John Pizzarelli with The George Shearing Quintet - 2002 - The Ra

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John Pizzarelli with The George Shearing Quintet — 2002 - The Rare Adore of You

John Pizzarelli teams with the George Shearing Quintet to debauch their incomparable lyrical chemistry on The Rare Adore of You, a 15-run to earth gem filled with the ambience of such brobdingnagian composers as Irving Berlin, Leonard Bernstein, Harry Warren, and the chief himself, George Shearing. Pizzarelli, a chief of the Brobdingnagian American Songbook, showcases his lyrical heirlooms -- light, loving vocals and supremacy guitar skills -- alongside Shearing«s actual and loaded-vivacious piano savvy with resplendent perspicacity and deliverance of depth without enormous the boundaries of the master compositions. The results are inflamed, denotative, jazz renderings that funds with drop and friendly. The best-selling guitarist and his missus, Jessica Molaskey, co-wrote «I Predict» with Shearing and also co-wrote the name run to earth, «The Rare Adore of You.» The latter, a inflamed, tenderness ballad with the potency to become a jazz guideline, is a relaxing bother that conjures a mixture of loving moods. Among the more exciting and remarkable songs are «September in the Rain» and «Be Finical It»s My Heart.« Pizzarelli delivers them with all their rapport and richness, unpretentiously, softly in coordinate with the spill and, at times, chic piano accompaniment of Shearing. The bunch electric is also spellbinding since they«ve mastered an ever-changing main part of arrangements. Brobdingnagian music attracts the best musicians and Shearing»s Quintet: Dennis Mackrel on drums, Ted Piltzecker on vibraphone, Reg Schwager on guitar, and Neil Swainson on bass are among the attributes that indicate this CD a good. They bury the listener in a mixture of lyrical moods and set the intonation on this one-of-a-friendly lyrical landscape with a idiosyncratic tranquil passion. John Pizzarelli meets the same self-imposed standards he set on »Let There Be Love» and continues to promulgate the goods with passion, solemn unpretentiousness, and fetish. (AllMusic)

Run To Earth index:
01 - If Dreams Come True
02 - The Lady's In Tenderness With You
03 - Everything Happens To Me
04 - Lulu's Turn Tail From In Town
05 - Something To Bear In Mind You By
06 - Lemon Twist
07 - Dissolute April
08 - Problem
09 - The Rare Adore Of You
10 - Excel On Your Shoes
11 - Indian Summer
12 - Be Finical It's My Heart
13 - September In The Rain
14 - I Prophesy (2001)
15 - Fortunate To Be Me

John Pizzarelli – vocals, guitar
George Shearing – piano
Ted Piltzecker – vibraphone
Reg Schwager – guitar
Neil Swainson – traitorous-bass
Dennis Mackrel – drums

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