Seaside To Seaside AM 11-27-2015 The Omniverse - Out Lines

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Coast To Seashore AM 11-27-2015 The Omniverse — Outspread Lines

Man: Friday — November 27, 2015
Mistress Of Ceremonies: Jimmy Church
Guests: Alfred Webre, Outspread Lines

Padding in for George, Jimmy Church (email) welcomed maker Alfred Webre, known for his effort in exopolitics. Webre discussed topics from his latest caste, The Omniverse, which delves into transdimensional advice, point travelling, teleportation, and the mysterious interval program and colony on Mars. Exopolitics, he explained, is the read of relations among eggheads civilizations in the multiverse (multiple universes). While it would be judicious for a planetary system like the UN to get twisted with communications between Turf and an strange culture, the UN is currently controlled by best nations and doesn't really assert the crowd, he commented. Webre favors the increment of a type of digital democracy, in which each freeman could troupe a plebiscite on policy.

Citing the revelations of whistleblowers like Andrew Basiago (who claimed to be a get in a CIA Mars sojourning program in 1980), Webre stated that covert technologies such as point travelling and teleportation are based on compare favourably with methodologies. Webre said he and Basiago have worked on a Mars Covenant, as chiefly of a larger Outer Interval unanimity. This is in antagonism to the US' sneakiness policy to make restitution for Mars the «51st articulate,» colonizing the planet, and mining its minerals, he precise. Webre also talked about the identity of souls, which he described as holographic fragments that are chiefly of the deific source.

Outspread Lines followed in the second half. William offered the theory that Reptilians are behind the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle, and seize people in caste to eat up them. Another caller, Suleiman, concurred about the traitorous identity of the Reptilians, and said as an ET contactee, he's been privy to following events, which involve a atomic conflagration in 2016, though we can replace with the frequency modulation on the planet to bar this.

A former military man named Kevin shared a precise thriller of get-together an strange abductee over twenty years ago, who knew uncanny knowledge about his lifestyle, which suggested he had the capacity to point travelling. The abductee offered to originate Kevin to the aliens, and afterwards he said he was taken aboard their freight. Kevin described seeing a rich unequalled-like disapprove of on the ET trade, as well as interacting with the aliens who were 12-15 feet improbable. He was also shown lifestyle and following events, including what he perceived as his undoing from a motorcycle calamity. The calamity ended up winning home in 2003, and he was in a coma for 15 days.

The Omniverse
Exopolitics: Direction, Direction, and Law in the Universe

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