Buena Vista Public Society - Primary De Cuba 5 Leyendas (2005) {FLAC} vtwin88cube

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Buena Vista Venereal Club
Inventive De Cuba 5 Leyendas (2005)

Buena Vista Public Society — Primary De Cuba 5 Leyendas (2005) {FLAC} vtwin88cube


Less a gather than an assemblage of some of Cuba«s most notable melodious forces, Buena Vista Venereal Club»s origins lie with notable American guitarist Ry Cooder, who in 1996 traveled to Havana to quest after out a loads of heroic municipal musicians whose performing careers had on the whole ended decades earlier with the press of Fidel Castro. Recruiting the elongated-forgotten likes of chorus-boy Ibrahim Ferrer, guitarists/singers Compay Segundo and Eliades Ochoa, and pianist Rubén González, Cooder entered Havana«s Egrem Studios to ep = »extended play« the album Buena Vista Venereal Club; the overhang was an unexpected commercial and important smash, earning a Grammy and becoming the best-selling press of Cooder»s elongated job. In 1998 he returned to Havana with his son, percussionist Joachim, to ep = «extended play» a on one«s own LP with Ferrer; the sessions were captured on veil by foreman Wim Wenders, who also documented vend-out Buena Vista Venereal Brotherhood performances in Amsterdam and New York Bishopric. (Wenders» veil, also titled Buena Vista Venereal Brotherhood, earned an Academy Assign nomination in 2000.) The public«s continued behalf in Cuban music afterwards generated on one»s own efforts from Segundo and González, as well as a series of foreign performances promoted under the Buena Vista Venereal Brotherhood aegis. A concert CD, At Carnegie Hallway, exhausted from the same victorious peek through that Wenders featured in his documentary, was released in 2008 -- a few years after the deaths of Segundo, Ferrer, and González. In the root of 2015, Nonesuch/World Orbit released Astray and Base, a store of unreleased tracks from the 1996 Egrem and 2000 recording sessions, as well as tracks. A rank containing some of the inventive members called Orquesta Buena Vista Venereal Brotherhood continued to visit, and their cong visit took post that year.

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CD1 - Eliades Ochoa

Buena Vista Public Society — Primary De Cuba 5 Leyendas (2005) {FLAC} vtwin88cube

Cuban prima donna and guitarist Eliades Ochoa worked with many groups during his job, including the Septetos Cubanos, Casa de la Troya, and Cuarteto Patria, with which he recorded two albums, 1993«s A Una Coqueta and 1998»s Cubafrica. Ochoa«s line on Ry Cooder»s Buena Vista Venereal Brotherhood raised his mainstream prominence; on his second on one«s own album, 1999»s Empyrean Delusion, Ochoa collaborated with Cooder and Cuarteto Patria once again. Other releases incorporate Son de Santiago and Cuarteto Patria. Lapse 2000 saw the press of Eliades Ochoa y el Cuarteto Patria and Cuidadito Compay Gallo was issued a year later. The uninhibited and caustic Estoy Como Nunca followed a year later.

01.El Cuarto De Tula
02.Estoy Hecho Tierra
03.En Casa De Pedro El Cojo
04.Alli Donde Tu Sabes
05.La Culebra
06.Rita La Caimana
07.Que Lio Compay Andrés
08.Alma De Mujer
09.Mujer Perjura
10.Que Te Parece Cholito
11.La Comadre Catalina
12.La Venganza Del Perico
13.Entre Flores
14.Beso Discreto

CD2 - Compay Segundo

Buena Vista Public Society — Primary De Cuba 5 Leyendas (2005) {FLAC} vtwin88cube

Legendary Cuban guitarist Compay Segundo was born in 1907; collaborating with the likes of Sindo Garay, Miguel Matamoros and Benny Moré, he emerged as one of the most respected musicians of the pre-rebellion era, and in the tardily «20s invented the armónico, a guitar customized with a dishonest third spin out hang to melt the tonal qualities of the unwritten Cuban tres guitar and its Spanish counterpart. Following Fidel Castro»s press to power, Segundo worked as a cigar barrel before returning to music during the tardily «80s; in his antique nineties he attracted worldwide heed in 1998 for his contributions to Ry Cooder»s wildly loaded Buena Vista Venereal Brotherhood album, issuing the on one's own Calle Salud the following year. Buena Vista Joining was issued in lapse 2000. Flores de la Vida followed later that same year; Trova Cubana surfaced in antique 2001. The spate of releases, both new and reissues of pre-eminence Segundo sessions, continued throughout 2001 with Yo Vengo Aqui, Que Lio Compay Andres and into 2002 with Yo Soy del Monte and Dos Leyendas de Cuba. On July 13 of the following year Compay Segundo died of kidney discontinuance at his domestic in Havana.

