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Graham Nash — Reflections (The Consummate Solicitation)

Graham William Nash, OBE (born 2 February 1942) is an English canary-songwriter known for his firelight theme expression and for his songwriting contributions with the British pop unit The Hollies, and with the people-crag wonderful unit Crosby, Stills, Nash & Prepubescent. Nash is a photography connoisseur and a published photographer. Nash was inducted to the Crag and Thunder Passageway of Stardom as a fellow of Crosby, Stills & Nash in 1997 and as a fellow of The Hollies in 2010.

Nash was appointed G-Man of the Contract For of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2010 Birthday Honours for services to music and to charity.

Nash holds three nominal doctorates, the latest in Music from the University of Salford (England) in 2011.

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Review :
The consummate solicitation, spanning over 40 years on 3 CDs (64 tracks, 32 times unreleased). Includes vital tracks from The Hollies, CSNY, Crosby/Nash, Nash and more! This deluxe coupled features a 150 leaf booklet with 75 archetypal and unseen photos and hunt down notes by Graham Nash. Arranged chronologically, Reflections spans Nash«s recordings from 1967 to 2007, starting with a troika of singles he released with The Hollies in 1967: »On A Carousel«, »Carrie Anne«, and »King Midas In Turn Over.« Nash sinistral the unit a year later, joining with Crosby and Stills to reputation the trio»s self-titled album, which earned them the Grammy for Best New Artist. Reflections gathers several songs from that album-and its appreciate-up, released a few months later with the totalling of Prepubescent-including «Pre-Approach Downs,» «Marrakesh Direct,» «Our House» and «Teach Your Children.» The set also includes tracks from the group«s other albums: »Just A Air Before I Go,« »Wasted On My Way« and »Heartland.« Over the years, Crosby and Nash have recorded a issue of albums as a duo. Reflections features several gems from those collaborations with »Immigration Man,« »To The Last Whale,« »Jesus Of Rio« and more. The solicitation also brings together several classics from Nash»s four albums, ranging from the politically-charged «Military Madness» and «Chicago/We Can Mutation The World» to the emotionally raw «Simple Man» and «Sleep Song» and the socially purposeful «Barrel Of Pain» and «Chippin» Away.« Pondering spotlights 32 songs with different mixes and alternate versions that have never been released. Among the highlights is Nash»s acoustic demo of «Right Between The Eyes.» Recorded during the Deja Vu assembly, a white-hot conception of the hunt down popped up in 1971 on a CSN&Y white-hot album. The compilation contains six unreleased tracks, including «Water From The Moon,» «Try To Chance Me» and «In Your Name,» a air he recorded in 2007.

(2009) Graham Nash — Reflections (The Ultimate Hoard) {100.XY}

Homeland: England
Brand: People / People-Rock
Calibre: 320 kbps

(2009) Graham Nash — Reflections (The Consummate Solicitation)

01 - On a Carousel (Mono).mp3
02 - Carrie Anne (Mono).mp3
03 - Royal Midas in Turn Over (Mono).mp3
04 - Marrakesh Direct.mp3
05 - Pre-Approach Downs.mp3
06 - Lady of the Island.mp3
07 - Our Lodgings.mp3
08 - Familiarize Your Children.mp3
09 - Right Between the Eyes.mp3
10 - I Used to Be a Royal.mp3
11 - Unembellished Man.mp3
12 - Man in the Mirror.mp3
13 - Better Days.mp3
14 - Military Madness.mp3
15 - Slumber Air.mp3
16 - ChicagoWe Can Mutation the World.mp3
17 - Southbound Train.mp3
18 - Immigration Man.mp3
19 - Messed-Up Tales.mp3
20 - Poky Air.mp3
21 - Oh! Camil (the Winter Soldier).mp3
22 - On the Line.mp3
23 - You'll Never Be the Same.mp3
24 - Another Slumber Air.mp3

01 - To the Last Whale.mp3
02 - Fieldworker.mp3
03 - Cowboy of Dreams.mp3
04 - Sweet Employment Out.mp3
05 - Marguerita.mp3
06 - Taken at All.mp3
07 - Mutiny.mp3
08 - Just a Air Before I Go.mp3
09 - Dead Rain.mp3
10 - Cathedral.mp3
11 - Barrel of Bore (Half-Existence).mp3
12 - Magical Child.mp3
13 - Air for Susan.mp3
14 - Wasted on the Way.mp3
15 - Sweet Is the Reason.mp3
16 - Gather Up a Expression.mp3
17 - Perceptive Despondent Skies.mp3
18 - Friendless Man.mp3
19 - Sad Eyes.mp3
20 - Hose From the Moon.mp3
21 - Soldiers of Peace.mp3

01 - If Anybody Had a Heart.mp3
02 - Chippin' Away.mp3
03 - After the Dolphin.mp3
04 - Lodgings of Discontinuous Dreams.mp3
05 - Unequal Sweet.mp3
06 - Liar's Nightmare.mp3
07 - Heartland.mp3
08 - These Desolate Days.mp3
09 - Try to Chance Me.mp3
10 - Two Hearts.mp3
11 - Behind the Shades.mp3
12 - Michael (Hedges Here).mp3
13 - I Surrender.mp3
14 - White-Hot on (the Fence).mp3
15 - Foul Little Secret.mp3
16 - We Whisper the Same Air.mp3
17 - Grace.mp3
18 - Jesus of Rio.mp3
19 - In Your Name.mp3

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