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I«ll be honest..I don»t know a whole collect aabout the duo, but I like the few tunes by them that I«ve heard, but I just rationality I»d allowance the gleaning anyway.



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I«ll be honest..I don»t know a whole collect aabout the duo, but I like the few tunes by them that I«ve heard, but I just rationality I»d allowance the gleaning anyway.



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Most of the files here several from guideline to blazing spaced out importance mp3 files. Unfortunetly..there that one album that has ridiculously low bitratte, but anyone who was a downloader bankrupt in the napster days knows that we did not always have the blazzing spaced out lossly and lossless files that are available nowadays. At one age..all we had was sunday old 56kb. The sources of these albums inlcudes bittorrent, emule+, soulseek and DC++ and have all been checked and insincere-checked for consistency (i.e. they are all whole albums as opposed to the kazaa turnout method), and none seem to be lossy to lossy transcodes. All Folders have been labelled with as much info as possible, and the hot shows them off, so you know exactly what you're downloading when you settle on to.



The Bio



Everybody knows that ball music is in be concerned. The DJs are too old, the clubs too dilatory, the promoters too close-fisted and the beats too fagged out. But everybody also knows that they still want to ball. They just need music that surprises and excites and busts unfettered from dwelling-place music’s ever-decreasing circles. Music, in apart from, like Basement Jaxx’s third album, Kish Kash.

Kish Kash isn’t a usual ball not for publication but it’s one you can ball to. A unruly wreck of exemplar songwriting and writhing rhythms, it springs from both the electro-lousy ferocity of “Where’s Your Inhibit At” and “Get Me Off” and the more cogitating moments in Basement Jaxx’s bankrupt catalogue, but never the halfway train. Featuring an array of guests, from Dizzee Imp to Siouxsie Sioux, it demonstrates that Basement Jaxx are so far in front of the rucksack they’ve forgotten what the rucksack looks like.

Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe met over an shroud Masters At Exertion not for publication in Brixton, south London in 1994. Choosing the name Basement Jaxx (Simon had a studio in a basement and the music jacked), their commencing ambitions were deferential: to put on consummate parties and greengrocery records, which emulated their heroes on the US dwelling-place scene.

Over the course of several EPs on their Atlantic Jaxx mark, however, a more idiosyncratic, homegrown test emerged in the periphery-of-scare squeal of “Fly Life” and the bassbin psychosis of “Set Yo’ Assemblage Free”. Their 1997 Atlantic Jaxx compilation was cultured by emotion, jazz, reggae, dwelling-place and samba but also the more rough British traditions of lousy and enthusiastic reception. In Armand Van Helden’s charming assessment, they took dwelling-place music and «fucked it up the ass».

Signing to Astralwerks in the US (and XL in the UK), they released their come out album, , in 1999. An instantaneous exemplar, it spun ragga, disco and R&B into anarchic new mutations and yielded the hit singles “Red Alert”, “Rendez-Vu”, “Jump And Shout” and “Bingo Bango”.

After touring the give birth to Basement Jaxx hosted an zealous, carnal fraternity in a Brixton pub and called it Rooty. That became the denominate of their second album in 2001. Fiercer and rowdier than its forefather, it featured “Romeo”, “Jus 1 Kiss”, “Get Me Off” and, most jarring of all, the Gary Numan-sampling lousy garage blitzkrieg “Where’s Your Inhibit At”. The Traktor-directed video, which computer-grafted Felix and Simon’s faces onto rioting monkeys was the accessories of particularly engaging nightmares, not to kudos an MTV Europe statuette to add to their Brit Endowment (Best Ball Act 2002).

Kish Kash was born in the aftermath of another prolonged voyage. Debilitated and lonely, Felix and Simon settled into their new Brixton studio and set about developing a unorthodox come close to, less reliant on grooves and samples and more focused on songwriting, often starting with just a vent to and guitar. «We style of went bankrupt to prepare,» says Felix. We got this new studio and had to learn how to use it.« Adds Simon: »There was a greater feel something in one's bones that we didn’t know what we were doing but it was more enjoyable than before."

The recording handle took seat between Demonstration 2002 and August 2003. In the meantime they released the low-create a killing hypothetical Union EP and remixed Missy Elliott, DJ Lurk and Justin Timberlake. The remixes were gentle – the trick bit was deciding where to go next.

In the heretofore, the yoke had taken some of their cues from their dancefloor contemporaries but not this age. «We were listening to what other people were doing and realizing it was all quite immobile and uninspiring,» says Simon. «There was nothing to look up to in a way. We had to do something new.» The disparity of records they enjoyed while making Kish Kash had a less explicit convoke: Radiohead, The Neptunes, Timbaland and contorted art-metallers Arrangement Of A Down.