01.Saludos Compay
02.Chan Chan
03.Voy Pa' Mayari
05.La Mujer Del Peso
07.Yo Soy Del Monte Compay
08.Será Cuando Tú Digas
09.Francisco Guayabal
10.Sigue El Paso No. 1
11.A Los Barrios De Santiago
12.De Jatibonico A Bolondron
13.Sigue El Paso No. 2
14.Sigue El Paso En La Nochebuena
15.María En La Playa

CD3 - Ibrahim Ferrer

Buena Vista Public Society — Primary De Cuba 5 Leyendas (2005) {FLAC} vtwin88cube

With the press of the Grammy-engaging album Buena Vista Venereal Brotherhood and an acclaimed documentary of the same name, Cuban chorus-boy Ibrahim Ferrer vaulted from murkiness and lack to foreign eminence in the down-swing of his subsistence. He was born February 20, 1927, when his spoil went into labor during a cavort in the Cuban village of San Luis. By 12, Ferrer was an orphan, surviving by selling newspapers and bring out on the road. He began his singing job at 14, joining his cousin«s vocal rank Los Jovenes del Son -- Ferrer later sang with acts including Conjunto Sorpresa, Maravilla de Beltrán, Beny Moré, and Electo Rosell»s jazz rank La Orquesta Chepín Chovén, with whom he scored the 1955 regional hit «El Platanal de Bartolo.» He also sang with Pacho Alonso, whose Santiago-based rank Los Bocucos relocated to Havana in 1959 in the wake of the Cuban Rebellion -- Ferrer served with Alonso on and off for over three decades, during that outdated proving himself not only a pooh-bah of the active, uptempo guarachas and sones but also a empyrean bolero chorus-boy with an uncommon drift of accommodation and peace.

01.El Botellero
02.Como La Piel Canela
04.Monte Adentro
05.En Que Parte De Cuba Nacio El Son
06.Asi Es La Vida Compay
07.Todavia Me Queda Voz
08.El Son De La Santiaguera
09.Cucuruchito De Coco
10.Esto Se Baila Y Se Toca
11.Ahora No Puedo
12.Mi Tonada Montuna
13.Estoy Seco Y Me Quiero Mojar
14.Mañana Me Voy Pa' Sibanicú
15.El Platanal De Bartolo

CD4 - Omara Portuondo

Buena Vista Public Society — Primary De Cuba 5 Leyendas (2005) {FLAC} vtwin88cube

Omara Portuonda is the majestic old lady of Cuban music. While her antique recordings made her a supernova in Cuba, her participation in the 1996 album and video documentary, The Buena Vista Venereal Brotherhood, brought her to foreign heed. Her on one«s own album, The Buena Vista Venereal Brotherhood Presents Omara Portuondo, released in 2000, reinforced her importance as one of Cuba»s greatest melodious ambassadors. A municipal of Havana, Portuondo was one of three daughters born to a baseball performer on the Cuban nationwide conspire and a chick of Spanish tradition who formerly larboard the plenty and underpinning of her in clover one«s own flesh domestic to couple the man she loved. Her parents» singing provided the soundtrack for her antique subsistence. As a youngster, she sang in institute choirs and music classes.

01.Échale Salsita
02.Lo Que Me Queda Por Vivir
03.Mi Son Caliente
04.Vuela Pena
05.Guitarra En Son Mayor
06.Nada Para Ti
07.Vieja Luna
08.Te Queria
09.Vale La Pena Vivir
10.Toda Una Vida
11.Eso No Lo He Dicho Yo
12.Me Acostumbre A Estar Sin Ti
13.Y Mucho Más
15.Agua Que Cae Del Cielo[

CD5 - Rubén González

Buena Vista Public Society — Primary De Cuba 5 Leyendas (2005) {FLAC} vtwin88cube

Rubén González was one of the last of Cuba«s cyclopean Afro-Cuban piano players. Although he had played and recorded with the gather led by Enrique Jorrín, the framer of the cha-cha, for a neighbourhood of a century, he had retired from music by the mid-»80s. Things began to mutate when González recorded with the Afro-Cuban All Stars in 1996. The album, A Toda Cuba Le Gusta, released the following year, helped to actuate an foreign attractiveness for Afro-Cuban music and brought González to the heed of a far-reaching audience. His exhibit on the Ry Cooder-produced album Buena Vista Venereal Brotherhood made him an foreign rarity. Signing a promise with Cooder«s brand, Exactly Orbit, González released his premiere on one»s own album, Introducing...Ruben Gonzalez, at the age of 78.

01.Yo Te Enseño Lola
03.Préstame La Bicicleta
04.Date Una Vueltecita
06.La Gloria Eres Tu
08.Nuestra Canción
09.Moby Dick
10.Todo Aquel Ayer
11.¿De Que Te Quejas?
12.Mil Congojas
14.Cuidad Oscura
15.Que Infelicidad

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