Sheila Chandra Discography [Indian Pop Fusion]

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Sheila Chandra Discography [Indian Pop Fusion]

Sheila Chandra — Moonsoon
Sheila Chandra — ABoneCroneDrone
Sheila Chandra — Indipop Retrospective
Sheila Chandra — MoonSung
Sheila Chandra — Nada Brahma
Sheila Chandra — Roots and Wings (1990)
Sheila Chandra — This Punishment Is True
Sheila Chandra — Weaving My Ancestors' Voices (1992)
Sheila Chandra — Zen Kiss


Indian-Western synth pop fusion period

As a adolescent she formed the tie Monsoon, and created a fusion of Western (synthpop) and Indian pop styles. She married Steve Coe, who became the band«s farmer, and along with Martin Smith, the tie evolved into this top-drawer triplet. They made a lone album Third Eye in 1982 from which they had a discover » hit individual «Ever So Lonely». Monsoon recorded a diversified quote of songs. Chandra and Monsoon covered The Beatles' Tomorrow Never Knows in this space.

However, resenting stress from their curriculum vitae concern over euphonious switch, Monsoon as a tie dissolved and Coe and Smith set about promoting Chandra as a individual artist on an unbiased trade mark.

Chandra went on to manumitting a covey of albums in the 1980s, at times experimenting with her verbalize as an whatnot through a go of techniques. In the 1990s she released three albums on Peter Gabriel's Actual Exactly trade mark, although Martin Smith ceased to be actively involved.

Transfer to British and Irish population influenced singing

Since 1992 she has shifted from the Indian-Western fusion of synthesizer-centered pop to styles that pour b withdraw on British and Irish ritual singing traditions.[1]

Chandra is a much-respected actress on the exactly music go out and remains nimble into the 21st Century.

In 2002 she performed the hanker explanation entitled Touch Of Lifestyle with Howard Shore for the Pull Rank of the Rings: The Two Towers soundtrack.


Monsoon formed in Grow 1981. The actual members were Sheila Chandra (vocals), Steve Coe (piano) and Martin Smith (guitars).

Sheila was just leaving Italia Conti — a showbiz arts kind in London — and had been in BBC TV«s »Grange Hill' for several years (at the on occasion, one of the most drastic kids TV programmes). She played Sudhamani Patel — a stereo-typically unforthcoming and sulky Asian jail-bait who was being set up for an arranged matrimony and whose relatives ran a corner shop.

Also in her antiquated teens Sheila had been in a boy/girl tie being developed as a concoct by Hansa records who were riding luxurious with their sensation with Donna Summer. The tie never got as far as releasing anything and the concoct, though in advance of itGs on occasion, was dropped.

Monsoon were cognizant of the noteworthy sixties psychedelic era, but it had consisted mostly of a few tracks or albums from groups using an Indian act upon as a sideline investigation. Even Ravi Shankar«s euphonious fusion experiments were a sideline to his biggest job — being the world»s most acclaimed sitarist! For Monsoon the variety was completely median. It was their raison de`tre to evolve and impel the boundaries of Indian influenced pop music.

'NADA BRAHMA was my fourth album for Indipop Records. I recorded it during a frenetic 24-month form between 1983 and 1985 that produced a amount to of four albums. It was a space in my lifestyle characterised by rebelliousness. A on occasion that was triggered by me less-than-glad experiences with a notable curriculum vitae concern towards the end of my obligation with them as the contribute to balladeer of Monsoon (a then drastic Asian fusion tie).

By the on occasion I was 17, I had glimpsed at the music industry?s unrealized to saunter me into a organization for turning out artistic output. I refused to let myself become that. So, at 18, I signed to a negligible unbiased trade mark called Indipop where I could extend my euphonious apprenticeship in the hockey of Asian fusion.

During this four-album space for Indipop, I did not produce end, marked not to manumitting singles and did very little developing. Consequently, I was able to allocate my on occasion exclusively to the artistic transform in the studio. In discomfit of the dearth of developing, my albums were selling well by discussion of gate to a humble, dedicated following around the exactly.

With no marketing or commercial restrictions on me, I really enjoyed the arena of euphonious boldness I had created. At the on occasion, so little had been done in the Asian fusion ground, particularly vocally, that the hockey was large exposed and there were many euphonious ideas I wanted to explore.

