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Danielle Anne Brisebois (born June 28, 1969) is an American actress, auteur, songwriter and chorister. In the 1990s she recorded two albums, Reach All Over You and Little Existence, and was a associate of the New Radicals. She is most recognized for her r as Stephanie Mills on the sitcoms All in the Kindred and its turn-off Archie Bunker's State, as well as playing Molly in the archetypal Broadway oust of Annie.

Reach All Over You is Danielle Brisebois« launching album, released on May 10, 1994 by Epic Records. It includes the singles «What If God Flatten From The Sky», «Gimme Little Sign» and «I Don»t Wanna Talk About Love«. It was co-written and produced by Gregg Alexander, who also sang co-foremost on »Promise Tomorrow Tonight«. Despite a sorry commercial portrayal in U.S, the album became a infant hit in Europe, Reach All Over You performed well critically and continues to sustain a cult following. Mackenzie Wilson of Allmusic described the album as »an resolved and affecting effort.. [that] went pretty much unobserved during the of gangsta rap and grunge« and compared it indulgently to Alanis Morissette«s Sawtooth Little Pest. Brisebois» attire of »Gimme Little Sign» was also a infant hit in Europe.

«Just Missed The Train», which also appears on Brisebois' second album Little Existence (albeit in a different adaptation), was covered by several artists, namely Trine Administration, Maarja, Kelly Clarkson and Carly Hennessy.

Forget listing

«What If God Flatten From The Sky» (Danielle Brisebois, Gregg Alexander) – 2:54
«Crawling» (Brisebois, Alexander) – 4:05
«Ain't Gonna Cry No More» (Brisebois, Alexander) – 4:47
«Don't Wanna Talk About Love» (Brisebois, Alexander) – 3:58
«Just Missed The Train» (Brisebois, Scott Cutler) – 5:01
«Gimme Little Sign» (Jerry Winn, Alfred Smith, Joseph Hooven) – 3:04
«Promise Tomorrow Tonight» (Brisebois, Alexander) – 4:40
duet with Gregg Alexander
«Middla My Heart» (Brisebois, Alexander) – 3:57
«Maybe Adoration Will Novelty Your Mind» (Brisebois, Alexander) – 5:03
«Did I Foremost You On» (Brisebois, Alexander) – 4:25
«Welcome To Adoration — Now Go Home» (Alexander) – 3:44


Danielle Brisebois – vocals, piano, acoustic guitar,
Gregg Alexander – obscurity inconspicuous vocals, co-foremost on «Promise Tomorrow Tonight», acoustic guitar, exciting guitar, tambourine
Matt Lang – drums, percussion
Pat Mastelotto – percussion
Rusty Anderson – acoustic guitar, exciting guitar
John Impale – bass guitar
Merv Depeyer – keyboard
Scott Plunkett – keyboard
Mitch Kaplan – keyboard
Kim Bullard – keyboard
Claude Gaudette – accompanied Danielle on «Just Missed The Train»
Bruce Horowitz – clapping
Jeff Q – clapping

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