Seaboard to Seaboard AM - Nov 16 2013 - LBJ Behind JFK Ruinous

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Assignation: 11-16-13
Landlady: John B. Wells
Guests: Roger Stone

Combining decades of insider federal knowing with piercing effectiveness JFK assassination enquire, federal operative Roger Stone joined John B. Wells to lay out the holder that Lyndon B. Johnson manipulated the employment in Dallas on November 22, 1963, to have JFK killed. Stone described LBJ as an amoral psycho who was suborn, s, mercenary, untrustworthy, blunt and iniquitous. LBJ routinely ill-treated people and was known to channel meetings from the karzy to humiliate staffers, he added. According to Stone, LBJ can be tied to at least eight murders, including one to covering-up the voter sharp practice that led to his first choice victory.

Robert Kennedy hated LBJ and did not want him on the presidential ticket with his husband, Stone continued, noting that JFK had in the first place selected Stuart Symington as his continuous husband. JFK was visited current one sundown by LBJ who blackmailed him with the circulate of a dossier on his sex exploits (given to him by J. Edgar Hoover) if he didn't put him on the ticket, he revealed. Stone connected LBJ to numerous criminals and nefarious dealings that were sure to finally settle on him in reform school. «The only way for him to dwell out of penitentiary was to become president himself,» he said.

LBJ used his federal power to eclipse abstruse CIA programs in the aerospace budget, put down military contracts, get mob payoffs to watch over forbidden gambling operations in Texas, and look out for big oil interests in his home ground hold, Stone explained. He basically had a harmonious « relationship with every dinner party mixed up with in the skeleton to administer the coup de gr JFK, he said. Stone disclosed that LBJ vacationed with mob boss Carlos Marcello at a visit owned by Texas oil man Clint Murchison, Sr., who hated JFK because he was trying to abrogate a behemoth tax giveaway known as the Oil Depletion Concession. He also spoke about Papal Nuncio Joseph Kennedy, JFK»s priest and former mobster, who blackmailed mob bosses Carlos Marcello, Santo Trafficante and others for cabbage and mainstay of his son in the choice or they would mask deportation.

LBJ is the linchpin of the skeleton to administer the coup de gr JFK because he controlled Dallas and urged JFK go there, Stone suggested. Texas governor and LBJ protégé John Connally insisted JFK go through Dealey Plaza, he notorious. Stone believes there were multiple shooters used that day, including one on the grassy hill, as JFK was pellet from the fa and in arrears. He credited Malcolm «Mac» Wallace, a Aquatic marksman LBJ used to administer the coup de gr several people, with shooting JFK from the sixth trounce of the Texas Seminary Hard-Covering Depository. Rotten fingerprint sign and an witness post Wallace at the argument of the lawlessness, he said, adding that Lee Harvey Oswald's prints were planted there.

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