For precedent, on this album, Nada Brahma (Reverberate is Churchman) is a 27-two secs cinch loosely based on Raga Jog. Having established the raga (secure note gradation) and deciding there would be no drums or lyrics, we went off to put in black the various themes and variations. We were playing around with the limits of what an audience would recognize, with singular euphonious arrangements and structures, and with the verbalize as an whatnot.

I enjoyed criticism by myself, but it was also acceptable to have two other writers ? Steve Coe and Martin Smith ? each of whom knew my verbalize and were working to the same end in a euphonious mode that was still embryonic, evolving, and which had no concomitant comparison.

Looking bankroll b reverse, I think my willingness to impel my verbalize creatively into new areas (which were often not ?pretty? vocally) was fuelled by the scholarship that I had round off artistic switch over the recordings. If I didn?t like the trail or the last mix, Indipop couldn?t manumitting it. It gave me the certitude to be on the harshness artistically and that, in saunter, provided Indipop with some unrivalled recordings.

Sheila Chandra 1995

Reflecting on one?s teen years can be a painstaking affair. Most of us will take cognizance of to traveling down at least a few dubious paths during those days. But when chorus jail-bait Sheila Chandra reflects on that era, she has a lot to be proud of. For her, those years put a groundbreaking euphonious observation that significantly influenced the maturity and acceptance of exactly music.

Does it empathize with eccentric to upgrade albums that are more than a decade old?

Sheila Chandra's fourth Indipop album, released in 1985 in a minimal copy before she took a five-year hiatus, sets the trump up for the ethereal vocal mode she explored during the 1990s. Comprised of five songs, Nada Brahma spotlights a younger Chandra exploring numerous vocal techniques. The 27-two secs designation trail showcases her elaborate vocals in an intriguing (if loosely connected) series of vocal maneuvers--ethereal streams of reverberate, appealing Indian melodies, and staccato-syllable dances. This is beguiling, coherent ambient music with ritual accompaniment by keyboards, percussion, or other instruments.

The other four tracks are more rhythmically grounded examples of Anglo-Indian fusion, including the gently hypnotic atmospheric pop of «The Awakening» and the dynamic ball thumping of «Question the Replication,» which features Chandra singing in English. While this antiquated album may not have the teem or cohesiveness of later efforts like AboneCroneDrone, Nada Brahma spotlights a sublime verbalize expanding its expressiveness and is recommended for fans of Chandra and of splendid vocal music. --Bryan Reesman

antiquated Sheila, May 21, 2001
Reviewer: Alejandra Vernon «artist & illustrator» (Hanker Run Aground, California)

The first trail of this CD is an inventive observation of different vocal sounds...Sheila writes in the broadside: «The euphonious dispatch of «Nada Brahma» («Sound is God») was a authentic conveyance for me as a author and balladeer to precedent a noteworthy breed of Indian and pop vocal styles»...and it set the trump up for drudgery she'd be doing a decade later.

The relaxation of the tracks are «Indi-pop» with a inveterate beat...«The Awakening», «In Essence», and «Question the Answer» were written by Steve Coe and Martin Smith, and the best of the 3 is perhaps «Question the Answer» which has lyrics (in English) and some marvelous instrumentation...but my favorite trail is «Raqs», an up-cadence precussive cinch penned by Sheila.

This is an gripping CD if you like exactly music, and it's an example of what this artistic artist has done in one of the many phases of her career.

Over the last few years I«ve become somewhat saturated in East-Indian influenced music. For the longest on occasion, my in person favorite was Peter Gabriel»s «Passion» (the soundtrack to Last Inducement). I'm into everything from Ar Rahman and Jai Uttal to Krishna Das, Joi, and Bally Sagoo (for those of you who want to try Bally Sagoo, get Ballywood Flashback II...I heard this while walking along a drive in Toronto and bought it on the stigma. Bhangra is SO cooling!)But the best of the best, I have to say, is Sheila Chandra. Specifically, «Roots & Wings.» Her verbalize is other-cooling and is supported by waves of tablas, congas, gongs, bells, zings, drones...An astonishing album to have sex to....Astonishingly acceptable. I also take «A Bone Crone Drone» and the western-influenced «Monsoon,» but «Roots & Wings» stands waaaay above them both.

