Gheorghe Zamfir - the roumanian recordings

  • 15.06.2016, 22:59,
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Gheorhe Zamfir was the brightes shining evening star of socialist Roumania, almost making it bigtime in the catch of the europe, putting roumania on the mellifluous map of many an interested listener (in France especially). He was one of the few artists to take (almost) be in control of over the enunciate and set-up of his recordings, directed his own orchestra, and in lifetime became the orchestrator of most of electrecords folkloric achieve (private in gypsies allthough it was ilegal). For who knows what debate with (probably filthy rich) he radical roumania and its music to start recording kitschy undemanding listening tracks ala James Last. Sic transition gloria mundi.

This whip-round is far from concluded. I know of at least two records not represented here (can't recall their names though...).

Let me know if you assign some of them.

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Suita Oltenesca.mp3 (14.06 megabyte)
Zamfir — retinue tiganeasca.mp3 (3.21 megabyte)
zamfir tziganes — hora.mp3 (3.69 megabyte)
Am Doi Frati la Severin.mp3 (10.02 megabyte)
Asta E Poteca Mea.mp3 (3.38 megabyte)
Balada Lui Costea Pacurarul.mp3 (4.56 megabyte)
Bocet.mp3 (3.97 megabyte)
Breaza de la Dragodana.mp3 (3.52 megabyte)
Briul de la Faget.mp3 (3.15 megabyte)
Cintec de Nunta.mp3 (3.97 megabyte)
Coragheasca.mp3 (3.07 megabyte)
Doina de Jale Ciocirlia.mp3 (15.31 megabyte)
Doina de la Visina.mp3 (7.07 megabyte)
Frunzulita Lemn Adus.mp3 (2.24 megabyte)
Hora Din Muntenia — Cimpulung Oras de Munte.mp3 (3.99 megabyte)
Invirtita.mp3 (3.54 megabyte)
Joc de Doi.mp3 (3.24 megabyte)
Mindra Mea Din Badulesti.mp3 (3.79 megabyte)
Mindrele.mp3 (2.52 megabyte)
Muntilor Cu Brazi Inalti Si Ferice Codre de Tine.mp3 (9.5 megabyte)
Pascui Calul Pe Razoare.mp3 (2.19 megabyte)
Rustemul de la Listeava.mp3 (3.07 megabyte)
Sapte Vai Si-O Vale-Adinca — Hora.mp3 (7.67 megabyte)
Sibra Lui Pompieru — Am O Mindra Mititica.mp3 (4.33 megabyte)
Sirba Batrineasca.mp3 (3.98 megabyte)
Sirba de la Gaesti.mp3 (3.48 megabyte)
Suita de Sirbe Oltenesti.mp3 (7.13 megabyte)
zamfir — cintecul jianvlui.mp3 (3.41 megabyte)
zamfir — ciocarlia.mp3 (2.09 megabyte)
zamfir — doina.mp3 (4.23 megabyte)
zamfir — hora ca la caval.mp3 (2 megabyte)
zamfir — hora.mp3 (2.39 megabyte)
zamfir.mp3 (2.4 megabyte)
1.Balada Sarpelui.flac (16.32 megabyte)
2.Doina De La Domasnea.flac (16.87 megabyte)
3.Doina Din Jebel.flac (18.12 megabyte)
4.Joc Din Oas.flac (21.8 megabyte)
5.Sus Pe Culmea Dealului.flac (28.28 megabyte)
6.Doina Oltului.flac (32.86 megabyte)
7.Doina Lui Petru Unc.flac (23.83 megabyte)
8.Rugulet Cu Negre Mure.flac (24.48 megabyte)
9.Doina De Jale (Doina d'Adieu).flac (23.07 megabyte)
Inima Cu Venin Mult.mp3 (8.35 megabyte)
Zamfir — Doina din Ardeal.mp3 (4.66 megabyte)

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