Kish Kash has an eclectic inclination of characters, ranging from full unknowns to cult heroes to household names, and from teenagers to 70-year-olds. «There’s no ageism on this not for publication,» Felix assures with a grin.

Dizzee Imp, the East Ender who’s turned UK garage/rap on its inhibit, performs a manic spiral on “Lucky Star”, to the unlikely Bellrays’ Lisa Vennum-Kekaula from California to carol “Plug It In” but it didn’t exertion out so they wrote a new to-do for her on the spatter, the adrenalized cyber-Motown stomp of “Good Luck”. «We rationality we’d better dash off a to-do otherwise we’ve wasted all our shekels,» says Felix sensibly. Strings on “Good Luck” came civility of well-versed arranger Will Malone (Weighty Seizure, The Energy, Dido), who also scored the melancholic “If I Ever Recover”.

“Plug It In” was conclusively completed thanks to a wager confrontation with former *NSYNC colleague JC Chasez, who was in municipality looking for producers for his own album. His exemplar American R&B falsetto sparks off in a dither enthusiastic reception stabs and grinding drums. Lousy premiere danseuse Siouxsie Sioux was always first pick for “Cish Cash”, which once again makes feel something in one's bones of that «punk garage» tag. Simon had been a fan ever since he was nine, when he bought Siouxsie & The Banshee’s Fortunate Dwelling-Place individual and create, to his prepubescent captivate, that Siouxsie sang «fuck off» on the B-side. «She has an individuality that’s sorely lacking in these days of blandness,» says Felix.

New York-based chorus girl-songwriter Me’Shell Ndegéocello popped in amongst a UK voyage to not for publication “Right Here’s The Spot’s” horny dwelling-place lurch and the duvet-permissive indisputable hunt down, Feels Like Dwelling-Place, which was the very first to-do written for the album. «On the second day she felt ill and we had to create her a bed in the vocal stand,» reports Simon.

The other songs are equally directly of luminary. The toy-popping “Supersonic” features 65-year-old Totlyn Jackson, who once traveled around Jamaica with John F Kennedy. Phoebe Tolmer fronts “Tonight”, a to-do in the first place called Take It Gentle Spanish because, um, «it’s Spanish and it’s really take it gentle.» Just days before the album was finished Simon received a drop in on from an 18-year-old chorus girl called Millie. His parents had met hers at a fete and given them his several so she could get some admonition on the music exertion. She did better than that and ended up singing on “Hot And Cold”. Elsewhere, Chicago jazz artist Allonymous, 70-year-old Brixton neighbourhood Joe Benjamin and «some bloke» called Anthony full the inclination of (almost) thousands.

Basement Jaxx records have always thrived on a feel something in one's bones of organized disorder, voices and sounds and ideas pingponging wildly around the mix. Kish Kash is simultaneously the most distant and most cohesive example of the mentality. «I think this album sits together better than our other ones,» says Simon. «They were a bit disjointed.»

Felix sums up Kish Kash’s ethos thus: «We’re in such an analytical, media apprised, emotionally apprised community. It’s getting more complex so at bottom the obsession to do is to create something elemental. When nothing makes feel something in one's bones you just want music for one minute to convoke everything together.»



The Loot HOT:



01 - Basement Jaxx Retail

----->[1999] — Basement Jaxx — [320cbr]

Conclusively, Basement Jaxx«s want-awaited directly-eventually, , has been issued in the U.S. It»s aptly titled, to be sure: the fabrication duo«s not for publication is a to the obtuse, faceless dwelling-place and techno that populates ball floors. The duo are unrepentantly pop savvy, bringing vocals and lyrics to their unsurpassed merge of electro, dwelling-place, hip-hop, salsa, and emotion. It»s a queer combo, but like the best of all pop songs, Basement Jaxx tracks perforate like putty to the ears within a few listens. In particulars, you may sensation that you've already heard much of when you broadcast it a narrate on your CD thespian. With their rambunctious samples, vocal hooks, and funked-out, catchy bass lines, the songs «Rendez-vu,» «Yo-Yo,» and «Red Alert» seem like privy to friends, rather than just the next big obsession. --Tricia Romano

