The Harmonious Things & The Yardbirds - Wine, Women & Whiskey (1993)

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Artist: Fetching Things/Yardbirds Blues Band
Album: Wine, Women & Whiskey
Kind: Blues
Beginning: CD
Year: 1993
Importance: Neurotic, (avg. bitrate: 320kbps)
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Emancipate info:

This is some more grievous music by Paul May and Dick Taylor of the Fetching Things, Jim McCarty of the Yardbirds, Richard Hite of Canned Ardour and Studebaker John.

This is essentially a trail up to the excuse «Chicago Blues Tapes 1991».

This CD covers the duration between 1991 and 1993, and was recorded at various locations when times allowed these individuals to break out in from their divert schedules.

The songs are all favourable and fun and start out with a bang with the Lighthouse noteworthy, «Wine, Women & Whiskey» right through a duo of doo-wop numbers to the ending slues, L. Carr«s «Getting» All Wet». There was a rumor of a third emancipate, but seven years later, no peep of it. In the meantime, get this and the 1991 Chicago Tapes, beat the BBQ and break out in out the beer.


01 - Wine, Women & Whiskey (2:55) (Alexander Lightfoot)
02 - Sure Look Upstanding To Me (4:10) (Leonard Caston)
03 - No Questions (4:23) (Phil May-George Paulus-John Grimaldi)
04 - The Amble (3:39) (Dick Taylor)
05 - It's All Over Now (3:09) (Bobby Womack-Shirley Jean Womack)
06 - Bad Boy (3:56) (Eddie Taylor)
07 - Spoonful [Open Bones Remix] (5:44) (Willie Dixon)
08 - French Champagne (2:30) (George Paulus)
09 - My Cast Off Scratcher (4:49) (Downright Frost-Chisel Youthful)
10 - Can't Endure D Present Out [Big Diocese Remix] (3:11) (Elmore James)
11 - Diddley Daddy [Row Corner Remix] (4:13) (Ellas McDaniel)
12 - I«m Cryin» (2:55) (Alan Valuation-Eric Burdon)
13 - Gettin' All Wet (3:20) (Leroy Carr)

Playing Time.........: 00:48:49
Thoroughgoing Size..............: 112.61 MB


Phil May — Vocals
Dick Taylor — Pass Guitar
Studebaker John — Rhythmical Pattern Guitar, Slither Guitar, Harp, Vocals on 9
Richard Hite — Bass
Jim McCarty — Drums, Percussion, Vocals on 8,13

Guests :

Erwin Helfer — Piano
Abdul Hakeem — Guitar
Ron De War — Character Sax
David Trumfio — Deceive Bass
The El Dorados — Spotlight Vocals on 2,11
The Red Beat Stompers — Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba

Produced by George Paulus
Recorded at Seagrape Recording Studio Chicago 1991 — 1993.

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