 - Isn't It A Pity
06 - Rhode Eyot Intro
07 - Rhode Island
08 - Ray Kennedy — Library of Congress Story
09 - Truth Truth
10 - Ray Kennedy — Scatterbrained Gillespie Story
11 - Tea For Tatum
12 - James Taylor Intro 1
13 - Don't Let Me Be Retiring Tonight
14 - James Taylor Intro 2
15 - Mean Old Man
16 - Manhattan
17 - Rosemary Clooney Story
18 - Moonlight Becomes You
19 - Conclusive Intro
20 - Will You Still Be Mine
Disc 2
01 - Introduction
02 - Three Little Words
03 - They Can't That Away From Me
04 - Oh How My Sensibility Beats For You
05 - The Day I Establish You
06 - Polliwog Story
07 - It's Only A Gazette Moon
08 - Stompin At The Savoy
09 - Better Run Before It's Spring
10 - Grover Kemble Story
11 - Headed Out To Vera's
12 - Cosset Medley
13 - I Like Jersey Best Intro
14 - I Like Jersey Best
15 - My Castle«s Rockin»
16 - Cosset Just Come Proficient In To Me

John Pizzarelli – vocals, guitar
Ray Kennedy – piano
Martin Pizzarelli – enlarge-bass
Grover Kemble – vocals

It only contains the stereo layer.

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