Beach To Beach AM 12-16-2015 Survival Vigilance - ET and Shamanic Contacts

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Coast To Seaboard AM 12-16-2015 Survival Fitness — ET and Shamanic Contacts

Epoch: Wednesday — December 16, 2015
Legion: George Noory
Guests: Bobby Akart, Sandy Corcoran

In the first half, prime mover Bobby Akart talked about threats to federal and physical gage that could come about if the U.S. was the schlemiel of an array of disasters and attacks. He has written a series of novels about societal cave in and leg-apocalyptic societies, which he based on scenarios he believes are becoming more likely. Akart said that the old Boy Scout proverb, «Be prepared» should be a supervise for the 21st century because of the threats we mien from budgetary cave in or cyber onset, and perhaps a conjunction of the two, as well as a tot up of ordinary causes.

Regarding cyber warfare threats to the U.S. from curious agents, Akart's way of thinking is that «there is an inverse relationship between the talent to onset and the entreaty to do so.» In other words, the countries most able to breed down our infrastructure will wait treacherously for angst of retaliation, while forces who would most like to put at risk us are not in a attitude to kidnap it out, at least not yet. Akart theorized that the huge amounts of gelt ISIS makes from the purchasing of oil may soon allow them to really buy the judgement. «I believe in prepping for a worst-if it happens master,» he said, citing the «rule of threes» as a supervise: Humans can only outlast three minutes without breathing; three hours without shelter in an wild environment; three days without water; and three weeks without food.

In the second half, holistic practitioner, shamanic counselor and contactee Sandy Corcoran discussed her communications with ETs and Act Beings, as well as her trade with inbred and old-fashioned learning traditions. Her encounters with various beings began in her originally years, and included abductions by the «Greys» and «Praying Mantis» types. Some of the entities are «denser in consciousness or rapt,» and transform from interdimensional to extraterrestrial in launch, she explained. The beings are large here to raise awareness about capability damages to Earth's surroundings, and while aboard their ships (sometimes in underwater bases), she said they showed her images on overwhelmingly of what the planet would look like if humankind destroyed the air, the modify, and the trees.

She spoke about her trade using Toth Tarot cards, a restricted characteristic of deck that draws from old-fashioned Egyptian symbols. Her particular divination rage helps people to gain pellucidity in their lives rather than hint restricted characteristic of outcomes. Corcoran said she also uses a Medication or Learning Place, which assists people in getting to know themselves on a deeper tied. «On the Medication Place, there is no prior, submit, or expected. There is only now. What is going to transpire in the expected is based on how you awaken yourself within that place.»

Scandal fraction guests: Mish Shedlock, Steve Kates

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