Joy Dividing Line [Studio Albums+EP] (Vinyl Rip 24-96) {100.XY}

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Joy Segmentation [VinylRip]

Joy Segmentation were an English their heels corps formed in 1976 in Salford, Greater Manchester. At named Warsaw, the corps mainly consisted of Ian Curtis (vocals and extra guitar), Bernard Sumner (guitar and keyboards), Peter Remove (bass guitar and funds vocals) and Stephen Morris (drums and percussion).

Joy Segmentation lickety-split evolved from their awful their heels influences to upon a firm and variety that made them one of the pioneers of the publish-awful shift of the delayed 1970s. Their self-released 1978 appear EP, An Nonpareil Principles for Living, drew the heed of the Manchester telly star Tony Wilson. Joy Division«s appear album, Unexplored Pleasures, was released in 1979 on Wilson»s competent archives docket Works Records, and drew censorious acclaim from the British crush. Despite the band's growing triumph, chorus-member Ian Curtis was surround with hollow and in person difficulties, including a dissolving confederation and his diagnosis of epilepsy. Curtis build it increasingly ill-behaved to do at get along concerts, and often had seizures during performances.

On the eve of the band«s first American junket in May 1980, Curtis committed suicide. Joy Division»s posthumously released second album, Closer (1980), and the unwed «Love Will Speed Us Apart» became the band's highest charting releases. After the end of Curtis, the unconsumed members continued as New Pattern, achieving censorious and commercial triumph.

Joy Dividing Line [Studio Albums+EP] (Vinyl Rip 24-96) {100.XY}

Album Record:
(1979) Joy Segmentation — Unexplored Pleasures
A1. Disorder
A2. Day Of The Lords
A3. Candidate
A4. Insight
A5. New Fades
B1. She's Departed Control
B2. Shadowplay
B3. Wilderness
B4. Interzone
B5. I Memorialize Nothing

(1980) Joy Segmentation — Closer
01 Villainy exhibition
02 Isolation
03 Passover
04 Colony
05 A means to an end
06 Crux and soul
07 Twenty four hours
08 The eternal
09 Decades

(1980) Mate Will Speed Us Apart
1. «Love Will Speed Us Apart» – 3:18
2. «These Days» – 3:21
3. «Love Will Speed Us Apart» – 3:06

Homeland: England
Brand: Publish-Punk

Media Article:
Authority : Vinyl
Dimensions : FLAC
Format/Info : Not Liable Lossless Audio Codec, 24-bit PCM
Bit fee rage : Variable
Bit fee : ~ 2.7-3 Mbps
Watercourse(s) : 2 channels
Sampling fee : 44.1 KHz
Bit brilliance : 32 bits (set up)

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