Midlake Album Discography [2004-2013] [FLAC]

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[size=medium]Midlake Album Discography [2004-2013] [FLAC]
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2013 - Antiphon
2010 - The Guts of Others
2006 - The Trials of Van Occupanther
2004 - Bamnan and Slivercork

The lo-fi overwhelm quintet Midlake were formed in Denton, Texas, in 2000 by a catalogue of musicians who had attended the North Texas Form of Music together: Paul Alexander (bass, keyboards), Eric Nichelson (keyboards, guitar), Eric Pulido (guitar, keyboards, qualifications vocals), Tim Smith (vocals, keyboards, guitar), and Mckenzie Smith (drums). They issued their own EP, Milkmaid Splendid Army, in 2001, and sold 1,000 copies at their Texas gigs. They attracted the publicity of Simon Raymonde, who signed them to his Bella Alliance stamp in the U.K., greatest to European concerts and the recording of their first entirely-exhaustively album, Bamnan and Slivercork, which was released in July 2004. For their next album, Midlake changed gears and moved away from the psychedelic leanings of their toward a more '70s-influenced undamaged. Released in 2006, The Trials of Van Occupanther featured the same lineup and a undamaged reminiscent of rapport-priceless relaxing overwhelm bands like America and Laurel Ghyll troubadours like Neil Minor and Gene Clark. The troop stopped touring the following year to open line on a new album. The resulting LP, The Guts of Others, arrived in February 2010.

In 2011 Midlake joined the ranks of bands like The Damned Lips, Cut Armada, and Belle & Sebastian by releasing an installment of In Unceasingly Tales, a series of mix albums from the unlimited enumerate stamp of the same name, which asks artists to “compile an album of their favorite music that inspired them to pressure music their profession.” That year they headed to Buffalo, Texas and began review new tangible for their fourth album. After playing a few survive shows in 2012, premier chorus girl and songwriter Smith unquestioned to do a moonlight flit the troop and formed a new shoot, Harp. Undeterred by his departure, the leftover members returned to the studio and scrapped two years of line to start from grate against. Pulido was installed on premier vocals and new members Jesse Chandler (piano/flute) and Joey McClellan (guitar) joined the utensils. They wrote and recorded their fourth rescue, Antiphon, in six months and it was set for rescue in 2013.

Midlake Album Discography [2004-2013] [FLAC]

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