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A march hare painting of a snarling pit bull held ignore on a excluding leash adorns the binding of What Up, Dog?, and a more appropriate materialization would have been hard-hearted to get ignore. Was (Not Was)'s 1988 breakthrough album is an wild and pop-joyous exertion, a demented, pulsing mix of exemplar quintessence and crazed surprise & enshroud a arrive with a bark every bit as sanguinary as its morsel. And it vindicated the struggling absurdist company from Detroit by proving it gifted of commercial triumph.

Formed by two cynical immaculate songwriter-musicians and fronted by the perfidious vocal duo of Precious Pea Atkinson and Sir Harry Bowens, Was (Not Was) has always taken a canny, and periodically smartass, entry. «If we had our druthers, we'd be living in a bizarro epoch where you could win grotesque music and gross lots of coal for doing it,» says David Weiss, who created the avant-goofball platoon with girlhood bedfellow Don Fagenson.

The band«s first two albums had achieved disparaging raves but awful sales. Things became so woeful after its second album stiffed that the company came ominously stale to stable not-was importance. With the platoon in pure disarray, Weiss says he was doing «lamentable» cuttingly-video scores, while Fagenson produced «sexual deviants» like transvestite crooner Marilyn. Bowen worked with the O»Jays, and Atkinson was «probably watching the soaps and pimping,» Weiss says jokingly.

After docking a new win a notation of lot in England, the company bounced ignore with What Up, Dog? — a store of various songs ranging from the icky and sincere «Somewhere in America There«s a Byway Someone»s Cup Of Tea Named After My Dad» to a run to earth about the JFK assassination, «11 MPH.» A magnificent collage of dulcet genres, the album manages to dovetail silken ballads like «Anytime Lisa» and a calypso-flavored collaboration with Elvis Costello, «Shadow and Jimmy,» with more exploratory pieces like the primal screamfest «Dad, I'm in Calaboose.» After several of the songs became hits in Europe, the album was picked up for U.S. hand out by Chrysalis Records.

With so many deliciously cruel numbers, it might seem unfeeling to pick a set aside highlight, but for Weiss the album's peregrination de press is «Wedding Vows in Vegas,» a run to earth included on the CD story of What Up, Dog? The crave explanation is a smoky, derisive total crooned by cocktail-parlour icon Candid Sinatra Jr. «He came in like a hit man to squeal that day,» Weiss says of the hour-crave session.

After the new — 1988 hand out of What Up, Dog?, there was no consideration b questionable which epoch Was (Not Was) inhabited: «Walk the Dinosaur» climbed into the Top Ten, and «Spy in the Domicile of Love» reached Total One on the leap charts. But however welcome triumph may have been, Weiss still sounds like a man with more than a few questions about the merits of pop music. «It«s gentle to win unappetizing, unlistenable records that are just honest freaky,» he says. «But that»s what we do on a adequate day.» (rollingstone.com)


01. Somewhere In America There«s A Byway Someone»s Cup Of Tea Named After My Dad [3:41]
02. Spy In The Domicile Of Warmth [4:16]
03. Out Come The Freaks [4:35]
04. Dirt To Doris [2:03]
05. Warmth Can Be Bad Chance [3:46]
06. Boy's Gone Risible [3:39]
07. 11 Mph (Abe Zapp Ruder Story) [4:04]
08. What Up Dog? [1:47]
09. Anything Can Find [3:56]
10. Monster Sheila [3:41]
11. Alloy Vows In Vegas [3:37]
12. Anytime Lisa [4:14]
13. Take The Dinosaur [4:22]
14. I Can't Loop You Slapdash [3:37]
15. Remnant And Jimmy [4:16]
16. Dad I'm In Calaboose [1:27]

Pattern Vocals — Precious Pea Atkinson
Pattern Vocals, Arranged By [Assistance Vocals Arranged By] — Sir Harry Bowens
Vocals — Candid Sinatra, Jr. (tracks: 11)
Assistance Vocals — Allen Lenard, Arnold McCuller, Arthur «Buster» Marbury, Carol Auditorium, Coral Gordon, Dee Lewis, Desy Campbell, Donald Ray Mitchell, Geoff Fieger, Harry, Helen Terry, Juliette Roberts, Kathy Kosins, A Combine Of The Packet Juleps, Pete Steinfeld, Richard Feldstein, Rick Shoemaker, Ruby Turner, Precious Pea
Guitar — Bruce Nazarian, Dan Huff, Paul Jackson Jr., In Rut Jacobs, Stevie «No Wonder» Salas
Bass — John Patitucci, Marcus Miller, Neil Steubenhaus
Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Mandolin — Don «Rope» Was
Drums — Ron Pangborn, Russ Kunkel, Winston Watson, Yogi Horton
Impudence — Reichenbach, Dan Higgens, Guy Barker, Jerry Hey, John Barclay, John Thirkell, Kim Hutchcroft, Larry Williams, Pete Beachill, Phil Todd, Chris Davies, Stuart Brooks
Saxophone — David McMurray, John «Birch» Weiss, Larry Williams
Flute, Keyboards, Harmonica, Vocals — David «Michigan-Boy Snake» Was
Keyboards — Aaron Zigman, Al Kooper, Amp Fiddler, Daniel Schroeger, JohnVan Tongeren, Luis «Louie Restaurant» Resto, Paul Wickens, Robin Smith, Vic Emmerson
Keyboards, Put Over — Martin Phillips
Percussion — Alex Acuna, Carl «Butch» Unimaginative, David Comradely, Deborah Dobkin, Candid Ricotti, Kevin «Guido» Tschirhart, Larry Fratangelo, Michael Fisher

Written-By — Aaron Zigman (tracks: 9), David Was (tracks: 1 to 7, 9 to 13, 15, 16), Dave Was (tracks: 8), Don Was (tracks: 1 to 13, 16), Elvis Costello (tracks: 15), Harry Bowens (tracks: 8), Marshall Crenshaw (tracks: 5), In Rut Jacobs (tracks: 13), Sweetpea Atkinson (tracks: 8)

Grower — David Was (tracks: 1, 3 to 8, 10 to 13, 15, 16), Don Was (tracks: 1, 3 to 8, 10 to 13, 15, 16), Paul Staveley O'Duffy (tracks: 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 13, 14), Steve Salas (tracks: 3)
Conflicting By — Allen Sides (tracks: 11), Dave Dachinger (tracks: 10), David Was (tracks: 8), Don Was (tracks: 8, 12, 15, 16), Paul Staveley O'Duffy (tracks: 1, 6, 13)
Mastered By – Jacko

Recorded at The Introduce of Collective Disorder
Conflicting at Sarm West, Townhouse and Soundsuite
Mastered at Stick One

Ticket: Polygram / Universal
Released: 2004
Catalogue: 80100996

Codec: Flac
Compression Direct: 6
Excellence: High

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Covers Included (600dpi)

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