The fair enchantress Sheila Chandra uses her wonderful verbalize as a conveyance transporting the listener to another on occasion, another concern. Hidden, ethereal she slowly hypnotizes her passengers with repetition of sounds and phrases, like a godlike mantra with no inception and no end.

Truly a voyage of wonder and origination awaits the listener. Saunter down the lights, relaxation comfortably and painstaking your eyes. Welcome to the «World within the Verbalize.»

Being an antiquated fan of «raga-rock» and other eastern-epitome music years ago, I had since communistic it for more acoustic pop stylings. A few years ago I walked into the Borders in Minneapolis with my the missis and when I sat down to look over some books, I was completely mesmerized by the chants drifting over the speakers, essentially lifting me up out of my seat and intriguing me on a trip of observation. Kind of a truthfulness I hadn«t been cognizant of. I HAD to have the album! It was Shelia»s «Roots and Wings» — and I space it at shelter still whenever I have the chance.

It«s remarkable history music for relaxing, letting the bonds of on occasion just get in away (seriously..). Obviously this may reverberate «new ageish», but even from my Christian angle, it»s still a winsome misstep for the senses.

Never having in the know Chandra before this was a noteworthy first drop and I will obtain more of her music. This recording sounds as if an Indian princess harken to to Jean Michael-Jarre«s Zoolook and any of Laurie Anderson»s recordings and then got caught up in the soul. I did empathize with like I was taken to a fair exactly of Indian exotica.

Sheila Chandra. This Punishment is Truly.

The first Sheila Chandra CD I've ever liked. At least for the purposes of this CD, she (and her farmer) have eschewed her excessively , new age reverberate for a bit of avant-gardist experimentalism.

Arling/Cameron. Reverberate Shopping.

The best About this cascade: I can think of for this CD is m -zack. That«s right: m -ziq + musack. music as a fascinating consumerist seventh heaven, and it»s only relatively ironic. Think: Audrey Hepburn in sunglasses and a cordial drained scarf, trapped in some anesthetized, position-sensitive comfortable, boundless jubilation suburban highway-silver screen-mall-fasting grub recycle. This would mix very well with Tipsy -- but if you harken to to it too much (as I have been), it will show up you want to put on some Fugazi just to empathize with routine again. (As I did -- Repeater!)

Sheila Chandra: This Punishment Is Truly. One of about eight albums (and the only one I«ve heard), this one features Chandra»s verbalize used as a euphonious whatnot -- including a churchman artificial of Indian drumming. Multi-layered, electronic, odd, and strangely compelling.

Output About this cascade:Trail listing
1. This
2. Mien
3. Not A Discussion In The Sky
4. Sentence
5. Is
6. True
7. ABoneCroneDrone 7

Covey of CDs: 1
Contributing artists: Chandra, Sheila & The Ganges Orchestra
Farmer: Sheila Chandra
Recording epitome: Studio
Distributor: Alternative/THE
Recording vogue: Stereo

Album notes
Complete actress name: Sheila Chandra/The Ganges Orchestra.Complete designation: This Punishment Is Truly (The Prior To Punishment Is Bogus).Personnel: Sheila Chandra (vocals, drones); Chip Pullin (guitar); Richard Bragg, Norman Bragg (mandolin); Paul James (bagpipes); Steve Coe (keyboards, drones); Shankar-Ganesh Orchestra (Indian percussion).Recorded at The Dining Compartment, Yeovil, England between May & December 1999 & June & August 2000. Includes liner notes by Sheila Chandra.

Essay reviews
...An auditory cascade of cathartic consciousness....It's a very basic waterworld, but the best variant when you want to justturn off the lights and rubberneck at the stars...

CMJ (04/09/2001)

...Chandra's partaker Steve Coe does a cordial being considered for in gleaming, metallic drones developed from the Indian tambura, with glistening harmonics on top...

The Wire (08/01/2001)

4 out of 5 - ...If you're looking for a calm CD to chaperon candles, globule bath, et al., this will do the trick...

Variant Steam (06/01/2001)

4 stars out of 5 - ...Her most fully realized album yet....moving from husky percussion and shy strain to irritating analog echoes. Chandra's opulent verbalize is the unifying thread...

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