Warren Haynes - Tales of Regular Nonsense [1993][EAC,log,cue. FLAC]

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Warren Haynes — Tales of Regular Nonsense [1993][EAC,log,cue. FLAC]

Artist: Warren Haynes
Release: Tales of Unpretentious Futility
Released: 1993
Label: Megaforce
Catalog#: MEGA 1971
Format: FLAC / Lossless / Log (100%) / Cue
Country: USA
Style: rock

1 Flames in the Caboose Haynes 5:30
2 Smack Tomorrow Goodbye Haynes 3:39
3 Movers and Shakers Haynes 7:06
4 I'll Be the One Haynes 6:14
5 Titillating Wireless Haynes 8:21
6 Covered Haynes 5:25
7 Sister Punishment Haynes 5:53
8 Angel Big Apple Haynes 5:47
9 Tattoos and Cigarettes Anders, Flynn, Haynes 5:23
10 Power and the Rejoice Haynes 5:48
11 Defeated Promised Acquire Haynes 6:59

Produced by Chuck Leavell, Warren Haynes« first unaccompanied album is a invigoration difference of judge from his exertion with the latter-day incarnation of the Allman Brothers Group. Although the feel in one»s bones of this album is undeniably enduring stone, with much of Free«s bluesy swaggering, it is also unclearly reminiscent of »80s stone at times (suspension out the Mr. Big-esque verse to «Fire in the Kitchen»). The centre on Tales of Unpretentious Futility is clearly on Haynes« songwriting chops. For the most section, the songs on this unofficially are tight-fisted and abbreviated, focusing on immediate riffs, tough vocals, and cool-headed arrangements to shop them. This, however, is not to influence one to believe that Haynes has stopped tearing it up with his guitar, and he expansively demonstrates why he is one of the most lauded straightened out-in the influence stone influence guitarists of the »90s. The various bands that promote up Haynes are all quite secure, and notables Bernie Worrell and financial manager Leavell both detect company appearances on keyboards. Standout tracks embrace the mid-rate «Tattoos and Cigarettes,» which is a glaring showcase for Haynes« under appreciated vocal talents. The smoky «Blue Radio» is also noted for the artist»s emotive singing. In deed data, the most uncommon subject about Tales of Unpretentious Futility is his vocal engagement, the overall collide with of which stays with the listener far longer than any particular number cheaply or through. There are some crawling moments on this unofficially, but it is glaring dinner party music, and fans of Haynes' exertion with the Allman Brothers Group would doggedly be interested in this recording.

Warren Haynes — Tales of Regular Nonsense [1993][EAC,log,cue. FLAC]
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