01 - Basement Jaxx — Rendez-Vu.mp3

02 - Basement Jaxx — Yo-Yo.mp3

03 - Basement Jaxx — Educate 'n Test.mp3

04 - Basement Jaxx — U Can't Cut Off Me.mp3

05 - Basement Jaxx — Jaxxalude.mp3

06 - Basement Jaxx — Red Alert.mp3

07 - Basement Jaxx — Jazzalude.mp3

08 - Basement Jaxx — Always Be There.mp3

09 - Basement Jaxx — Sneakalude.mp3

10 - Basement Jaxx — Same Old Show.mp3

11 - Basement Jaxx — Bingo Bango.mp3

12 - Basement Jaxx — Gemilude.mp3

13 - Basement Jaxx — Cut Off 4 Love.mp3

14 - Basement Jaxx — Don't Broadcast Up.mp3

15 - Basement Jaxx — Being With U.mp3

album review.txt

Basement Jaxx — .m3u



----->[2001] — Basement Jaxx — Rooty [320cbr]

01 - Basement Jaxx — Romeo.mp3

02 - Basement Jaxx — Educate Away.mp3

03 - Basement Jaxx — Sfm.mp3

04 - Basement Jaxx — Desert Alude.mp3

05 - Basement Jaxx — Jus 1 Desert.mp3

06 - Basement Jaxx — Enfeebled Dreams.mp3

07 - Basement Jaxx — I Want U.mp3

08 - Basement Jaxx — Get Me Off.mp3

09 - Basement Jaxx — Where's Your Inhibit At.mp3

10 - Basement Jaxx — Freakalude.mp3

11 - Basement Jaxx — Keen Girl.mp3

12 - Basement Jaxx — Do Your Obsession.mp3

13 - Basement Jaxx — All I Know.mp3

album review.txt

Basement Jaxx — Rooty.m3u



----->[2003] — Basement Jaxx — Kish kash [320cbr]

From their earliest singles through two certainly superb albums ( and Rooty), eager duo Basement Jaxx has exploded the dwelling-place music model to greengrocery immutable tunes with tremendous resonance. You still can«t timepiece MTV for more than an hour or so without hearing one of their tracks blasting as curriculum vitae music in a commercial or on one of their shows. Unafraid to douse their dwelling-place with everything from salsa to exemplar lurch, the Jaxx have high their heroic to come up with Kish Kash, which pushes the boundaries so far it»s profound to even term what they do «house» anymore. They«ve always had a talent for picking lodger stars, and this not for publication is no challenge. When Siouxsie Sioux rocks the mic on the grinding «Cish Mazuma Change,» thoughts of Goths and dwelling-place heads peaceably pogoing together on a crowded ball bowl over overflowing my brainpower. For more facts that those N*Sync boys are cooler than you ever realized, J.C. Chasez shows up to add vitality to the percolating «Plug It In.» LA»s Lisa Kekaula belts out the rollicking «Good Luck» like Alison Moyet on a furor, while Meshell Ndegiocello drenches «Right Here's the Spot» and soothing closer «Feels Like Home» with more emotion than should be allowed by law. The third age is definitely another suavity: Kish Kash kicks ass.

01 - Basement Jaxx — Sunday Luck.mp3

02 - Basement Jaxx — Right Here's The Spatter.mp3

03 - Basement Jaxx — Benjilude.mp3

04 - Basement Jaxx — Opportune Star.mp3

05 - Basement Jaxx — Petrilude.mp3

06 - Basement Jaxx — Supersonic.mp3

07 - Basement Jaxx — Advertise It In.mp3

08 - Basement Jaxx — Cosmolude.mp3

09 - Basement Jaxx — If I Ever Recover.mp3

10 - Basement Jaxx — Cish Mazuma Change.mp3

11 - Basement Jaxx — Tonight.mp3

12 - Basement Jaxx — Hot 'n Cold.mp3

13 - Basement Jaxx — Living Room.mp3

14 - Basement Jaxx — Feels Like Dwelling-Place.mp3

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Basement Jaxx — Kish Kash.m3u



----->[2005] — Basement Jaxx — The Singles [192cbr]

One of this year«s biggest albums in the Common Turf has been Basement Jaxx»s «The Singles.» For the heretofore six years, they have made keen dwelling-place music, representation from ball, techno, salsa, funk, and many other different genres. They call to both the clandestine and the mainstream and millions ball the stygian away to their exemplar choons in clubs every individual weekend around the give birth to. The prosperity of the Basement Jaxx is due in on to the keen sounds, the catchy melodies and the bewildering lodger vocalists who carol with such passion over the futuristic beats that Simon Radcliffe and Felix Burton smash up behind the panel.

This album has done amazingly well in the charts over here in the UK, and I think that is due in on to the particulars that everyone loves the singles, but not many are really touchy enough about the duo to buy one of their studio albums. This album crams in 15 weighty ball bowl over fillers from the heretofore six years for arguably the greatest gleaning of right ball mu

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