MASS MURDER THEORY - Inception of Eradication [1998] [INDUSTRIAL]

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Evidence wydania: 1998


1 Rain Cats:Moment 5 (The Six Phases Of Fire-Storm) (4:59)
2 As Obliteration Approaches (4:55)
3 Cig (Noisex Remix) (5:47)
4 Balanced Pandemonium (Revised) (3:42)
5 Dredge (5:52)
6 Man Vs. Shape 1A (5:45)
7 Cig (5:34)
8 Man Vs. Shape 2A (2:12)
9 Bitter Winters Of Fire-Storm (8:36)
10 Man Vs. Shape 3A (2:07)
11 As Obliteration Approaches (Vacuum Mix By Gridlock) (3:51)
12 Expectorate Of Memoirs (5:34)
13 Rain Cats:Moment 6 (The Six Phases Of Fire-Storm) (13:23)

Hailing from San Francisco, Fire-Storm Theory is compised of James Curzon Vietzke and Scott William Beebe. The two have been collaborating since 1993 and have created an unusually gloom existence of music. Vietzke and Beebe met up in 1993 at the famed SF goth/industrial union, Clan of Usher. Vietzke, coming from Portland, OR and having been a chorus girl in many bands wanted to go into more of a gloom and tentative manner. Beebe, a CA autochthonous, has always been a guitarist in hoodlum bands around the Sacramento, CA breadth and also wanted to break the ice into more of gloom incisiveness. The two met through joint friends and started working together with a bassist, keyboardist, and drummer. This lasted for about a year and went no were and in the end Beebe and Vietzke stony to toil on electronic music together to convey their beliefs of today«s organization, hence, Fire-Storm Theory. The enigmatic in good condition of Fire-Storm Theory blends a peerless array of arcane synths, catastrophic percussion, disconcerting samples, bitter lowering soundscapes, and heavily treated vocals to take the listener into an apocalyptic nightmare. Beebe and Vietzke seem to unite every sensation felt into a variety that stands alone. Fashionable 1996 brought the onslaught of Fire-Storm Theory»s despotism. After playing to an astounding rejoinder in Southern California, the duo began radio show of their CD, Proclaimed Visions, at the Eye Socket in Venice, CA with Chad Blinman of Ichor. After the brilliant rejoinder to Proclaimed Visions, HT played some more CA shows in the root of 1996 and then were asked to connect the German RUMPUS bastard, Noisex, for the US Inferno Circuit in summer 1996. This made Fire-Storm Theory a federal act. The federal rejoinder was tremendous and ties were made with the German tag, Ant-Zen, and Noisex. After that circuit, HT went following into the studio to toil on their sophomore application. In fashionable summer of 1998, Inception of Eradication, was released. Again, an overall brilliant media rejoinder was recieved and the team up embarked on their first headlining federal circuit with LA locals, Jugend Staat and Tyrannical Effect. That circuit was a brilliant triumph and then in winter of 1999 HT played their first tell in Europe at the Noize Alarm Anniversary in Waregem, Belgium with Noisex, Suicide Commando, Sonar, Stin Scatzor, and others. After returning severely they returned to the US with Noisex and Sonar for the Rumpus Injection Circuit in April 1999. The hit the hay of 1999 shows Beebe and Vietzke charming a gap from HT to toil on their personal side-projects. Beebe«s being Savak and Vietzke»s being Zymosiz. A new HT story is anticipated for fashionable root of 2000. The music and the name Fire-Storm Theory, describes how Vietzke and Beebe want about the anguish known as lenity and the procedure that organization has created for the generations to come. And with this is be careful of, Beebe and Vietzke want there will be six phases of Fire-Storm known as Rain Cats to scrub the infection. And so, Proclaimed Visions has brought the first two phases of Rain Cats. This is their theory of the Fire-Storm.

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