Guns N 'Roses - Discography (7 Japanese SHM-CDs) 1987 - 2008, APE (reification + .cue), lossless

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Genre: Real Rock
Year disks: 2008
Disc Producer: Japan
Tag: All-Encompassing International
Audio codec: APE
rip paradigm: aspect + .cue
Audio Bitrate: lossless
Rise: Candid Japanese SHM drives

Most conversation American impenetrable her bind of the modern 80-ies «Guns N «Roses» is known among people who are not interested in music, thanks to the objectionable behavior of the musicians defiantly. Although, I must pay offering to their creativity, from the require of music fans «Guns N »Roses» also does not suffer. Despite the big lapse in their activities of the few years, a categorize of fans keep doctrine and patiently await the revenue of their favorite team.

Record of Guns N «Roses starts in a little-known categorize of Rose, which in the early» 80s playing songbird W.Axl Rose and guitarist Izzy Stradlin. Axl and Izzy had known each other since sect. According to commercial in the newspaper The Recycler, Fake institute Slit and drummer Steven Adler, with whom founded the bind Track Corps. Track Corps existed as a trilogy just over a month. However, in Strut 1985, Fake went to the Guns N 'Roses, and in June, dragged to Slit and Steven.

It happened in the following way: with a lot of connections in Seattle, Fake suggested «Hansa» to devise some gigs in the clubs prospective, «cradle of grunge.» Hans Tracy and Rob Gardner refused to go, and then Fake suggested Axel to play at these concerts with Slit and Steven. Axl did not percipience, and so there was a model partake of of Guns N 'Roses: Axl Rose (vocals, keyboards), Slit (cause guitar), Izzy Stradlin (metre guitar, vocals), Fake McKagan (bass), Steven Adler ( drums).

Guns N' Roses — 1987 - Longing For Destruction
Guns N« Roses — 1988 - G N» R Lies
Guns N' Roses — 1991 - Use Your Day-Dream I
Guns N' Roses — 1991 - Use Your Day-Dream II
Guns N' Roses — 1993 - The Spaghetti Incident
Guns N' Roses — 2004 - Greatest Hits [Compilation]
Guns N' Roses — 2008 - Chinese Democracy

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