Coastline To Coastline AM 03-1-2015 NDE and Angelic Intervention

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Skim To Skim AM 03-1-2015 NDE and Angelic Intervention

Ancient: 03-01-15
Presenter: Dave Schrader
Guests: Bruce Van Natta, R. Gary Patterson

Dave Schrader (email) welcomed Bruce Van Natta, who after an serendipity, was on the move of expiration when he had an «out of body» exposure. During this near-expiration exposure, he saw two angels that he believes were sent to salvage his viability. Van Natta was working as a mechanic in 2006 when a semi-business axle dropped on his midsection, crushing him, and causing blood to fly out all over his main part. He called out «Lord Jesus, help me.» Several of his arteries were severed, and he was in the organize of bleeding to expiration. As he liberal his main part, and was looking down on the brouhaha, he didn't even get he was watching himself.

As his co-wage-earner comforted him while danger workers arrived, Van Natta instantaneously saw two colossal angels on their knees on either side of his co-wage-earner. Though they didn«t have wings, he estimated their heights to be around 8 ft. overblown. They had desire curls, and resplendent past white shining robes that emanated expose. Later, he was able to ascertain from witnesses that no one else saw these angels. As an EMT wage-earner called upon him to get under way his eyes, he was instantaneously pulled side with into his main part, and he realized he was the guy pinned under the business that he»d been watching. Van Natta later scholarly that the EMT wage-earner had been saying out of the ordinary prayers for him as she tried to awaken him.

Taken to the convalescent home, the injury to Van Natta«s main part was so austere that doctors have never start anyone else who has lived through the strain of injuries he unchanged. In in truth, one of the doctors said «these are the CAT scans of a past person.» During his repossession, what was liberal of his unoriginal intestines were fault, and his partner reached out to orison chains, and a man they didn»t know flew out from New York and conducted a hands on healing. Miraculously after that, Van Natta's unoriginal intestine grew side with to almost routine ultimately-- something considered a medical impossibility. For a dramaturgical diversion of these events, bill out this video from CBN TV.

McCartney Expiration Hoax

Appearing during the first half-hour, writer R. Gary Patterson addressed a hoaxed article which claims that Ringo Starr said that Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a lookalike. The rumor about McCartney«s expiration has become segment of tor »n' rumble mythology, and was fueled by many of the obliged clues the Beatles themselves were said to grant, such as symbolic images on the smokescreen of the Sgt. Spot album, and Lennon allegedly saying «I buried Paul,» at the end of the to-do «Strawberry Fields Forever,» Patterson recounted. Lennon later claimed he was saying «cranberry sauce.»


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