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Rhoda Scott — 10 Albums — Jazz Organ

Rhoda Scott (born July 3, 1938, Dorothy, New Jersey) all in much of her adolescence in New Jersey, where she cultured to be unfaithful annual in the churches where her pa served. Soon she was serving many times as organist for boy and truth choirs at her father«s and other churches. Scott later planned exemplary piano, but she concentrated on the annual, finally earning a Masters» somewhat in music theory from the Manhattan Instruct of Music.

Choosing as her device the Hammond annual, she became an dignified jazz musician and is considered to be among the top jazz organists.

In 1967 Scott moved to France, where she has since all in most of her career.

In this omnium gatherum you will view Rhoda Scott in both studio and active stingy team up settings (duo or triumvirate), except for «In New York» where she performs with Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Orchestra.

Schedule of included albums in cronological recorded order:

1970 Come Bach To Me
1971 Active At The Olympia
1971 Momentous Comedies Musicales
1973 Summertime
1974 Active At The Belabour Saint-Germain
1976 In New York
1977 Jazz In Paris
1980 Take Five / In The Temper / Summertime...
2002 Encore, Encore, Encore...
2008 Active At The Belabour Duc Des Lombards

A stingy video clasp from 1972 where Scott performs Moanin« is also included. During her but bringing off we can also see why she has earned her monicker »The Barefoot Lady'.


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