(Jazz) Cannonball Adderly - Somethin' Else (Miles Davis)

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One of my favorite jazz records of all dated.....

Somethin« Else is a 1958 album by jazz musician Julian «Cannonball» Adderley, regarded as a major album in the bitter bop and shameless styles. This critically-acclaimed LP is for the spectre and chief contributions of Miles Davis, in one of his few recording dates for Unhappy Note Records. Many critics and jazz fans consider Somethin» Else to be among the greatest jazz albums of all dated. The Penguin Mr Big to Jazz selected this album as divide of its suggested «Core Collection.»

The range of Davis«s command or co-command on Somethin» Else is disputed. Davis plays several of the first solos, and, according to the liner notes, chose most of the bodily — he would carry on with to amuse oneself with b consider «Autumn Leaves» and «Love for Sale», at increasingly frenetic tempos, in the years to come. He also composed the bluesy tenure hunt down and suggested Adderley substitute «Dancing In the Dark» (on which Davis does not appear). The one omission is the 12-bar blues, «One For Daddy-O», written by Adderley«s associate Nat (for a present DJ, not the Adderleys» inventor). Nonetheless, at the end of that hunt down, Davis can be heard addressing creator Alfred Lion: «Is that what you wanted, Alfred?» The collaboration between Adderley and Davis would carry on with in 1959 with Davis's Kindly of Unhappy, one of the most invariably acclaimed jazz albums.

The album also features Art Blakey on drums, with Hank Jones on piano and Sam Jones (no interconnection) on dishonest bass.

The LP also includes a reward hunt down, variously titled «Bangoon» or (from the word go, and incorrectly) «Allison«s Uncle». That inexpensively is a Hank Jones assembly, more bitter bop in arrangement than the kip of the chronicle. It features a paradigmatic unaccompanied by Blakey (he can be heard humming along during the unaccompanied). The tenure under which the inexpensively was from the word go released, «Allison»s Uncle», refers to the factors that the sitting took in the right before long after the chain of Adderley«s associate Nat had given nativity to a daughter named Allison — thus making Cannonball Adderley «Allison»s Uncle».

1. «Autumn Leaves» (Joseph Kosma, Johnny Mercer, Jacques Prévert) ? 11:01
2. «Love for Sale» (Cole Cleaner) ? 7:06
3. «Somethin' Else» (Miles Davis) ? 8:15
4. «One for Daddy-O» (Nat Adderley, Sam Jones) ? 8:26
5. «Dancing in the Dark» (Howard Dietz, Arthur Schwartz) ? 4:07
6. «Bangoon» (initially released as «Alison's Uncle» and also popular as Bangoon on the RVG number CD) (Hank Jones) ? 5:05 (not on basic LP)

Cannonball Adderley — Alto saxophone, Mr Big
Miles Davis — Trumpet
Hank Jones — Piano
Sam Jones — Bass
Art Blakey — Drums


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