Seaboard To Seaboard AM 06-19-2015 Moon Docking Scheme

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Coast To Sail AM 06-19-2015 Moon Dock Conspiracy

Season: Friday — June 19, 2015
Proprietress: George Noory
Guests: Richard C. Hoagland, Joseph P. Farrell, Guileless Lines

Former align subject museum curator and NASA doctor, Richard C. Hoagland, reacted to expos of Russia«s interrogation into the U.S. moon landings. In an op-ed published by Russian newspaper Izvestia, Investigative Panel spokesman Vladimir Markin suggested the probe could whoop it up new insights into those distinguished align missions. In the get a load off one»s mind Markin writes, «...all of these precise — or perhaps cultural — artifacts are interest of the legacy of sympathy, and their disappearance without a remnant is our commonplace loss.» (Moscow Times conversion) Hoagland keyed in on the clich «cultural artifacts» and proposed Markin was speaking about antiquated extraterrestrial furnishings and photographs of ruins brought in dire straits by the Apollo astronauts.

«They«re claiming NASA has arcane major statistics, intelligence, rocks, samples, and cultural artifacts,» he said, pointing to Russian president Vladimir Putin as the push behind this probe. «[He»s] driving a short sword through the sentiment of the deepest most notable clandestine of the West,» he added. According to Hoagland, there are those in power who would do almost anything, even up to losing a serious American big apple to atomic terrorism, to keep the advanced technology discovered on the moon a clandestine. Hoagland revealed he has heard from a believable intel fountain-head about exchange-engineered torsion cricket pitch technology which can actually stamp out atomic weapons.

Hoagland reviewed a series of images he provided for his sound out. In a composite lucid showing the lunar covering as seen by China«s Chang»e — 3 lander and four Apollo missions, Hoagland observed what appears to be a glistening geometric organize. He also commented on the «lights» seen in images of the asteroids taken by NASA's unmanned UNFOLD OCCUR TO spacecraft. The lights are reflections several miles large which lie in spelt geographic ordering on the covering of Ceres at in every way at 19.5 degrees, which suggests to Hoagland someone built them. Prime Mover Joseph Farrell joined the gossip in the latter interest of the second hour. According to Farrell, Russia is throwing its geopolitical mass behind what really happened during the Apollo moon landings. «This totally is not going to go away,» he said.

Guileless Lines followed in the last hour of the program.

Expos fraction guests: Howard Bloom / Peter Davenport

The Monuments of Mars: A Big Apple on the Advantage of Forever
Arcane Errand: The Clandestine Retailing of NASA

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