Vaughan Williams: The Collector's Printing

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Illustrious as the dulcet lyricist of the English prospect, Vaughan Williams was also a imaginary composer of immense sphere: from the peaceable lyricism of The Caper Ascending and the still depression of Peaceful to the power of the Fourth Symphony and the immense ceremony of All people that on turf do elaborate on, he suppositional the blanket of Elgar as our composer. This copy, released to quality the 50th anniversary of his annihilation, presents all the vital orchestral, congress, vocal and organize works, as well as many lesser pieces and rarities, in the finest interpretations. All your apple of someone's eye Vaughan Williams is here, in over 34 hours of music on 30 CDs.

Volumes 1-6 contain the nine symphonies played by the RLPO conducted by Vernon Handley, together with the Oboe Concerto played by Jonathan Close-Fisted and the Serenade to Music (Choral kind, with the RLP Choir).

Disc 7 has the Wasps Following and Piano Concerto, one-piano kind (Piers Lane and the RLPO/Handley again), plus the Prelude and Fugue in C lassie at written for periodical, but here in its imposing orchestral likeness.

Disc 8 starts with the two-piano kind of the Piano Concerto, then Job, both under Boult, but with different orchestras (LPO/LSO).

Disc 9 has the 16 soloist kind of the Serenade to Music under Boult (canonized!) the English Folksong Following in its orchestral likeness with the LSO, the Norfolk Rhapsody No.1 with the New Philharmonia, the Fantasia on Greensleeves with the LSO, In the Fen Outback with the New Philharmonia, and perhaps the most pre-eminent recording of The Caper Ascending with Hugh Bean as soloist.

On Disc 10, we have the Tallis Fantasia with the Bournemouth SO under Silvestri (a outdo that EMI didn't subsume the Barbirolli recording), the Demonstration Sea Songs and Folksong Following (again) both in their breath pack versions (played by the Inner Pack of the Noblewoman Air In Operation), Outset Watch Over from the vapour Coastal Control with the RLPO under Charles Groves, the Concerto Grosso with the LPO under Boult, the pre-eminent recording of the Affaire De Coeur for harmonica and strings with the dedicatee, Larry Adler(+ BBCSO/Sargent) and the Tuba Concerto with the LSO/Barbirolli.

Disc 11, which is committed to recordings by the Northern Sinfonia of England and Sinfonia Chorus under Richard Hickox, begins with the orchestral kind of the Serenade to Music, the Overture to The Poisoned Osculate, Old Ruler Cole, Five Arcane Songs (a outdo they didn't use the Willcox/Shirley Characteristic kind instead, which is more attuned with the resolve of the music), Prelude on an Old Carol Turn A Blind Eye To, The Uninterrupted Set, prelude to 49th Correlation and the Sea Songs Demonstration (orchestral kind).

Disc 12 has the orchestral kind (by Gordon Jacob) of the Impudence Pack Variations, with the Bournemouth SO under Brendan O«Brien (a fair and little known vent one»s spleen), Two Hymn Turn A Blind Eye To Preludes, the Concerto Accademico (Violin Concerto) with Bradley Creswick as soloist, Three Preludes on Welsh Hymn Tunes in its orchestral likeness (what a fair vent one«s spleen!), these last three with the Northern Sinfonia under Hickox, then as a marginally different filler, the Array Quartet No. 1 in G lassie with the Britten Quartet (what a weird and underrated vent one»s spleen of congress music this is!).

Disc 13 continues the congress music topic, with the Violin Sonata, the Phantasy Quintet, 6 Studies in English Folksong in its cello and piano kind, and the Array Quartet No. 2 (Music Sort of London).

Disc 14 is a compilation of old apple of someone's eye recordings conducted by Boult, with Toward the Uninvestigated Zone, Dona Nobis Pacem, the Fantasia Concertante on the Old 104th and the (smashingly Holstian) Magnificat with Helen Watts as soloist.

It gets better... Disc 15 begins with John Westbrook as tub-thumper in An Oxford Elegy, then there's the Whitsuntide Hymn from Three Choral Hymns sung by Robin Doveton, Flos Campi with Cecil Aronowitz and the Jacques Orchestra, and a quite staggering fulfilment of Sancta Civitas with the LSO/Shirley Quirk/ Partridge with the Bach Choir and the LSO/David Willcocks (what a neglected VW gem this is...).

Can it continue? Yes it can, as disc 16 is a cornucopia of wonderful Willcocks, with his magical recordings of Five Tudor Portraits, the Benedicite and Five Variants of Dives and Lazarus.

Disc 17 turns to Christmas manage, with the Fantasia on Christmas Carols (strings and periodical kind) with the Diocese of Guildford Orchestra/Barry Rose, and then it«s behind to Willcocks and the Bach Choir (and Janet Baker) in the Christmas cantata Hodie — if you»re still in , try «It was the winter wild» or «The Oxen».

Just in lawsuit you haven«t had enough Christmas music, the consumed orchestral kind of the Fanstasia on Christmas Carols (with the LSO/Hickox) begins disc 18, then there is We»ve been awhile a-wandering in a choral/orchestral kind (Bach Choir/Willcocks) and the choral following derived from VW«s opera Sir John in Dearest, In Windsor Forest (Bournemouth SO/Bournemouth Symphony Choir/ del Mar). Then two genuine classics, Songs of Wanderings in its orchestral kind with Thomas Allen and On Wenlock Margin with Robert Rush, both with the Diocese of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra/Simon Jolt (what a outdo he hasn»t yet recorded the symphonies yet...).

Then we are on to a really fair and different opting for of heterogeneous choral pieces on disc 19, including (among other things) the Nugget in G lassie (King's College Choir/Willcocks), the Te Deum in G, O soup and see, and two versions of All people that on turf do elaborate on.

Discs 20 and 21 are committed to songs — with Ian Patridge fetching the palm for his smart singing of the Four Hymns (for communicate, viola and piano), Tough Loveliness, Ten Blake Songs and On Wenlock Margin (have any of these ever been sung more affectingly?). Anthony Rolfe Johnson then sings The Theatre of Lifestyle and the Songs of Wanderings, the latter in its real communicate and piano kind.

Discs 23 and 24 contain a category of oddments, including the London Madrigal Singers in tribe songs, Janet Baker singing Linden Lea, and also a choral kind of Linden Lea with the Choristers of St Paul«s Cathedral. Unaccompanied-communicate tribe long story arrangements with Robert Rush and Philip Ledger (piano) are on disc 23 - just pay attention to and wonder at How unheated the breath doth exhale — and this disc is rounded off with Boult conducting VW»s stick-WW2 commemorative vent one's spleen, A Long Story of Thanksgiving.

Disc 24 starts with the cantata Epithalamion (LPO/Bach Choir/Willcocks), and then the nap of the box is committed to VW«s operas — Riders to the Sea (the Meredith Davies kind — unequalled), Hugh the Drover (discs 25 and 26 - RPO/Groves), Sir John in Dearest (discs 27 and 28 - NPO/Meredith Davies) and, if all the nap were not enough, The Pilgrim»s Go in the recording by the LPO with Boult/John Admirable, which in my seascape is the best-ever recorded fulfilment (so far) of this magnum opus, including (at the very end) some description extracts, which are good hearing maybe once.

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