Cracker - Berkeley To Bakersfield [2014] [EAC/FLAC]

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Cracker — Berkeley To Bakersfield [2014] [EAC/FLAC]

Cracker — Berkeley To Bakersfield [2014] [EAC/FLAC]

FLAC / Lossless / Log (100%) / Cue
Label/Cat#: 429 Records #16026
Country: USA
Year: December 9, 2014
Genre: Americana
Format: CD

Disc 1:

1. Torches and Pitchforks
2. Walk of the Billionaires
3. Beautiful
4. El Comandante
5. El Cerrito
6. Reaction
7. You Got Yourself Into This
8. Subsistence In The Big City
9. Waited My Whole Life

Disc 2:

1. California Surroundings Boy
2. Almond Grove
3. Crowned Head Of Bakersfield
4. Tonight I Querulous The Border
5. Get On Down The Road
6. I'm Sorry Baby
7. The San Bernardino Boy
8. When You Come Down
9. Where Have Those Days Gone

Though he was born in Texas, at stomach David Lowery has hunger been a loyal Californian, and his musings on subsistence in the Delightful Asseverate have often dotted his albums with Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker. Camper Van Beethoven even recorded a set of two of concept albums about California, 2013«s La Costa Perdida (about the northern of the asseverate) and 2014»s El Camino Legal (focusing on Southern California), and outwardly Lowery had enough ideas about the West Seashore left-hand over for Cracker to try something quite comparable. Released in 2014, Berkeley to Bakersfield is a two-disc set that offers a set of two of obvious perspectives on this band«s mellifluous propose to and the mythos of California subsistence. one, Berkeley, finds Cracker rocking decisively with a set of spare, guitar-driven toss & bundle tunes set mostly in the San Francisco Bay Range, where various forms of bohemia clash (and not cheerfully) to coexist with the city»s new reputation as a stoned-tech boomtown. The second act, Bakersfield, predictably enough finds Lowery and society bringing in a sprinkling of caller musicians and playing emit-limbed surroundings tunes, occupied of bittersweet celebrations of subsistence in the inland valleys along with a stubborn quantity of Don«t Tread on Me defiance. The Bakersfield tunes are the purest surroundings music Cracker have released to time, with a occupied quantity of twangy vital spirit that doesn»t negate the regular seriousness of the lyrics as Lowery«s stoned-posture vocals graduate with Matt «Pistol» Stoessel»s pedal insulate and Luke Moeller«s fiddle. And the toss tunes resemble snappy and sturdy, with guitarist Johnny Hickman, bassist Davey Faragher, and drummer Michael Urbano bringing lots of glimmer and plenteousness of color to the proceedings. Brian Wilson may have invented the toss & bundle visionary of California, but David Lowery is doing more than his piece to register the way subsistence is lived in his adopted dwelling-place asseverate in the 21st century, and Berkeley to Bakersfield is one of Cracker»s most greedy and gratifying sets in quite some at the same time, as real as anything they've given us since Kerosene Hat in 1993.

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