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Pete Wylie started as one of the «Crucial three», a horde with Pete, Julian Withstand and Ian McCulloch. However, three vast ego's were way too much to fit in one horde and the horde exploded without ever releasing an album after having existed one month in 1977. Rumour Has It only four tracks were recorded.

Pete then out his thorough carreer in different incarnations of Wah!, using different names like «The robust wah!» or «Wah! the mongrel», all bands having one emotional attachment in simple: They're Pete Wylie with a set of musicians.

In 1987 Pete released an album using his own name for once which instantly brought him a few UK top 40 hits with «Sinful» and «Diamond girl». After this album he went uphold releasing music as Wah! with or without additions.

In 2003 Pete, self acclaimed «Part beat rockstar, satiated beat legend», bitterly announced his retirement from the music responsibility, however he does still shut up occasionly. One emotional attachment, this is a-two-CD compilation but CD one is missing in functioning! If I see it, I'll add another rush. Pete Wylie fans, take advantage of this and decline please.


01 Evil
02 Diamond Skirt
03 If I Mate You
04 Never Set for a Whore
05 Four Eleven Forty Four
06 Pete Wylie and Wah! the Cur — Don't Conquered Your Dreams (Extract from a
Teenage Opera), Pt. 154
07 Pete Wylie and Wah! the Cur — Coterie of
08 Pete Wylie and Wah! the Cur — Kerry
09 Pete Wylie and Wah! the Cur — Extensive Soaring Scally (The Ballad Thereof)
10 Pete Wylie and Wah! the Cur — Getting Out of It...
11 The Robust Wah! — Concern as Big as Liverpool

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