Rokia Traoré - Excellent Africa [2013] [FLAC / WEB]

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Rokia Traoré — Excellent Africa [2013] [FLAC / WEB]

Artist: Remission: Pleasant Africa
MusicBrainz: e6dbae6d — 9de7-46e1-b278-1373ce274d5a
Released: 2013-04-01
Innate Land: FR
Packaging: None


01. Lalla (03:29)
02. Kouma (04:00)
03. Sikey (03:29)
04. Ka Moun Kè (06:26)
05. Mélancolie (04:08)
06. N'Téri (09:27)
07. Tuit Tuit (05:24)
08. Pleasant Africa (03:34)
09. Sarama (05:04)

Canary, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Rokia Traoré’s Pleasant Africa will be released on April 1, 2013, by Nonesuch Records in France and April 8, 2013 in Europe, Canada and USA. The reputation was produced by English musician John Parish (PJ Harvey, Eels, Sparklehorse) and recorded at Toybox Studios in Bristol, UK. Its lyrics are sung in the Malian–born Traoré’s innate languages of French and Bambara, as well as some English.

Pitchfork described Traoré’s most new reputation, 2009’s Tchamantché, as “a guitar album of a particularly unembellished bent...hauntingly in addition yet ridiculously well-defined, the quality and force of every postpone presented in perfected resolution.” And the BBC Creation Advice called it “One of the best albums of the year. An unambiguous stunner.” Tchamantché also won a Victoires de la Musique (the comparable of a Grammy Awarding in France) and a Songlines Artist of the Year Awarding for Traoré.

The daughter of a Malian diplomat who was posted to the US, Europe, and the Halfway East, Traoré conscious sociology in Brussels before embarking on her mellifluous trade. Although based in Bamako, Traoré has, for her son’s safeness, for the time being relocated to Paris due to the ongoing fight in Mali. Her music draws upon her homeland’s traditions as well as the European and American set someone back on his and pop she has listened to throughout her life.

Traoré has explored a largeness of directions in her trade. She recently collaborated with Nobel Prize–winning novelist Toni Morrison and MacArthur “Genius” Awarding fetching head Peter Sellars on the theater destroyed Desdemona. The destroyed premiered in Vienna in the summer of 2011 and received its New York open at Lincoln Center that fall; its UK open was at the Barbican in London in the summer of 2012. The Protector called it “a extraordinary, challenging and bravely primary new line.”

The Barbican also produced a three-incessantly series of shows by Traoré that summer, entitled Donguili – Donke – Damou (Rat – Dancing Party – Day-Dream). For the Rat evening, held at the Barbican, Traoré and mandolinist/former Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones joined teenaged musicians from Traoré’s training program in Mali, Setting Up Passerelle. Dancing Party, at the Village Extremists set someone back on his sisterhood, featured Traoré and her stripe playing the pongy chief-vivacity, danceable shows she is well known for—joined by Parish on guitar. And for Day-Dream, which took mortify in an East End theater, Traoré narrated an archaic Malian fish story, with incidental mellifluous interludes. Australia’s Sydney Fete also presented Donguili – Donke – Damou in January 2013. Traoré was awarded the inaugural Roskilde Fete Creation Music Awarding in 2009 for her line with Setting Up Passerelle.

In the autumn of 2012, Traoré joined Damon Albarn’s UK line trek Africa Particular, performing scheduled concerts in Middlesbrough, Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff, Bristol, and London as well as pop-up performances at rolling-stock stations, schools, factories, offices, shopping centers, and privileged homes. Other musicians on the trek included John Paul Jones, Amadou Bagayoko, Baaba Maal, and Paul McCartney.

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